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Behind Crimson Guitar Strings

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New upcoming band wins a competition and tours with My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold. But the lead singer and guitarist has a dark past, will the guys find out?

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This idea has been buzzing in my head, I really hope you guys like it!!! I only own my characters

"And the winner is.... TEAR STAINED JOY!!!!" The announcer screamed into the mic as the crowd cheered. Said group jumped and hugged each other, laughing and screaming in joy. "So how does it feel winning and going on tour with Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance?" asked the host. He thrust the camera to the girl singer, who gave of a charming grin. "Undescribeable, but I know I did my grandfather proud." She smiled and gave a firm nod.

"Tear Stained Joy is a five person band like you guys. Lead singer and guitarist is a girl, and her name is Aya Rayvyn Haydes. Adopted daughter of Maxwell Haydes, the big record company CEO and her biological brother is their manager. We've got Jason and Mason Foxmann, Jason is the bassist and Mason is on keyboards. Rhythm guitarist is Jamie Loren Willis and finally the drummer is Jake Hastings." Informed Brian Schechter and Larry Jacobson. The managers of the bands Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance. "Pretty young guys, a reason behind the name?" asked Mikey Way. "Yes, Aya is the girlfriend of Jake. He got beat up real bad by jocks in school and had to go to hospital, was in a coma for two weeks. Her brother Eric told me in that time she would be taking her anger out with the punching bag. Then she beat the jocks real bad. She wrote a song called 'Stay Alive' which became their first song of their new album 'My Love and Fury' and she decided to form the band after Jake woke up. Eric told me 'Her face was twisted in a bright smile and tears stained with joy streaked down her face.' They decided it was a good band name with a hidden story." Larry informed

"So you're telling me, we're gonna be touring with kids for the next few months?" Bob questioned. "They're not kids, they were raised to fight and take care of themselves." said an unfamiliar voice. All heads turned to a man with tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a black dress shirt with a skinny white tie and black jeans with a studded belt. "Guys this is the band's manager Eric Haydes." Brian introduced while Eric shook hands with all the men.

"The guys are at home having a movie marathon and are super hyper, Aya can't stop grinning." Eric smiled. "Aya has been living with me for the past six years, our parents disowned me after they found out I was gay, and they disowned Aya after they saw her style of clothing. She's been an Avenged and MCR fan since she was little, my fault I guess. We're both raised in Indonesia and moved out of there on her 8th birthday to Huntington Beach. I took her to the Avenged Sevenfold concert in Jakarta in 2008 with my grandfather who's also a fan of your music. He died a few years back. Aya had guitar and drumming lessons since 6, bass guitar since 7 and violin since she was 9. She's had a broken past. Beaten for the sake of 'religion' and now we've both converted from Islam to Christianity. She honestly doesn't care if you go to Heaven or Hell, got a bad case of sailor's mouth." Eric chuckled. "So when are we meeting her? She sounds interesting!" Frank grinned. "Tomorrow, she'll be in the recording studio practising drum covers. My brother in law, Joey, and her fight like a married couple, but don't say that unless you want a bruise the size of a melon. Aya had anger issues but still throws her shoes and random stuff at us. Like yesterday she threw an encyclopedia at me." Eric grumbled. The other men laughed and went home to their wives and girlfriends.

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