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What happens in detention stays

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All go to detention. Except m way. He helps. Frank get stuck siting next to booger picker.

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Franks pov

After school was over we all went to detention. We all got put in certain seats. I sat next to a really bony kid named Alex he was a big dooface. He would pick his nose and eat it. That was who sat next to me on the right. Gerard sat next to me on my left.

Then our teacher Mr.Yellow-Banana came in holding mikey by the color of his shirt."Mikey is going to be watching you and telling me if you guys do anything wrong understand."He said. He let go of mikeys shirt as he ran over to the desk and sat down. He just staired at us all.

At like three minuets later Alex picked his nose and put it up in my face."Want some."He said. I then fainted on Gerards lap. He started petting my hair. And he noticed something. I had a booger on my cheek from alex."Eww!"Gerard screamed. I had then woke up and told Alex to get it off. He said no. I then punched him and he got it off my face.

The teacher came in and yelled."Mikey who is talking I can hear it down the hall.""well Mr.Yellow-Banana Alex is talking and picking his nose while putting it in franks face."Mikey told him."Mr.Alex you are going to be here until five ó clock."He told him."Okay."Alex said.

Soon the teacher left the room and this kid named Philip petslee came up to me and told me he
had a special drink I could have for just a high five. I was thirsty so I said sure. He handed me the drink after I gave him a high five. I drank it and noticed something different. Then I called Philip back over to where I was. He said yeah. I asked him what was in that drink. He said champagne and alcohol. I looked at him puzzled and soon I ended up in Gerards lap again.

Detention was finally over. So we all left with dignity. We all went over to mikeys house. As soon as we got there mrs.way gave us a drink. I was pleased.
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