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Loving You Sunday Morning

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Finally made the cutesy Centon fic I was asked to do :) I love sleep deprived Randy

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11. Loving You Sunday Morning – Cenaton

The morning light poured in from the eastern window shining across the bed and Randy's slumbering form.

A groan emanated past his lips and Randy rolled over trying to get out of the rays view.

Burrowing under the covers Randy snuggled closer to the warm body in bed next to him. To say Randy wasn't a morning person would be the understatement of the century.

John chuckled as he watched Randy try and burrow deeper under the cocoon he'd created amongst the covers as he tried to shield out the light that continued to pour in through the window.

Cracking an eye open Randy glared up at John. "Shuddap it's early," he whined laying his head against John's chest.

John rolled his eyes, "it's nearly 11 Randy, far from early," he replied matter-of-factly.

"Shhh," Randy grumbled snuggling closer to John "I'm tired."

John smirked at Randy's display; Randy was rather cute when he was sleep deprived. He toyed with the idea of letting Randy continue to sleep, but the thought of messing with him proved far more entertaining.

Suddenly without warning John flipped Randy over moving to position himself above the younger man.

Startled Randy's eyes snapped open as his back crashed against the mattress. Eyes focusing he found himself pinned between John and the mattress.

Eyes narrowing Randy looked up at John. "What do you think you're doing," he remarked rather annoyed at the intrusion to his sleep.

Waggling his eyebrows John grinned "isn't it obvious Randy?"

Huffing in frustration Randy whined "What part of I'm tired don't you understand?"

John who was now nuzzling Randy's neck laughed softly. "I never was a very good listener," he replied between light kisses he placed along Randy's neck.

"You got that right," Randy murmured softly. Humming contentedly as John's lips moved along his collarbone Randy let his eyes begin to close as he focused on the feel of the feather light kisses moving along his skin.

John pulled back slightly causing Randy to whimper at the loss of contact. Quirking an eyebrow John smirked "oh you want to continue?"

Randy nodded his head 'Yes' furiously, a slight whine passing through his lips as he tried to regain the contact from earlier.

John smiled "but I thought you were 'tired'?"

Randy frowned knowing John was toying with him now.

"Far too tired to continue this," John continued in an exaggerated manner. Grinding his hips downwards against Randy groin John grinned "or was I mistaken?"

Head tilting back Randy groaned as John continued to roll his hips in a teasing manner. "Just kiss me already," Randy hissed.

John stifled a laugh, Randy could be so demanding sometimes. "Sure you're not tired?" John probed teasingly.

Eyes mere slits now Randy glared at John "fuck you."

John laughed "Oh that's what I plan on doing," he replied leaning down to kiss Randy.

Wrapping his arms around John's neck Randy mused he'd be inclined to wake up early if every morning started like this Sunday.
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