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You Talk Too Much

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This ones tame JeriTaker, finally got to write it without my Randy muse stealing the spotlight

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2. You Talk Too Much ~ JeriTaker

Mark had a headache. Not just your average headache. No this was a mind numbing, head throbbing, someone ramming a pick ax through your skull headache.

The source of said headache was currently standing in front of the mirror messing with his hair molding it into his trademark spikes using what Mark thought was an unnecessary glob of gel.

Gingerly Mark rubbed circles at his temples giving a mumbled "mmmhmmm" in response to whatever question had been asked.

He wasn't quite sure what it was, there had been so many thrown at him, but he hoped his response was appropriate.

Sighing he looked up when he noticed it had finally gotten quiet.

"You're not even listening anymore are you?"

Mark looked shocked. "I am listening baby."

Mark silently cursed when he saw the eye roll that he knew would inevitably be followed by a rant on "not-being-loved-enough."

Sure enough the blonde's eyes narrowed as he stalked over to where Mark sat on the bed. Internally groaning Mark prepared for the onslaught he knew was coming.

Somewhere between the whiney remark of "communication is key" and "am I not worth a few minutes of listening" Mark had had enough.

He needed silence and he needed it now.

He was fairly certain that if he allowed the blonde to continue talking his head would implode leaving behind his body not that that would deter the blonde's rant.

So Mark reached out pulling the blonde forward till their lips crashed together immediately quieting any further ranting from exiting that mouth.

A muffled "mmhmff" could be heard and Mark pulled back reluctantly.

Huffing in frustration a set of blue eyes glared at Mark.

Grinning impishly Mark whispered "You're so cute when you're at a loss for words Chrissy."
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