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Running Up That Hill

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Taker/Shawn inspired by Shawn's obsession for a second chance at WM26

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4. Running Up That Hill ~ Shaker

Shawn just wanted a second chance; that's all he was asking for. He didn't think it was that big of a request to make.

He had run his mouth and when the time came to prove his claims he had fallen short. Mark wouldn't let him forget that, and it gnawed away at Shawn.

From that night at Wrestlemania 25 Shawn had found himself obsessing over one thing, one person to be exact.

It bordered unhealthy, but Shawn didn't care he only wanted a second chance at facing the Phenom. At least that was the lie he told himself those late nights his mind could only focus on Mark.

He was a Christian man; he knew that lust was a sin, so he tried to convince himself that it was admiration he felt and nothing more.

And he believed the lie, mostly. But late at night when he was away from the fans, away from the stadium, just in the hotel lying in bed alone he allowed the façade to fall.

Lust was a sin, and for that matter so was lying, and Shawn didn't want to lie anymore.

Throwing back the covers Shawn moved to the foot of his bed, and as he knelt at the edge of his bed he silently prayed to God for that second chance.
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