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Chapter 33

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He slid his fangs into my neck please read A.N

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Lily's POV

The room was beautiful to say the least. There were easels all over the place and half finished works of breath taking art laid on the canvases. Even though the room was dim, I could still see the one thing making this scene a little less gorgeous. The monster I had come to face and end this battle with, Gerard Arthur Way, was sitting at an easel in the middle of the room and painting a picture I couldn't see.

"You seem stressed," he commented, finally acknowledging my presence. An annoyed grin slid onto my face.

"No, just a little ticked and something else I can't place my finger on." Way's eyes bounced from the picture he was painting to my own. They held a mysterious glow to them, it was captivating.

"I think that would be the stress that I mentioned." He stood up from his place and began walking towards me.

"Perhaps," I said with caution. I'm playing by his rules for now.
"Why are you so stressed?" He asked and began to walk towards me slowly, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Why are you so interested?" I snapped back. He's never asked about all this before. Way smiled at me and his eyes seemed to have me in death lock because I couldn't tear mine away.
"Because I've been wondering about you and your friend lately. As you've probably already guessed darling, this will be our last night like this. The time has finally come for one of us end it all. The same applies for your friends, Brandy and Brenda, downstairs with Mikey and Frank." Way's smile grew and by now he was only a step or two away from me. Our eyes remained on each other but instinct caused me to slip my hand into my jacket and pull out my favorite stake, Mr. Pointy. Way raised an eyebrow.

"You thinking about driving that through my heart?" He asked seeming almost genuinely curious but I could tell by the glint in his eye that he was mocking me.

"Through your heart and out your back," I snarled angrily. Way continued to close the distance between and stopped only when he was so close that if he went any further we'd be touching.

"I dare you," he whispered. His breath was hot on my face and his eyes were piercing mine. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand with the stake and pressed it to himself. Then, he slid it up his stomach to his chest. It was right over his heart.

"Come on, love. You're almost there." His voice was dizzying and for whatever reason I felt my arms unable to move. His eyes danced teasingly. He was doing exactly that, teasing me. My temper flared and I finally ripped my eyes from his to stare at the stake in my hand, resting on his chest. I willed myself to stake him, to give him what he deserved. My hand didn't move.

"No?" He questioned. My eyes shot back up to his own. I narrowed my eyes.
"I hate you," I whispered. He nodded and suddenly shoved me back.

I fell to the floor and immediately rolled to my side and back onto my feet. Way had disappeared and from looking around, so had Mr. Pointy.

"Fuck," I whispered. Then, I felt somebody take in a breath from behind me. I took a leap forward just as Way grabbed for me. He grunted angrily. I stuck my tongue out at him and wrapped my hand around the bottom of a wooden easel next to me. Way caught on to what I was up to and lunged at me. I did the only logical thing to do in this moment. I swung the easel in front of me and Way smashed into it. Him, being the blood sucker that he is, busted the easel and continued going forward right into me.

My side screamed in complaint as a large piece of the easel stabbed at it. We both flew back onto the wooden ground while crashing through many more easels, he landed only a few feet from me. I felt a painful bruise forming where the easel piece it me and several other cuts littere my face and arms. I only allowed myself a moment to take in this pain before I shot back up. Way was already on his feet and at the other end of the room with his back to me. I blinked and then saw what he was doing. He was gripping onto a large metal box filled scissors.

"Not a good day." I said and then Gerard grinned. He dipped his hand into the box and then began throwing the sharp objects in my direction. I dropped to my hands and knees. A thud sound told me that the scissors had pierced the wall behind me. I glanced around for anything to use as a shield. Once again the odds were against me. We'd broken all the easels and destroyed the canvases that had been on them earlier. All the supply boxes were on Gerard's side of the room and there was nothing over here but a small bench. I dove for it, flinging it in front of my body while Gerard threw more projectiles. The scissors made that familiar thudding noise as they pierced the wood of the bench but none had yet to touch me. After a few minutes the throwing stopped and waited a moment. Then, I slowly peered above the edge of the bench and there, standing right above me, was Way. I jumped back as then gave the bench a hard kick to the side. I didn't see how far it went though because as soon as I had gotten to my feet, Gerard had lunged at me again.

