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Meeting the rest of the band

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Title explains it... Kyaaahhh!!!!! GECKO IN MY ROOM!!!! HEEEEELLPP!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate geckos :'/

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Hola!!!! About the gecko thing... yeah it's true and I couldn't sleep till my dad killed it... Srry to all animal lovers but those things r everywhere... Enjoy *yawns*

It was 7 AM and M Shadow's house was buzzing with life. The band members of My Chemical Romance are staying with Matt and his wife Valary cuz they've got the most spare rooms. Both bands were selecting songs for the tours, with the help of the wives of Avenged Sevenfold. Valary Sanders and Michelle Haner were busy checking the merch stocks, Gena Baker helping out. Leana Sullivan was fixing the boys coffee and Johnny is all alone and single. He broke up with Lacey earlier in the year.

Just then the doorbell rang and Matt jumped out to get it, he quickly returned with a girl. Aya. Aya was wearing denim shorts, a white v neck with a picture of her and two unidentified girls with finger mustaches, black rollerblades and a black sports bag. Leana placed the coffees on the table and shot Matt a questioning look. "Girls, I want you to meet Aya. She's the lead singer and guitarist of the band Tear Stained Joy." Matt said, Valary snapped her fingers. "Oh! That band! Well you sure are a pretty little thing," Val commented. Aya blushed and gave a small smile. "Thank you Mrs Sanders," she whispered. Getting odd looks from the men. "Hey don't look so uncomfortable." Michelle said as she patted at the seat next to her. Aya skated over to the sofa arm and just sat there. "I.. just dunno how to act all girly, I've never had a mom. Only a foster mom but it was only for two days." Aya admitted, hanging her head. All women suddenly came around her to group hug the smaller female. "Aaaaww poor you, wait.. Then how did you know about..." Gena trailed off. Aya gave a small laugh, "I have an aunt who's a doctor, she told me when I was eleven." Aya said. "Just dropped by quickly to let you guys know that you'll be meeting the rest of the band in the studio at 3 o'clock. Can't be earlier cuz I've got a martial arts tournament in an hour." Aya informed. "Martial arts? You're on tough fortune cookie then!" Val laughed. Aya nodded happily, giving off a smile. "Which reminds me, I gotta go. Hey you guys can watch the fight in the Junior Sports channel! We're streaming live. Hasta La Vista Amigos!" she stood up and observed the scene. "Everyone's so loved up, except for Johnny that is... so... HUGZ!" she cried and wrapped her arms around Johnny's neck, planting a kiss on his cheek while the others laughed. She gave a final grin before disappearing through the door. And speeding off to the arena. "By how fast she's skating, I think she's over the speed limit." Chuckled Jimmy.

An hour after she left they turned to the Junior Sport channel and saw the interviewer in the waiting room. "We are here live with the fighters, all ranging between the ages 15-18. All except one girl and that is Aya Rayvyn Haydes!" The woman interviewer with her cheap patent shoes walked over to Aya. "So how's it like being the youngest here? Scared?" sneered the woman. The rockstar's partners frowned at the way the woman took her so lowly. But Aya gave a determined smile. "Pretty pumped, I'm always up for a challenge. And I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty." She gave a full teeth grin. "So I heard you're band is going on tour with My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold. Worried no one will like you?" The lady asked again. Aya's eyebrows furrowed and she gave a slight frown. "Two things. One, we've got fans across the country because I've been posting the songs on YouTube and now my band is YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter famous. Two, this is a martial arts tournament where we fight with fists, not with handbags and shoes lady. Now if you'll excuse me, it's my turn to fight." She said and walked out, leaving a stunned interviewer. "Well that was rude!" She grumbled, a brunette boy about 17 gave her a glare. "Actually she's right, it's not an interview about her. You're here to ask us our thoughts about the tournament. One quick thing, Avenged Sevenfold kicks ass!" He shouted and the scene flipped to the fighting mats.

Fight after fight the spectators cheered eagerly at Aya's victories, amazed at her abilities. 5 hours later the tournament came to an end. "I am sure you all know who the winner is, not because she's the youngest and we decided to cut her some slack, but the sheer talent she displayed and excellent sportsmanship made her a winner. Which I proudly present, Aya Rayvyn Haydes." He announced and the whole arena turned to a mess of cheering and shouting.

