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I'm Holding On, I Hope You Do The Same

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When Mikey blurts out about what Gerard has seen, will Frank and Ray believe him?

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Gerard had stayed in the kitchen, leaning against the counter for hours as one by one, the boys emerged from their bunks. He had refilled his coffee mug at least thirteen times over the past five hours. As usual, Mikey was the last to awaken. While Ray made them all breakfast, Gerard was making some casual conversation with Frank, while Mikey completely avoided any eye contact with the older brother.

"...and that's why I got this one!" Frank concluded, pointing to the scorpion tattoo on his neck, causing Gerard to wince. He wasn't very fond of needles, as you could see, but Gerard nodded in response as Ray set down eggs in front of them, bacon on all the plates except for Frank's. Staring down at his meal, he slowly began to eat while Frank went into another lecture about the animals that go through all the abuse just to be turned into fat and calories for us to scarf down.

Mikey, how ever, was angrily eating his breakfast, causing Ray to raise an eyebrow at him.

"Everything alright, Mikes? You seem to be taking your anger out on your poor eggs there." Ray added, chuckling softly. Frank pouted. "You didn't have a problem doing it to the bacon, poor little pig..." He muttered softly as Mikey answered.

"Why don't you ask my idiot of a brother, Ray." He spat at him, crossing his arms and throwing his fork down on his plate, glaring at the older of the two. "If he can even manage out more than two syllables." Ouch, that stung. Gerard tried not to let it bother him, but it hurt that his brother believed he was relapsing. Why couldn’t he just trust him on this one, even if he couldn’t see it?

Frank stopped talking to himself, looking between the two siblings. "Mikey, what are you talking about?" He asked in a small, timid voice, afraid to get between the apparent fued between them. Mikey's gaze was once again fixed on Gerard.

"Why don't you tell them, Gee? About that man you saw in the mirror that I couldn't see, even though you insisted that it was right behind me?" He explained with a smirk, apparently amused by all of this. Dammit, Gerard loved his brother, he really did, but sometimes he could be the biggest asshole in the entire world. Sighing, he looked at Frank and Ray who had began to make weird faces at each other.

“Well I guess now would be the time to tell you guys…” He mumbled sadly, playing with the eggs on his plate, finding it seemingly interesting instead of looking up at them. Of course he was going to tell them, but when Mikey put it that way, it did sound ridiculous. “W-When I went to take a shower last night…I-I saw this…this thing. In the mirror! He looked really scary, but he was all black, so I couldn’t really tell, b-but…he was w-walking towards me, and he looked like he w-wanted to grab me! S-So that’s why I ran out.” He stuttered, biting his lip nervously. Frank and Ray had the same reactions as Mikey; they began to burst out into fits of laughter, their faces turning bright red while Gerard sat there, frustrated.

“It’s not funny!!” Gerard roared, setting his fork down. He crossed his arms over his chest in a pissed-off kind of way while Frank and Ray tried to contain their amusement.

“Look, Gee, I’ve known you a long time, and you’ve seen and done some pretty crazy shit, but…really? This is a new high for you. Seeing people in the mirror that aren’t really there?” Ray questioned, half worried and half non-believing. Frank and Mikey nodded in agreement, Frank still giggling a bit.

Gerard, although it hadn’t worked for Mikey, was determind to show them the person he kept seeing in the mirror. Standing up from his chair, he grabbed the two by the arm and started to drag them towards the bathroom. “You’ll see…you’ll see…” He muttered crazily as a smile crept across his face. Once they arrived, he repeated the same actions to the two of them, throwing them in front of him and keeping the lights off. As routine, the same ghostly figure was stalking towards them, although he seemed rather far away than the rest of the times he had seen him.

“Look, look! You see where my finger is? He’s right there, right there!” He insisted as Ray and Frank nodded, apparently seeing the same figure was well. “See, Mikey, they can see it!” Gerard shouted from the bathroom.

“Yeah, you’re right Gee, I can see it….see that you’re fucking crazy.” Ray added, biting his lip and pushing his way through to the door. “You really need to collect yourself, man. And if this is all just a big ‘ol prank, well, news flash. It’s not all that funny.” And with that, Ray left the bathroom, leaving Frank and Gerard alone in there. Frank placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, his lips sideways on his face.

“Sorry, buddy.” He whispered sadly as he too made his way to the door. Feeling defeated, Gerard slipped to the floor, avoiding contact with the mirror as usual. He felt tears sting at his eyes, and he pulled his knees to his chest, feeling a wimp. Gerard didn’t want to cry, but as the tears came, he let them fall into his lap without a second thought. The feeling of being alone was all too familiar to him, and he didn’t want to have to experience it again.

“It’s alright, boy, you won’t be alone for long.”

The same voice had caught Gerard’s attention once more, and he shot up, looking around before his eyes were forced to check the mirror. The man stood there, no longer walking. Only a chesire cat smirk could be seen on the man’s face.

Watching him, the man began to cackle evilly, which frightened Gerard. Quickly, he turned on the lights, hoping that would whisk him away.

But he was wrong.

The man began to run at him, and Gerard grabbed the door and threw it open, running. He didn’t stop in the main area, he ran all the way to the old metal door, grabbing it and yanking it open, running out as shouts of “Gerard!” followed him out the door. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but anywhere far away from that mirror. Until he could sort his head out.

I promise, the action will pick up soon. But thank you for reading this, I'd really appreciate if you'd R&R, since I'd like to get the word around about this. Thank you all!
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