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Chapter twelve

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"No...It wasn`t suicide."

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NOTE Hi, I`m not very happy with this chapter as I wrote it in a rush, so be warned I may rewrite it when I get a chance. Anyway, I`m away to France on friday, so this will probably be the last update for this untill I get back. I`ll try to update something else before then though. I hope you like this,please let me know what you think of it.
Frank`s pov
“Who…who did this?” it was terrible, horrific, awful. I had imagined a bad wound to his back when I had seen the amount of blood on his shirt, but this was just…I never in a million years would have imagined something as horrible as this. The pale bruised skin of Gee`s back looked as though it had been cut at again and again, with a blunt knife. Starting at the middle of his shoulder blades were two deep, thick gashes that were surrounded by dry blood. They ran down the length of his muscular back and ended at his kidneys, widening to form an upside down v.
“I, erm don`t err, don’t know.” He shifts under my shocked gaze. It was an obvious lie; you didn’t wind up with wounds like this and not remember how they got there.
“Gee, I know your lying.” He sighs and fiddles with the ends of his ebony hair. It looked so soft, so silky; I could just reach out and-No. What the fuck was I thinking? Gee was hurt and I was-wait, even if he want hurt that would be a bad idea, it would be wrong.
“Fine, I, erm got attacked by a dog, a big dog. It was a huge dog.”
“No, I know dogs, they can’t do this kinda thing to humans, it’s not possible. Plus, there’s no dogs living round here, not big ones anyway.”
“I didn’t get attacked round here.” Gee adds in lamely, the tone of his voice and the look on his face made it clear to me that he knew that it was pointless trying to sell me some stupid story.
“Gee, who did this? Please tell me, I want to help you. Please. ” I swear that for a second, just a split second the pale, bloody skin on his cheek flushes a fait pink, but I was sure it was just my imagination.
“I…I`m not worth it, Frankie.” Crystal clear tears fall from his eyes which were a stunning hazel colour. “I`m not worth helping or saving.” He pauses and turns around to face me, tears still silently falling. “I don`t even know if anyone can.”
I know I should have ignored that I should have just insisted he tell me who had done this to him and then clean the deep gashes. But I didn’t.
“Shhh….It`s all gonna be alright.” Gently as to not hurt him further, I hesitantly wrap one arm around his thin form. It is only now that I realise how thin Gee was, I find it hard to understand how I had not noticed before. Then again, I had been shocked and disgusted by the sight of his wounds, I probably hand noticed due to that.
“F…Frankie….I…I`m sorry.” Frankie? I can’t help but smile at the nickname, hoping he would say it again. My mother sometimes called me it, but coming from Gee it sounded completely different, magical almost.
“It`s alright.” I gently run a shaking hand through his knotted hair. Never in all my life had I known someone so broken, I had never known it was even possible for a human to be this broken, not until now. That was when I made my mind up to help him, even if it hurt me, I would save him.
“C`mon, Gee. Will you let me clean them?” I wasn’t sure I wanted to, just the sight of his mangled back was enough to make me feel physically sick, but it needed to be done. I doubted it would be pleasant for him either.
Gee just nods, the crying has stopped now but he doesn’t speak, I was unsure what to say as well .silently I pick up the forgotten antiseptic and start dabbing away cautiously at his back, wondering how on earth this could have happened, how someone could have been so cruel as to do this to an innocent person like Gee.
“It was my fault Frankie. I deserve this.”
“no. don’t ever say that, Gee.” How could he think such a thing? How could anyone, especially him, deserve this pain? The poor boy kept wincing every couple of seconds as I tried my best to clean his wounds, prying I did a good enough job so that it wouldn’t get infected.
“No, I did. He was right, I couldn’t let go, not ever. I dint even want to. I didn’t fit in, I never have. I`m wrong, I`m stupid because I can`t stop lo-“ he stops himself abruptly, I can’t help but want to know what he was about to say, then again it would have been nice to have a clue what the hell he was even talking about.
“Mikey was right, I`m an idiot.” For the hundredth time tonight he begins silently crying again, his chest moving up and down as he sobs. I barely t know him and yet it breaks my heart to see him like this.
“Gee, what are you-“he cuts me off, and I can’t help but wonder if he even heard me.
“He`s right. I`m worthless, he could never love me, no one could.” My breath caught, and I stop cleaning his wounds, hand frozen on his back.
“Mikey was right.” I knew that name from somewhere, it sounded so familiar. I gulp, realising where I had heard it before. Mikey or Michel was one of those brothers that had been found dead, it had been ruled as a double suicide. A sudden, terrifying thought crosses my mind, what if-No. I didn’t believe in that kind of stuff. Just like I didn’t believe in angels, at least I hadn’t until my guardian angel had shown up in my bedroom.
Taking a deep breath to prepare myself, I ask him, praying that his answer would dismiss the terrifying thoughts currently occupying my head.
“Are…are you from around here, Gee?” the eldest brother was called Gerard, wasn’t he? Gee could easily be a nickname, I was sure that someone had said that Mikey had called his brother that.
Silence from Gee.
I don’t know whether to take that as a yes or no. “Gee, yes or no? Do you live around here?”
“I…I used to.” This was insane, ghosts didn’t exist. Anyway, Gee couldn`t be a ghost, he felt pain, didn’t he? The two brothers Gerard and Mikey were dead, this wasn’t Gerard. It was impossible, wasn’t it? I had to admit though; there were similarities now that I think about it. I had never spoken to either of them, but I had seen them around school. Gee had similar eyes to Gerard, his hair was similar too, only longer. Was it possible tha it was him?
“Do you remember the death of the way brothers, they lived round here too. It was a double suicide, wasn’t it?” I ask, fearing his answer, already knowing it.
“No… it wasn’t suicide.”
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