It was 2:30 by the time the men arrived at the studio. They were greeted by the security guard with a nod. They saw Eric walk over to them, his hair spiked up in every direction. "Hey guys! C'mon in! My sister has two friends over and the band. Two girls, both are fans of MCR. Mediterranean girl with strawberry blond hair is Natalie, Malaysian girl with the tendency to tackle and pin down people is Amelia. Both are old time schoolmates, Natalie is Frank's fan and Amelia is a Bryar Believer." Eric chuckled. He led them to the same room and found eight teens in there talking and laughing. Richard walked over to them. "Practice ended a minute ago, now just killin time." Richard explained. "Oh just to .. erm.. let you know. The boys in the band.. are... err gay. I assume this is not a problem? They know the limits of PDA." Richard assured. "It's cool man, paparazzi might be all over it but it's die down and the fans will go crazy about it. Just look at Frankie and me!" Gerard grinned and slung an arm around Frankie's neck. The others gave of laughs. But grew silent when one of them asked a question. "Aya! Why do you like Zacky Vengeance?" A boy asked, he had strawberry blond blond hair and neon green highlights. "Zacky Vengeance, he has pretty green eyes. He's an awesome rythym guitarist, admire him for his determination on learning guitar left handed. Love the fact he keeps on dying his hair in flashy colours, and the fact he's damn adorable!" Aya grinned. "My turn to ask, why the fuck did you scare me by going through my brother's history and showing me gay porn?!" She screamed hysterically while the others guffawed, includin the men while Eric blushed bright red. "It was meant to be a joke! I didn't know you were eating!" he tried to defend himself. "Don't you know Jamie?! When I sketch I nibble on something. Don't tell me you didn't see the fuckin cookie in my hand!" she sighed. The boy now identified as Jamie became silent. Aya hit him in the back of the head. "Let's go, I've got a surprise. Before you ask, no it isn't gay strippers Mason, we already discussed that and it would be best to save it for later." She held up a finger shushing a boy with flaming red hair. His twin who had royal blue hair gave out a chuckle before patting his twin's back.

The young group walked into the room the men were currently in and stopped dead. The band had been expecting this, but the two girls did not. The blond girl had a black 'Me Gusta Frank Iero' t-shirt. The tan-skinned girl had white shirt with blue writing that said 'I stalk Bob Bryar' and a big love heart on it. "Aya... " The blond girl trailed off, then her and Amelia tackled Aya and hugged her tight. "Aya I fuckin love you!" Natalie cried and she was pushed off by the blue-faced girl. Amelia stood up and shyly walked up to Bob before outstretching her arms. Natalie did the same. And soon they were hugging the drummer and the guitarist. "Lifelong ambition achieved~!" Amelia sang. "Haha, guys you're holding them in an anaconda's death grip." Aya laughed. The two girls quickly let go and blushed

"We can't wait, we've already got two albums up. We're kinda anxious though, just the normal excited jitterin feeling but we know it's gonna go away after the first few shows." The rhythm guitarist Jamie said firmly. "Our band is popular around here, a cousin of mine owns a car shop downtown and sometimes he would let us jam. People start noticin us, askin if we had any band merch to sell. We came up with a logo that has a story." said the bassist Harvey. He produced a black shirt with a red X in the middle. Two white water drops hanging from the bottom ends of the X and two chains hanging from the teardrops and joining in another red X, below in white stencil writing spelling out 'Tear Stained Joy' in capital letters. "X stands for the pain, tears for the joy and the second X combining into a double X stands for the love." The Foxmann brothers explained. "And this fellow with the rainbow mohawk, long blue fringe and red contacts is our sound technician Ash." Jake introduced, pointing at the boy who matched the description. "We were all fans at a pretty young age, so crazy about you guys I got a tattoo two years ago." Aya said, standing up and showing the DeathBat tattooed on her right hip. "And I got another tattoo and snakebites. I got a tongue piercing last year." She said. The men had noted the two liprings and she lifted the sleeve of her 'Avenged Sevenfold's #1 Stalker' shirt and presented the tattoo of Asian writing on her forearm. "That's My Chemical Romance in Japanese." she grinned.

The two bands discussed the planning of the tour. Natalie and Amelia left to play Harry Potter Lego at Amelia's house. The two older bands decided TSJ (Tear Stained Joy if u didn't get it) was a cool band. A bit young but they will learn. They listened to a few songs and liked the genre. It was kind of like theirs but with a girl's voice. They couldn't wait to start touring.

Finished!!!! Hope ya like it! The plot will take a twist when the tour starts. If any questions, ideas or you're just plain curious about what I'm like in real life. Just review!!
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