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Chapter 34

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I wanna have a sleep over with you

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Lily's POV

I have never wanted to stake Frank Iero more than right this second. See, just as Gerard was going to speak up so we could talk about what had happened for the very first time, Frank thought it would be a good idea to "pop in" and say "hi". Well currently he was beneath me as a HUGE luegy hung from my mouth, ready to drip on his face for bothering Gerard and I.
"I SAID I GIVE! PLEASE! I'LL NEVER BOTHER YOU AGAIN! I PROMISE!! PLEASE HAVE SOME MERCY WOMAN!!" I shook my head furiously over Frank's shouts and I could hear Gerard quietly laughing behind me. I turned my head slightly to see Gerard doubled over in hysterics, not even bothering to hide his laughter. I narrowed my eyes and then looked back to Frank. As I turned my head however, Frank's hand collided with my face and resulted in him unintentionally smacking me. Frank then let out a loud gasp, obviously terrified by his actions. Slowly, I lifted myself from Frank and stood up. Confused, Frank leaned upward and waited to see what I'd do. Gerard had also quieted down by now.

"Frank, I'm trying my best to not kill you right now. You have four seconds to get out of this room before I kick your ass." There was a dead pause. Then, Frank pulled himself up off the floor and was out of this room faster than I could blink. Gerard found this hilarious and broke into another laughing fit.

"What're you laughing about? This-this isn't funny!" I stuttered out at a now red faced Gerard. Men...

"Yeah but Lily, it's just so adorable!" He managed to get out between laughs and gasps for air. Anger swept across my features.

"What's adorable?! Frank smacked me!" I shouted in outrage. Gerard sucked in a breath and within a moment calmed down enough to speak more properly (though the corners of his lips were twitching upwards). Then, he stepped over to me and looked right down at my eyes.
"You are," Gerard whispered and then leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my lips. It wasn't an overbearing "let's see how far I can shove my tongue down your throat" kind of kiss, nope, it was short and sweet. However, when it ended, Gerard just left his lips resting on mine. He encircled his arms around my body. Neither of us moved, and for a moment, I was genuinely content. However, as we all know, the world obviously doesn't want me to ever get to remain content. So, just as that whole flutter "I think I might love him" feeling came over me, I remembered two very important people.

"Where are Bob and Alisha?" I pulled back from Gerard who let out a groan in protest.
"Bob is tied to his bedpost in his room." Gerard explained while still looking somewhat irritated. I nodded.

"And Alisha?" At this, he sighed and looked away from me. I frowned. "Did she come back?"
"Yes, she came back. She got in a fight with a few of the Dandies and looks terrible. Right now she's probably still sitting with Bob in their room. He still hasn't...recovered." Gerard said, obviously choosing his words carefully and then he looked to me, to capture my eyes with his own.

"You're worried," he commented. I nodded, not bothering to even attempt to lie.
"Why does everything have go to hell? Everytime I want things to start looking up, they just have to fall into sad broken pieces. It's not right. We also need to talk about what happened that night in Pete's mansion." I took a step back and rested my back against the wall. Gerard shot me a worried glance but I just closed my eyes.

"Would you like to go see them? Bob and Alisha, I mean." He asked quietly. I nodded my head slowly, my eyes still shut. "Well then, I suppose we'll have to knock a little louder than usual."


I listened with a strange fascination to the sounds coming from Bob and Alisha's room. There was snarling and shouting audible through the door and all the way down the hall to the living room. Gerard grabbed the door handle.

"Okay, now Bob isn't in his right mind so don't freak or anything, if he tries to hurt you because-"

"You'll save me?" I grinned while cutting Gerard off. Gerard returned with his own smirk. "Exactly"

"Yeah, you seem to just save my pathetic ass all over the place." I remarked with a laugh. Gerard chuckled and pulled the door open. We entered and the first thing that caught my eyes was the sight of Bob Bryar hissing and trying his very best to detach himself from his bedpost and have a go at an indifferent Alisha.
"Oh, hey guys." She said, barely looking up from a magazine she was reading on the floor. I blinked.

"How long has he been-" I began but was cut off by Bob letting out a VERY shrill hiss.
"Like that? For awhile. He'll calm down soon though. He wears himeself out." She answered and I walked over to her. Alisha looked up at me and I could see what Gerard meant earlier. Little bruises littered Alisha's face and healing cuts ran up and down her arms.
"What did you do?" I whispered in a shocked voice. Alisha blinked and then followed my eyes to her bruises.

