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Last To Know

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Tear jerker here, Chris/Phil/Mike

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3. Last To Know ~ Munk/JeriPunk

Chris stood on the opposite side of the backstage area looking distastefully at Phil who had situated himself in Mike's lap. He frowned as he watched the straightedge superstar bring a hand up to ruffle Mike's fauxhawk affectionately.

Watching Phil lean in to nuzzle his head in the crook of Mike's neck placing soft kisses to the exposed skin Chris turned away in disgust feeling the taste of bile in his mouth.

To say he disliked the new couple would be the understatement of the decade. Walking out of the room Chris headed for his locker room, he'd seen enough.

Seeing Phil wrapped up in Mike's arms displaying their affection for the entire roster to see pissed Chris off. That'd been him not too long ago, a lapful of Phil, almost like they were conjoined.

He remembered when those lips had been his to claim. They'd been a happy couple, at least that's what Chris had thought.

Phil apparently didn't share the same thought, according to Mike anyway.

Chris remembers those late night conversations at the bar with his friend Mike. He remembers Mike filling his head with nonexistent problems that filled his and Phil's relationship.

Chris didn't pay any attention, not then anyway, but when Phil was suddenly more distant that's when he started to believe Mike.

Seeking out the US Champion for advice, Chris found the two tangled in the sheets, Phil's tongue shoved down Mike's throat as he moaned like the slut he was.

Shattered by the loss of his love and betrayal of his supposed friend Chris had left in tears.

It seems Phil had made up his mind that he wanted something more, it just happened that Chris was the last to know that "something more" didn't involve him.
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