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The two bands meet Aya, they decided they like her.

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Hey!!! I needed to get this chapter up otherwise I can't sleep. Jimmy's still alive in this one, why? Cuz I love him so much. Enjoy

The two bands pulled up in the recording studio that was near Avenged Sevenfold's. Eric and a man with choppy blond hair and one jade green eye and one crystal blue eye greeted them. "Guys this is my husband Richard, he's Joey's brother." Eric introduced. "The rest of the band went home so only Aya is in. You guys will love her, she's definitely someone you do not want to be enemies with." Richard warned. The bands nodded and they walked into a room with a huge glass wall revealing a girl on a drum set. "It's a one way glass, she can't see us." Richard explained.

The girl stopped her energetic drumming and stretched her arms. A man with the same shade of honey blond hair and brown eyes walked inside and smirked at the girl. "Tired? Well you did watch movies till 1 AM." Joey smirked. The girl stood up and twirled the drunsticks in her hands. "First of all, I'm just sore from how hard I was playing and second, I'm a hyper insomniac." She replied. Joey snorted, "Well we've got guests and I want'cha to be on your best behaviour." Joey commanded good-humouredly. Aya gave a mock salute before placing her drumsticks on a table. "She's gonna tackle you in a hug, and there will be a lot of giggling. I swear she's one of the only people besides Jimmy who can go in a fit of laughter when nothing is funny." Richard said. The girl walked through the doorway and stopped dead with big eyes. She had chocolate brown eyes outlined with eyeliner, a sleeveless white v neck shirt that has grey Sharpie scribbles of band names and songs which they identified as their songs. Skintight tartan zippy trousers and biker boots with skull buckles. She had a fishnet shirt underneath that went up to half her forearm and and black Gothic gloves that went up halfway her arm. "No... Fucking... Way," she whispered and then in a flash she was hugging Jimmy. "This is FUCKIN AWESOME!!!" she grinned and proceeded to hug Synyster Gates and Zacky.

"We're all pumped up, cuz we're all huge fans of you guys!" Ay exclaimed, her eyes still big with excitement. "How did you guys become friends? Went to the same school?" Matt asked. "Mm-hm, I saved them from getting their asses kicked. It was fun!" She giggled. "Got any hobbies? Likes and dislikes?" Frank asked. "Dislikes, bullies, homophobes, haters and people who say unicorns do not exist! Likes, anime, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, rag dolls, cats and dogs and sushi. Hobbies... I collect snowglobes... kinda geeky, I play guitar and I love my Schecter guitars. I also love mixed martial arts, horse riding and video-games." She chirped happily. "Wow... so you hate... most of the human population..." Johnny said slowly. "Yupperz! I'm really laid-back, but I go all demon when I'm angry... and when I'm angry... well let's just say I need a new punching bag after that." She admitted. The guys looked at Eric and Richard with worried glances. "Oh don't worry! It rarely happens! The last time... well Eric must've told you the story. I tend to get hyper when I eat a lot of sugar or when something exciting is happening. I'm easily amused, I have fidgety fingers so I tend to take stuff apart... But I draw instead. " She then told us a few other habits which is... she's bipolar, impulsive thinking and the tendency to randomly dance.

"You got any weird friends?" Mikey asked, but was hit in the back of the head courtesy of his brother, who shot him a glare that said 'That's rude' Aya didn't seem to mind. "No worries mate," she drawled in an Aussie accent. "I have a friend, her name is Natalie. She's totally inlove with Frank Iero, when I got her a shirt that said 'I stalk Frank Iero' and another shirt that I drew myself as MCR in chibi form with fake mustaches and suits, pretending to be FBIs she flipped out and tackled me. And my other best friend Amelia who's a die hard fan of 30 Seconds to Mars and Tokio Hotel. I got her a shirt that said 'I stalk Jared Leto' and another one that said 'Beware, Rapist on the loose' she tackled me and broke my arm." We all laughed. "Wow... you guys are pretty weird." Gerard Way said. "Yup, I've got an 'I stalk Gerard Way' and several similar tees that say the same thing except different band members. A tee that says 'Avenged Sevenfold's #1 Stalker' and a matching shirt with Natalie that says 'My Chemical Romance Stalker Team' that we wore and got weird looks." She laughed.

They all joked around after that, but little did they know her past was more tragic than the abuse story they were told...

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