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EHHHH... I am drowning in the pure fluff of this chapter...

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I fell like I've neglected this story... but here's another update. Just a head's up though... I HATE THIS CHAPTER. Not kidding, I was dying in the fluff of it. I hate fluff, too. So this did not go well for me. My best friend tackled me when she read it, saying it was adorable. It just makes me sick. I guess that's my own personal problem, though...

The next morning before most of the girls had woken up, I decided to slip out of the cabin for a while. The cool morning air momentarily took my breath away as I walked. I seemed to be picking up a normal route already, but I didn't feel like going all the way down to the lake with it being so early. I would have gotten a lot colder, anyway.

Realizing I had forgotten my notebook again, I turned back halfway down the trail that led to the woods. My head was much clearer now, and I felt more alert towards my surroundings.

Walking down the little path back to my cabin, I had some time to think. About a lot of things, in general. Like how I would kill Frank the next time I saw him. Or how Mikey was really adorable when it came to Gerard. Or even--

“Hey Cadie! Heads up!”

My head snapped up just in time to see a football about three feet away from me, pummeling towards me at a speed I didn't even want to think about. It hit my stomach, and pain washed over me as I gasped for air. I clutched at my injured tummy, willing the ache to go away. “What the hell?” I groaned.

“Frank, why did you even do that?” I heard Gerard sigh, trotting over to me. “Are you okay?” he asked, concerned.

I nodded and straightened up. “I'm fine. Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time I pounded Frankie's face in” I said, starting towards the bane of my existence. Gerard carefully grabbed my arm. “Come on. I'll take care of him later. I promise”, he said with a small smile.

I looked up at him. “Not trying to disappoint you, but I think it's way too late for that”, I said quietly. Frank had started this, and he was going to get away with it no matter what anyone said.

Gerard removed his grip from my arm and slid his hand into mine. “Walk with me. It'll give us some time to talk about this without Frank around”, he said, taking a few steps back, gently pulling me along with him.

I glanced over at Frank, who was now glaring at me. Biting my lip, I reluctantly let Gerard lead me away from Frank and his friends.

Gerard turned to face me, slowly walking backwards. “Are you sure you're okay? I know he threw that pretty hard.”

I shrugged. “It still hurts. But it's really getting dull. I suppose it's more of an uncomfortable ache”, I said, smiling a little. I realized my hand was still loosely intertwined with his and pulled it back. Gerard looked slightly pained by my action for a moment, but didn't say anything about it.

Gerard took a deep breath and stared at his feet. “I'm sorry Frank's been so horrible lately. I don't like it when he hurts you like that, but by the time I notice he's done something, it's too late. I tried to talk to him last night, and I thought maybe he'd stop at least a little. But when he threw that football at you... gosh, Cadence. I mean, I'm really sorry that happened. I would have stopped it, I swear. I just didn't--”

I lightly touched his arm to quiet him. “Thanks for at least trying. That means a lot to know that you even just talked to him.”

Gerard looked over at me and smiled, then went back to being quiet again.

We walked in silence, as if we weren't even meaning to be walking together at all. We wouldn't have too much time before breakfast, and I felt like there were so many things I could say to him. But then, maybe there were just things in my head that I thought I could say. I wasn't sure, but I wanted to hear him. Just his voice, that was all I needed. I sighed almost silently. “I'm glad you're here, you know. It'd get a little lonely without you. I'm so used to having you around every day that I don't think I could be comfortable with anything else”, I said, giggling.

He grinned and shook his head. “You're funny, ya know that? Do you really think you couldn't get used to hangin' around some other guy for a few weeks?”

I shot him a look. “What makes you think I'd be around anyone else? I don't talk much.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “You don't seem to hold back at all when you're constantly talkin' about stuff in my ear...”

I smiled and shook my head. “You're different. I can talk to you about anything. I can't do that with anyone else except Monty.”

He stopped walking and looked at me. “Are you serious? I mean, you opened up to me that quick?” I just nodded and shrugged.

“I'm glad you trust me, Cadence”, he said.

People were starting to make their way to breakfast, and I knew I had to get back and find Monty. “Gerard, I have to go... I'll see you later, right?” He nodded quickly and I started walking back to the cabin.

Gerard ran up behind me. “Cadence, wait up for a second! I need to ask you something.”

I sighed and stopped, turning to face him. “Can't it wait?”

He shook his head. “No, it can't.” He had a determined look in his eyes as he took a deep took a deep breath. “Cadence, I was really thinking last night, and well, I was kinda wonderin' something.”

I glanced behind me, hoping Monty wasn't already on her way to breakfast. “I hate to rush you, but can you please hurry? I have to go find Monty.”

Gerard nodded, but seemed to have lost some of the determination he had only moments ago. “I wanted to know if maybe you wanted skip out of the bonfire tonight and go out on the lake. I know it's probably gonna get us in some trouble if we get caught and all, but it'll just be me and you, so we should be okay. You don't have to if you were gonna hang out with the girls from your cabin or somethin', but I'd really like it if you joined me.”

I stared at him, smirking slightly. “Gerard... are asking me out on a date at camp, of all places?” I asked cautiously.

He bit his lip and nodded. “Yeah, I- I guess I am.” He took my hands in his and looked at me expectantly. “Well? It's your choice if you wanna go or not. It's not the most elaborate idea in the world, but there's not much I can do around here.”

I grinned, still in slight shock. “I'd love to. But why did you wanna do this now? Couldn't you wait to ask me out when we got home?”

Gerard smiled shyly. “No, I couldn't. I didn't wanna wait that long.”

I stared up at him, not really wanting to talk. Mikey was right. I didn't think he thought of me as more than a friend, but his little brother proved me wrong. I'd have to thank the kid next time I saw him. This was the last thing I had expected, though. But no matter what I expected or didn't, I knew I would be smiling 'til tonight. And probably a lot more after tonight. God, I'd die with a cheesy smile on my face. A slightly revolting thought, but it was true.

I sighed. “I really do have to find Monty. She wasn't awake when I left and I don't want her to think I just went without her.” I pulled my hands out of his. “I'll see you at breakfast, I guess”, I said, laughing quietly. I was probably making a big deal out of nothing, but I didn't even want to leave him. I felt like everything was finally a little better and it would just turn out to be some weird dream if I walked away.


I groaned and gave Gerard a sympathetic look before turning away from him to find my dear Monty, who was currently screaming my name. Not seeing her, I started walking down the path, trying to figure out where the hell she was. “CADENCE!!!”

I spun around just as Monty came running at me, full speed. I backed up, knowing what was about to happen. I couldn't stop it. I was about to be glomped.

I cannot even put into words how much I hate this chapter. It's like the bane of my existence. I want to brutally murder it with Marlee's page-poking stick. I've have really bad writers block for a while, but this was all I could come up with. I'm satisfied with it being an update, I just... want it to die a painful death. (Just like Frank will if he keeps up his behavior ^_^)
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