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Girl All The Bad Guys Want

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Jay/Chris, Chris likes the bad boys and Jay is just too nice..for now ;D

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13. Girl All The Bad Guys Want – Jay/Chris

Jay had a problem. This wasn't just any little close your eyes and everything will solve itself problem, no this was big.

He had fallen. He didn't know when or how, actually he knew exactly how he'd fallen. Sometime after locking eyes with those ice blue orbs he'd felt the tug that was ultimately his downfall.

That was his main problem, he'd fallen, and not just for anybody. No, he'd fallen for the completely out of reach Chris Jericho.

This was the same Jericho who had and on and off thing with Mark. Yes the same Jericho who had slept with both Dwayne and Steve all the while stringing Glenn along for a few one night stands. The very same Chris Jericho who had made his way through most of evolution, sleeping with both Hunter and Dave before deciding to turn his attention on the younger Randy.

Yes falling for Chris was a major problem.

Chris was the object of everyone's desire in the locker room and he knew it too. He was the lead singer in a rock and roll band, and had the rock star look on lock.

He wore black leather pants that snugly clung to his form. He had an array of print shirt more often than not that would remain open to reveal smooth tanned skin. Long blond hair that fell across his shoulders, the tips dyed red in a salute towards Ozzy. With a smirk firmly in place Chris could get anybody who struck his fancy. He had the world on a string dangling before his eyes for entertainment purposes and the entire locker room at his disposal.

Jay was a nice guy, and Chris just didn't do nice.

The type of guys Chris liked were tattooed and loud, domineering people who gave a lot of attitude, drinkers who took what they wanted and didn't know the meaning of the word 'no'. Nice didn't interest Chris in the slightest bit, the only thing that caught his attention were the resident bad boys.

Jay never stood a chance when it came to Chris and that's why he had a problem. He wanted nothing more than to spend just one night with Chris, but he knew he'd never be able to get his attention. He just wasn't the type of guy Chris would even give a second glance.

That had been the main reason why Jay had taken the job with TNA, it had little to do with the fact that he wasn't getting put over well in the WWE, and more with having to watch Chris throw himself at other guys never paying him the slightest bit of attention.

Adam had known something was up, but Jay had refused to tell even him about his Y2J problem. Instead of pushing for answers to questions he knew Jay would just sidestep Adam bowed out gracefully and let Jay leave simply wishing him the best of luck.

That had been a few years back; Jay had changed a lot since then. He'd ditched the long 'do for a close cropped style instead. He'd traded his clean shaven baby face look for a scruffy beard. All the crazy clothes he'd worn during E&C had been discarded and replaced with a more refined look. Currently he wore a pair of stone wash black jeans, a blue button up that he made sure to keep the top two buttons undone to show some skin. He had a pair of shades on, but these were far different from the oversized lens he used to sport alongside Edge, these were designer lens. To complete his ensemble he wore a pair of black Chuck Taylors, his one balancer to keep him grounded and remind him of the man he used to be.

Lowering his sunglasses he took a look around the backstage area. It'd been awhile since he'd been back here, but it felt great to be back.

Adam was the first to notice his arrival and quickly bounded over to greet him.

Jay smiled giving Adam a hug, but his mind was focused on another agenda. Pushing his glasses to sit atop his head Jay felt a pair of eyes lock on to him, staring at his every movement.

Casually looking up Jay's gaze locked on with Chris who seemed quite interested in the new arrival. Jay blinked trying to keep up a look of minimal interest as he coolly watched Chris stand up from his spot on the bench. Jay was brought back to reality when Adam suddenly gave him a pat on the back.

"Man, it's good to have you back," Adam proclaimed smiling excitedly.

Jay smiled "it's good to be back," he spoke truthfully.

Laughing Adam took a step back letting his eyes roam over Jay taking in the outfit his friend was sporting. "So what's with the new look?"

Lowering his glasses back to cover his eyes Jay smirked "I thought it was time for a change," he shrugged.

Adam nodded "Well it suits you," he replied smirking "So, how you feeling man?"

Jay opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off when Chris' lips crashed against his. Jay fought to keep his composure, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't feel the even the tinniest bit of excitement that he had gotten Chris attention.

Pulling back Chris pressed a room key to Jay's chest before turning to walk away.

Blushing slightly Jay cleared his throat before turning back to Adam. "I'm doing good," he replied softly as he turned his eyes to look at the room key that lay in his hands.

Jay didn't really hear Adam's response, he was too busy wondering what tonight held for him when the got back to the hotel after taping.

Sure Chris was in to the bad boys and technically Jay's new look was simply a well thought out façade but none of that really mattered right now. All Jay had wanted was one night with Chris, and now he had one.
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