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You're My Better Half

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Mike/surprise + Bonus pairing just a little bit of fun

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17. You're My Better Half – Mike/Surprise + Bonus Pairing

Mike fancied himself a singer, even more so when he was drinking, and right now he was absolutely plastered.

Scooting off his bar stool Mike took one final swig of his whiskey sour slamming the glass on the bar as he sauntered his way to the stage.

Today was Thursday, and Thursday night was always karaoke night.

Mike flashed a Cheshire grin to the audience before turning to the person in charge of karaoke to let them know his song choice.

Swaying slightly he looked out to the crowd. Eyes bleary from the alcohol coursing through his system he brought the microphone to his mouth to address the people.

Licking his lips he slurred "this one goes out to the one I love," sending a wink to the bar at the person he'd been until just recently chatting with.

His statement quickly garnered a wave of cat calls and wolf whistles from the rather rowdy group of people in front of the stage.

Smiling Mike grabbed a hold of the microphone stand to steady himself before looking down at the teleprompter.

As the music started to play Mike easily drowned out the unruly set of people in front of him. Instead he focused his eyes on the bar at the one person who mattered.

Mike slurred his way through the song stumbling slightly over some words, but in his mind he was crooning like Crosby. He let himself sway in time with the beat as he continued to sing. Belting out the final note he takes a bow and smirking as he stalks off stage heading back to his seat at the bar.

"Well what'd ya think Johnny," Mike asked grinning ear to ear as he looked to his tag team partner.

"I'm touched Mikey," John replied smiling brightly at the blonde. "No one's ever dedicated a song to me," he whispers looking back at Mike through long brown eyelashes.

Moving his sunglasses from atop his head down to his nose he lays some money on the bar and extends a hand to Mike. "What do you say we blow this joint and make this a private party?"

Taking John's hand Mike nods "well what are you waiting for?"

John smirks at Mike's response and motions to the exit "after you."

Chris watches as the two men weave their way through the crowd as they head for the exit and he raises his glass to clink with Adam's. "Didn't I tell ya that song would work?"

Adam rolls his eyes "yes you did, but surely helping Mizanin get into Hennigan's pants wasn't your only plans for tonight," Adam purrs placing a hand on Chris's thigh.

Chris smirked taking a sip from his beer. "Well I did have one other plan. It starts with me taking you out for drinks and ends with you on your back screaming my name in ecstasy," he replies winking.

Adam takes a final sip of his beer before turning to the bartender calling out "check please."
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