"Oh, well I kinda needed to blow off some steam. I mean when you think your boyfriend who nobody else knows is your boyfriend is dead...well you get kind of crazy. Especially when you find out that he tried to comitt suicide." She stated dryly. I swallowed a knot growing in my throat. Alisha was really broken up over this whole ordeal and I could tell she was trying hard not to show it. I glanced over at Bob and his chained figure. Then, I noticed something odd.

"You used bike chains?" I said, not impressed. Gerard smirked from the doorway.
"We have to be resourceful. I mean how weird would it look if we went out and asked people if they owned massive chains that were strong enough to hold the strength of a tractor? It was easier to just go to a middle school and steal all the bike chains." He explained and tried to hold back a small laugh. I rolled my eyes and look back to Alisha who obviously didn't see the funny part of this because she was staring a hole into a picture of the Justin Bieber.

"You must really not like Bieber," I laughed. Alisha looked at me weirdly and then noticed the magazine picture.

"OH!" She said, just now realizing what I meant. "Well yeah, he’s a money making preteen fangirl making machine. He’s also dating that dating that damned girl who can’t sing for shit!" Alisha shouted with faux disdain.

"Those poor teenie boppers." I said shaking my head sadly. Suddenly a grin worked it's way onto Alisha's face.

"At least it's not Gerard on that cover." She said quietly. At this Gerard whipped his head in our direction and raised an eyebrow.
"Why do you say that?" He demanded.

"Because, if you were on there lots of little girls would see how skinny and girlish you are! We don't want eleven year old boys to see you and become as pretty and manorexic as you are! You'd make all the little boys into malnourished calorie counting skinny white dudes who wear shit loads of eyeliner." She exclaimed, barely holding back her laughter. Gerard shot Alisha a death glare and I placed a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing at how true it was. Gerard is possibly the skinniest guy I'd ever known aside from my good friend Ryan Ross.

"Yeah, look at the effect he's already having on Lily." Someone commented from the door. We all turned our heads and there stood Kat next to Brenda and Brandy.
"HEY!" I shouted in mock anger. They giggled and walked in. Somehow we all managed to ignore Bob's hissing and laughed with light hearts.

"I feel like I haven't seen you all in ages." I said taking note at how everyone seemed somewhat distant. We needed something to bring us back together again. Then an idea hit me. "We should have girls only sleepover."
"Ooh sounds fun."


"That might be interesting."

“I want pie.”

I smiled and looked at the night sky. This was our daytime so I guess it's going to be weird staying up till the next night instead of morning.

"Excellent, I say we get our pajamas and then we kidnap Lea from Ray, and we steal Sarah from Mikey." I proposed with a grin. They nodded back at me with mischievous eyes.
"I bet they'll be too busy lip-locking to even hear us sneak in." Kat laughed maliciously. We'll agreed to get our things and then put our plan into action.


"Hmm, since it's a sleepover I guess we'll need some movies to watch..." I said, thinking aloud while picking out pajamas for the great night/morning ahead. Gerard shrugged indifferently from his seat on our bed. I blinked.

"You look kind of upset. Any reason?" I questioned worriedly. Gerard sighed and jutted out his lip in a pout.

"I wanna have a sleepover with you." He complained like a little kid. I made a face.
"We sleep in the same room, technically speaking we have sleepovers every night." I remarked and picked some fleece pajamas with the Powerpuff Girls on it (yes 18 and I still love them).
"No, that doesn't count." He said while hopping off the bed and walking over to me.

"Yes it does," I said rolling my eyes. Gerard closed the remaining distance between us and I started backing up to keep it there. However, as we all know, the world doesn't love me and soon enough my back hit a wall and I was cornered as Gerard loomed over me.

"No, I'm afraid those don't count as sleepovers." He said, reminding my blank mind as to what we were even talking about.

"Wh-why not?" I stuttered stupidly as his hazel eyes captured mine. He leaned down and placed his lips just over mine, not quite touching yet.

"Because at my sleepovers nobody is allowed to sleep." He whispered and his eyes remained locked on mine.

"Why's th-that?" I asked in a ragged breath. Gerard's lips formed that familiar grin.
"Because there are so many better things to do between the sheets than sleep." He answered quietly and then, placed a hard kiss on my mouth.


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