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I'll Be

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A request from a friend, it was supposed to be sappy, turned out bittersweet nonetheless another Cenaton

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I'll Be - Cenaton

The stadium was empty now. The fans long gone as well as most of the superstars.

Randy however remained backstage sitting on one of the benches. He was quiet, and John knew a quiet Randy was a bad thing.

Placing a hand on Randy's shoulder John rubbed soothing circles. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Randy sighed looking up at John annoyed. "You know what I'm thinking."

John's smile faded as he took a seat next to Randy on the bench. "Hey, chin up. We'll make it work."

Randy looked up at John pained. "You don't get it. I was so happy when they announced you were going to be on Smackdown. And then you got drafted back," Randy spoke his voice cracking slightly.

John nodded sympathetically. "I know, I had no idea Vince was going to do that."

Randy pouted, "why couldn't we both stay on RAW?"

"You know they need you on Smackdown. With Adam retired now, and Mark out of action they need a big name star over there."

Randy sighed "so? Why not just draft Phil back over there?"

John sighed "I don't know babe."

Standing up John extended a hand to Randy "come on, let's get you back to the hotel. We have tomorrow off, we can just spend all day indoors," he replied smirking.

Randy laughed slightly as he took hold of John's extended hand.

Helping Randy up John pulled the younger man close until their bodies were touching. Arms wrapped around Randy's much more slender waist John brought his lips against Randy's skin. Moving up his neck he murmured "Dance with me."

Randy sighed against the feel on John's lips on his skin. "Dance? There's no music."

John smiled pressing a final kiss on Randy's jaw. Softly he began humming as he swayed in time with Randy. Occasionally a word would fall past his lips as he continued to hum a familiar melody.

Randy gripped John's shoulders as they twirled around the locker room under the fluorescent lights.

Spinning Randy John finished the dance by dipping Randy.

Smiling Randy looked up at John. "You're a lousy singer."

John smirked "You still love me," he whispered before leaning down to kiss Randy.

Wrapping his arms around John's neck Randy knew he was right and they would make it work.
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