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I Love The Way You Lie

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Ortista fic angst riddled

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I Love The Way You Lie - Ortista

Broken. That's how Randy felt right now.

Staring at his reflection in the mirror taking in the busted lip and blackened eye he kn ew he must look pretty broken as well.

Reaching out to turn on the faucet Randy shakily brought his hand together to cup some water before splashing it on his face.

He winced as the cool water connected with his warm skin.

Stepping back he unbuttoned his shirt slowly keeping an eye on the mirror noticing the number of bruises that scattered across his chest and shoulders.

Turning away he reached for the shower curtain pulling it back before stepping inside.

Adjusting the water to a warmer temperature he turned on the shower head.

Letting the water cascade over his body Randy allowed himself to break even further.

Tears streaming down his face mixed with the warm water pooling at his feet before circling down the drain.

Dave had left earlier, too pissed to stay in the hotel.

Randy didn't care, it gave him time to clean up, and if he was lucky he'd be asleep before Dave lumbered back in drunk off his ass.

Most of the time Dave was a sweetheart, very caring, but he did have a dark side that Randy had glimpsed before on a few other occasions.

Hand grazing across his lips Randy flinched at the stinging sensation. He knew he should have left the first time Dave had struck him, but he had stayed.

He enjoyed being with Dave, dare he say he loved him.

Mentally he kicked himself. He needed to leave before things got any worse. He knew if he left now John would let him crash for the night at his room, and right now he really needed a friend.

Feeling the water begin to run cold Randy reached out shutting off the shower. Stepping out he grabbed the towel closest to him and began drying off.

Dressing in a pair of grey boxer briefs Randy opened the door every intention of grabbing a change of clothes before leaving to John's.

When the door opened Randy stopped seeing Dave passed out on the bed.

Brow furrowing he scratched his idea to flee and instead quietly tiptoes to the empty side of the bed. Pulling back the covers Randy tried to be quiet as he crawled under the sheets.

His attempts were in vain when Dave turned to face him at the slight dipping of the bed.

Gripping his wrist Dave was suddenly in Randy's face. His breath reeked of alcohol making Randy tense instantly; Dave was angry enough with ought alcohol coursing through his system.

Dave brought a hand up to Randy's cheek. "I'm sorry," he slurred. "Do you forgive me?"

Every fiber of Randy's body screamed no, that this moment was a fluke and Dave would turn around and do the same thing if he said yes. But the feel of Dave's hand cupping his cheek reminded him of the sweet side of The Animal.

Relaxing against Dave's touch Randy closed his eyes letting out a shaky breath before allowing his response to slip past his lips in a whisper. "yes."

Dave leaned forward roughly kissing Randy. "Good," he grumbled before turning around settling back into a slumber.

Randy laid still in bed, he had given Dave another chance.

He'd been suckered in once again by a drunken apology and tender touch.

Closing his eyes he sighed turning over to his side. Tomorrow was a new day after all.
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