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Chapter eleven

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Frank helps clean Gerard`s wounds and the demons make another appearance...

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NOTE Hey, people. :) You all still like this? Anyway, I`m super sorry about the length of time since I last updated this, you would not belive how hectic life has been. I`ve been packing, cleaning, learning, coursework completing, you name it. I`ve just realsed how long it has been since Bob and Ray have been in this, they`ll be in the next one or the one after. Hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do.
Normal pov
“Hey, now what?” the last of the…creatures spoke, asking the girl a question, something she clearly didn’t appreciate. In fact, she grabbed hold the boy who had spoken by his shirt, roughly threw him against a nearby wall and kicked him on the side of his stomach for good measure.
“I don’t know what do you want to do?” She asked in a sugary sweet voice, but the others knew her well enough to hear the menace and the annoyance behind it.
“I…I was only asking R...Rosie.” the guy, who had black messy hair, pulled at the hem of his shirt nervously. Another boy, with dark brown hair scoffed, and walked up behind the girl, who moved out of his way slightly so he could hit him.
“Idiot! How the hell did you even become one of us in the first place?!” The girl asks, knocking him to the floor, while everyone else looked on laughing or yelling spiteful words, aimed towards the black haired boy.
“Answer me!” The girl-Rosie demands, placing a high heeled boot clad foot on his arm, pressing the heal into his flesh, hard enough to leave a red murk on his rather pale flesh.
“I…I don’t know.” Tears threaten to fall from his bright blue eyes, but he is determined to not let them, fearing more pain if he showed how much Rosie and his brother were hurting him.
“Nor do I.” the second boy spits on him, aiming another kick to his side.
After a few more minutes of torture, with everyone else egging the two of them on, they stop and drag the black haired boy to his feet, and walk away, smirking, and basking in the compliments they received from the other demons.
“Rosie, I think we need to-“
“Don`t talk to me without being spoken to first.” The black haired girl snaps at one of the demons brave enough to speak to her, aiming a sharp kick to the girl’s stomach, allowing herself a brief smile when she heard the girl gasp in pain. “Now then, what were you saying?”
“I think we should lay low for a while, news will have spread to heaven of our escape, and they will most likely already have sent Jenna Boutilier, the hunter to find and destroy us.” At the mention of the hunter’s name, all the demons jeered nastily, it was evident how much they hated the hunter known as Jenna. And they had good reason to; she was, to put it simply, the best. Over half the cells in Hell had been filled because of her; the demons knew that she wouldn’t be happy hearing of their escape.
Rosie, however was silent, eyes shut, frowning slightly. “We will not lay low.” She tells the other daemons, shock clear on their perfect, yet evil features, “We will do as we had planned. We will destroy them.”
Frank`s pov
I stood outside the door for ages, at least ten minutes, just listening, then I began pacing, I had never not wanted to enter my room as much as I did now. I spent most of my time in my room; it was my haven away from my overprotective and sometimes very annoying mother. But now I wasn’t sure whether to go in and face Gee, or whatever his real name was, or not. I had promised I would be back soon with medical supplies so I could clean his rather horrible wounds, but he hadn’t seemed to be too enthusiastic about this plan. If I didn’t know better, I`d say that he was hiding something form me, something important. Why else wouldn’t he tell me his name, or desperately try to stop me from switching the light on.
Another thing Gee’s face seemed familiar, I could have sworn I knew him from somewhere, I just didn’t know where. An odd, rather worrying thought came to mind, but I shake my head, trying to clear it away
Impossible I think to myself. Completely impossible, wasn’t it?
“Come in, Frank. I know your there.” Gee calls from the other side of the door. I take a deep breath, collect my thoughts and enter the room.
“Hey.” I force a smile at this almost stranger, trying not only to put him at ease, but also myself.
He just grunts in response, sitting down on the carpet, clearing a small space of clothes and other stuff. Like magazines and old school books and work I had forgotten about.
“You don`t have to sit there you know. Sit on the bed.”I tell him, and he turns to face me, his beautiful, hazel eyes locking with mine. Blushing, I realised how the words may have sounded and blush even deeper.
“Relax.” Gee laughs, standing up slowly, nearly falling back down again but just manage to keep himself from doing so.
“Right so erm, I need to clean your wounds.” I place the first aid kit I had got from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and place it on the bed, next to where Gee had just sat down.
Pretending I knew more than I did, I open the box and start rummaging through it for bandages, plasters and something to clean his cuts with. I did have some medical knowledge, Ray, one of my best friends had done a three week first aid course last summer, and he had taught me some of the basics, I only hoped I could remember.
Gee is sitting there, oblivious to my lack of medical knowledge, seeming to be the most at ease he has been since I first saw him, he was still gazing down at the floor, beautiful eyes half shut. Wait, why did I keep call his eyes beautiful?! I frown; I didn’t like any of the answers that my mind came up with.
“Give us your arm.” I reach out to grab hold of Gee`s arm, but he pulls it back from where it was sitting on the edge of the bed. I flash him a quick disapproving look and he sighs, moving it back, rolling his eyes once. What was this guy’s problem? I was trying to help him.
“Okay, erm, this might sting a little.”I warn him, taking the lid of f some really foul smelling antiseptic liquid, wishing that there was something I could plug my nose with. I cover a small cotton wool ball with it, then reach out for him left arm, the one nearest to me. I gently pick it up with my left hand, keeping a firm but gentle grip of it and carefully start dabbing away at the cuts, trying not to get anything on the sheets or on my clothes. It was pointless worry about Gee`s clothes, I could hardly tell what colour they were originally, due to the bloodstains i doubted would ever come out.
“Almost done this arm.” I say, trying to distract the wincing boy, feeling terrible for hurting him even more. I continue cleaning the arm, then when I`m satisfied with it, move onto the right one, repeating the same cleaning actions.
“Okay, erm, can you do something for me now?” I hadn’t a clue how to say this without sounding like some kind of freak or pervert. “Erm, It`s just your hurt on your back-I can tell from the bloodstains and I need to clean the-" I can feel my face flushing, though I wasn’t sure why. I was only doing this to help him; it wasn’t like I liked him or anything. I mean, I liked the guy, but not in that way, I didn’t think he was cute or anything.
Then why do you keep saying his eyes are beautiful, eh Frank?
“I`ll do it.” Gee tells me, reaching out for the antiseptic and cotton wool.
“No. You won’t be able to see, plus your arms will hurt too much to reach and-I don’t mean anything by it, I just-“
“Wanna help, I know.” He smiles sadly-wait sadly? What the-why the hell would he be sad? It must just be the pain or something, yeah, that was it.
“Gee, please let me help you.”
Sighing, he hands me the medical stuff he had just taken.
“Here, knock yourself out.” He turns back on the bed so that he is facing away from me towards the wall and hesitantly, at a snail’s pace, raises his shirt up and over his head, and chucks it to the floor.
I gasp, the were no words to describe this, it was just awful.
“Awful, isn’t it?” I can see tears filling his eyes as he speaks, whether it was from pain or something else I didn’t know. All I knew was that these…wounds were not self implacable. Meaning, there was no way in hell Gee could have done these himself.
“Who…who did this?”
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