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I Plead The Fifth On All Of This

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My little conspiracy theory on why Panic! really broke up. Probably all completely untrue. I own nothing.

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“Brendon, please,” he cried, tears streaming down his face. The intricate designs he had so painstakingly drawn onto his face ran and smudged, meeting their demise in the form of salty tears. His pale arm shot out, long fingers wrapping around the forearm of the younger man. Brendon jerked his arm out of Ryan’s grasp, keeping his wide brown eyes carefully trained upon the ground. “Brenny. Brenny, look at me.,” Ryan demanded. He tried to keep his eyes down, but they flitted up on their own accord. He took in Ryan’s pale and shaking form. His fingers twitched, and he fought back the urge to reach up and wipe the black, make-up stained tears from Ryan’s face.

“Tell me why. What did I do wrong?” Ryan asked, voice cracking at the end of his question. Brendon shook his head.

“Nothing, Ryan. Don’t you dare blame yourself,” he said fiercely. Ryan dropped his gaze to the floor. “It’s because I’m ugly, isn’t it? I’m too ugly for you. I’m not worthy of you,” he stated simply. Knowingly. Brendon gasped.

“Ry, honey. No. You are beautiful. You are flawless. You will always be my Mona Lisa,” he said, his eyes melting as he stared at Ryan. The older man’s eyes snapped up, cold fury filling the hazel orbs. “Then tell me why you don’t want to be with me anymore, Brendon,” he snarled.

Brendon dropped his head, his eyes squeezing shut. “I just don’t love you anymore,” he whispered, his voice barely audible. Ryan snorted. “I doubt that. Look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes and tell me.” Brendon didn’t move. Ryan smirked. “Exactly. Now say what you mean, Brennybear. Tell me I’m right.” Brendon looked up, his large chocolate eyes brimming with tears. He raised his hand, wiping away a dark smudge from Ryan’s cheek. Ryan sighed softly, closing his eyes and titling his head into Brendon’s touch.

Brendon leaned forward, very gently kissing Ryan’s lips for a long moment before drawing back. He looked deeply into Ryan’s eyes, taking them in one last time. Seeing them with a glimmer of hope and that zealous ardor one more time. He took a deep breath, steeling himself for the task at hand. He forced his emotions away as he opened his mouth. “I don’t love you.”

He watched as Ryan’s face crumpled, the breath leaving his lungs in a soft oof as his knees hit the ground. Brendon looked down at him, strangely apathetic as Ryan curled in on himself, broken sobs ripping from deep within him. And Brendon Urie turned and left the room without so much as a backwards glance.
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