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It's A Kind Of Magic

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Redge, Randy muses on his love of Adam. slight Mpreg YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

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9. A Kind Of Magic – Rated-RKO

Sometimes Randy hated Adam.

He hated how Adam was an early bird when all he really wanted was to sleep in.

He hated how with a single bat of his eyelashes Adam could get Randy to do anything.

He hated how he had believed Adam when he told him nothing would happen this one time.

He hated that Adam's theory hadn't been right.

He hated that now when Adam went out for coffee he'd bring back decafe chamomile for Randy while he continued to sip on a sugary caffeine concoction.

He hated all the sugary food Adam ate that he wasn't allowed to indulge.

He hated that Adam no longer allowed him to stand on the balcony alone, or sit by the pool, or use the stairs, or do anything really where he was along and might possibly take a tumble without a watchful eye on him.

He hated how Adam seemed to be walking on glass around him, he wasn't breakable but Adam seemed to think so.

He hated how Adam kept him from doing things on his own.

Chewing his bottom lip Randy jumped when two arms circled around his waist pulling him back into a tight embrace.

Warm hands came to rest on the slightly swollen stomach, where flat abs once were, that now protruded over the waistband of Randy's boxers.

Bringing his mouth to ear level with Randy, Adam softly spoke "Whatcha thinking about luv?"

Randy sighed leaning back against Adam's chest. Craning to look up at Adam he placed a light kiss to Adam's stubble covered cheek. "Just thinking about how much I love you Addy."

Sometimes Randy hated Adam, but he'd always love him.
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