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Wrapped Around The iPod

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bunch of fics inspired by songs rated R to be on the safe side, I'm not sure what I'll end up writing as this continues

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1. Unfaithful ~ Cenaton/Redge

RatedRBlondie = Adam

Legendary_RKO = Randy


Randy bit his bottom lip looking over his shoulder to the bed where John was sound asleep. Seeing the superstar's chest raise up in even breaths Randy turned his attention back to the message that flashed onscreen.

[/RatedRBlondie: You free tonight babe?/]

Fingers poised over the keyboard Randy chewed the inside of his cheek as he thought of a response to give. A second bubble popped onscreen and Randy blinked in surprise before quickly scanning the new message's content.

RatedRBlondie: I need a little pick me up…I think Randy jr. is the perfect cure…

Randy smirked at the message and quickly typed a response he deemed suitable for the game Adam seemed intent on playing.

Legendary_RKO: he is rather talented, where do you suggest we meet for your…prescription? ;)

Randy rubbed unconsciously at his crotch through his boxers; Adam had a tendency of getting him hot and bothered.

Stealing a look at the clock at the bottom of the screen Randy turned to see if John was still asleep before getting up to grab a pair of discarded jeans.

The screen began flashing again and Randy leaned over the chair to read Adam's response.

RatedRBlondie: My place. 15 minutes good for you?

Pulling a grey shirt over his head Randy grabbed his keys and cell before hastily typing his response.

Legendary_RKO: see ya in 10.

Holding his shoes in hand, Randy silently tiptoed his way around the bed stopping at the door. Looking back at John Randy sighed knowing that what he was doing was wrong. It wasn't like John treated him badly; in fact it was just the opposite, but for whatever reason Randy couldn't help sneaking out on him.

Slipping out, he closed the door behind him softly and headed down the stairs before pulling out his cell.

"Hey, I'm on my way," he whispered as he got into his Bentley.
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