My back collided with a wall and my breath was knocked out of me. I sucked the sweet air back in quickly but just as i was doing that, two of Gerard's hands slammed into the wall on both sides of me.

"Well aren't you the little survivor?" He leaned in close to my face and grinned. I crinkled my nose in disgust at the closeness and ignored his comment.

"Does personal space mean anything to you, Way?" I questioned sarcastically but looked for a way out of this bit of a mess I was now in. His grin widened and I felt a strong desire to punch it off his face.

"When it comes to pretty girls, those words lose all meaning." He closed some of the space between us and I rolled my eyes.

"Are you seriously hitting on me right before you kill me?" I said, irritated. He nodded slowly.

"What can I say? I'm not a dine and dash type of dude." I made a face at what that implied. Gerard let out a small laugh and then his hands slid down the wall to my own, where he pinned them sharply. Then, he closed what very little space was left between us and basically had me sandwiched against the damn wall.

"You know, it's too bad you couldn't bring yourself to stake me earlier. It also bites that this is finally over. I haven't had this much fun trying to kill someone in awhile. I think I may miss you a bit." Gerard stared down at the floor for a moment and then brought his eyes to mine.

"Yeah, it's just too bad that you're a greedy vampire asshole." I mock sighed. Gerard's expression suddenly looked stricken and his eyes got a conflicted look. Is it just me folks or does he feel bad?

"Yeah, too bad for you I suppose," his face returned to it's normal arrogant look. Yep, just me. I shot another death glare at him. Gerard ignored my look and suddenly, he pressed himself against me as much as he could and leaned in down by my neck.

There, he began placing soft kisses. Slowly, he worked his way up my neck to my jawline and back down. I was frozen as he did all of this. My entire body was mashed between him and the wall. There was nothing I could do. He nipped lightly at the skin on my neck.

"What, no fight? Aww, that's the funnest part about you." He smirked into the crook of my neck and continued his game. Teasingly he let the little bites grow harsher and then returned to softer nipping. This all lasted for a good couple of minutes before I could tell it was becoming less and less entertaining for him to hear my heartbeat race and slow with panic. Soon enough, the bites ceased and Gerard rested his teeth on my neck.

"I meant what I said earlier. I'd miss you. I don't just try and kill you because it's fun, not that it isn't. I go after you because like you said, I'm greedy and I covet you even from my vampire self. I desire you so strongly that, I hunger for you." Gerard whispered, his breath tickling my skin and his fangs grazing my neck. He paused a moment and when I found no words to answer him, he began again.

"I hunger for more than just your blood." He breathed and then opened his mouth. His teeth rubbed against my neck as he did this. He paused again only this time I knew he wasn't going to speak. I took in a shaky breath and prayed for Brandy and Brenda to get out of this mansion. Then, I felt Gerard slide his fangs into my skin.

My eyes shot open and my body jerked. I would have rolled off of the familiar bed in Pete's apartments but strong arms wrapped around me, held me there on the bed.

"Lily! Woah! What's the matter?" Gerard's voice asked from right behind me. I inhaled a sharp breath and parts of my dream flooded my brain. No, it wasn't a dream really. It was the memory of what happened that night.

Gerard sat up, taking me with him, and pulled me into his lap.
"What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare or something? I mean I guess all the stress of the last week or so would be enough to weigh down on any human mind..." I didn't really listen to him finish his sentence. I just kinda spaced. The only word I caught from his mouth was "human". It rang through my body like a church bell.

"And what with finding Bob like that I can see how-Hey wait, are you even listening?" He asked looking concerned. I shook my head. No use in lying to the one person who can always tell when you are. Gerard blinked.

"Lily, what the heck is wrong with you?" He questioned and turned my body slightly so he could see my face. I just shook my head.

"I dreamed of me, and you." I said simply. Gerard nodded slowly and raised an eyebrow.
"Is that all?" He asked looking at me weirdly. I shook my head again.
"I dreamed of us in the art room." I finished quietly. Gerard's face changed to an expression I didn't recognize.

"Oh." He whispered and his guilty tone told me all I needed.


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