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Love In An Elevator

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the chapter title pretty much says it all. Randy/Chris

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10. Love In An Elevator – Ranjer

Randy despised elevators, it was something about being in a confined space held up by wires suspended mid-air.

He'd never told anyone, but he was slightly claustrophobic.

So when the elevator came to a sudden halt when Randy was trying to head to the lobby he began to worry.

Luckily he wasn't alone in the elevator, but the fact that Chris was the other occupant did little to improve Randy's mood.

Chris had a big mouth, and frankly Randy didn't want his claustrophobia to be the new gossip getting spread through the locker room.

Randy gave a nervous chuckle before looking at Chris. "So, how long do you think we'll be stuck here?"

Chris shrugged noncommittally as he took a seat on the floor. "Who knows, could be five minutes, could be five hours."

Randy shuddered at the thought of being boxed in for five hours.

Chris quirked an eyebrow when he caught Randy's reaction. "You ok?" Chris asked casually when he saw Randy begin to clench and unclench his hands.

Rather defensively Randy shot back "Yes!" seeing Chris' look of worry Randy sighed resting his head against the wall. "No," he amended. "I'm not 'ok', I don't like confined spaces."

Nodding Chris cocked his head "like claustrophobia?"

Eyes narrowing Randy crossed his arms over his chest. "I just like my space," he spoke coldly refusing to admit a phobia.

Biting his tongue from any sarcastic remark Chris instead motioned to the spot next to him on the floor. "Why don't you sit down and try to relax?"

Randy rolled his eyes, "no thanks," he mumbled.

Chris tried again using different angle. "Come on Randy, you don't know how long we could be here, might as well get comfy."

Randy's eyes widened as Chris' comment sunk in. "I can't be here that long! I need to get out of here," Randy spoke frantically.

Chris jumped to his feet seeing Randy's freak out unfold before his eyes.

The younger superstar was pacing back and forth mumbling about enclosed spaces, his breath becoming slightly more erratic with each step.

Placing a hand on Randy's shoulder Chris spoke gently "Randy you need to calm down."

Randy whirled around to face Chris "You don't get it, I can't! I hate confinement!"

Randy was now on the verge of hyperventilating.

Chris pinned Randy's arms by his side. "Randy I need you to breathe."

Randy nodded wide eyed as he attempted to slow his breathing down.

"That's good," Chris spoke releasing Randy's arms when his breathing resumed a steady pace.

Bringing Randy into a hug Chris rubbed small circles along Randy's back. "You're gonna be ok, just deep breaths."

Randy hiccupped nodding as he inhaled deeply.

When Randy was no longer shuddering Chris pulled back "you better now?"

Randy nodded meekly averting Chris' gaze. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"You have nothing to be sorry about," Chris chided.

Randy looked up at Chris "thanks."

Chris smiled. "Do you think you can stay calm?"

Randy swallowed nervously "I can try."

Chris nodded, "I think I can help you out," he spoke before dropping down to his knees in front of Randy.

Opening his mouth to protest Randy was cut off when Chris brought a finger to his lips shushing as he reached for Randy's zipper with his other hand.

Randy gulped in anticipation feeling his zipper inch downwards.

"My what do we have here Mr. Orton? Going commando I see," Chris teased once he'd gotten Randy's pants pulled down.

Randy chuckled "I was in a rush this morning."

Chris nodded "Uh-huh, well let's see if we can get you to slow down and just relax."

Randy gulped nodding to Chris. Perhaps Chris' relaxation plan was a good idea after all. Lulling his head back against the wall Randy closed his eyes.

Inhaling sharply when he felt Chris' mouth wrap around him Randy mused maybe elevators weren't all that bad.
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