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This Kiss

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Miz/Swagger lil teaser

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This Kiss - Miz/Swagger

Mike's head was spinning. Heart thumping in anticipation he allowed himself to be hoisted up and pressed against the wall.

He'd been waiting for this moment for months and now that it was happening he couldn't believe his luck.

A slight whimper left his mouth when those lips pulled away from his; however, his whimper turned into a moan when they attached themselves to his neck.

Hand clenching around blond spikes Mike pulled upwards locking eyes with blue lust filled orbs.

"Do it again," he whispered.

A smirk played out across those lips "Do what Mikey? This?" lips descend to Mike's neck nipping softly at the exposed flesh.

Mike swallows biting his lip. "N-no," he stutters. "Kiss me."

Eyes look up in rapt attention. "Kiss you? Like this?" he asks placing a light chastise kiss to Mike's lips. "Or like this," he whispers leaning in once more pressing his lips to Mike's more roughly.

Slowing the kiss he gently prods his tongue past Mike's lips into his mouth to explore the new confines.

Pulling back he smirks at Mike's obviously bothered state.

Struggling to regain his breath Mike's eyes narrow. "You're such a tease Jake."

Jake laughs leaning down to place kisses along Mike's neck. "You walk in shaking your ass in those tight jeans, and I'm the tease?" Jake murmurs moving along Mike's collarbone.

Breath hitching Mike swallowed "You weren't complaining five minutes ago."

"Who said I was complaining?"

Huffing Mike looked down at Jake. "Shut up and kiss me."

Jake smirked "gladly," he whispered before connecting their lips once more.
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