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Oh, Those russet green eyes...

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Gerard's heart get broken (Frerard)

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My back was burning of the million eyes staring at me. I kept my head down, facing the floor, my raven black hair covering my pale white face. I slipped one hand into my faded jeans pocket. My other hand tugging nervously at the bottom of my sleeve.

By the way, I'm Gerard way, today is my first day at this school, Bellevile High School, everyone hates me they always have and well, what pisses me off is they judge me before getting to know me, they've also heard rumours, that aren't true.

I kept on walking down the corridor of death, still with everyone staring at me, I saw a shadow form over me, i slowly look up and to my gaze there was, Dylan, He pushed me out of his way he started laughing so did his so called friends, I fell against the lockers, Dylan put his arm across my neck.
'Hey fag' I struggled trying to get out of his grip.
'Fuck off dylan, go wank over your mum's underwear!' I smiled at him sarcastically, he just gave me a death glare, in the background I heard sniggers Dylan hear then as well. At that point he lost it, his fist collided with my stomach, I tried not to flinch to show him I was stronger than him, but that fuckin hurt. He kneed me in the balls, I had fallen, sliding down the lockers and onto the floor, where he kept on kicking me. Soon, blood was emerging from my nose and mouth, god knows where else.
'DYLAN! Pick on some your own size! and I'm not talking about your height!' Shouted a guy, with strawberry blonde hair. Dylan's head flew up, to meet the guy's gaze.
'Go! Now!' On that note, Dylan discretely nodded and walked away, leaving me on the floor, with a crowd around me. The guy came closer to me.
'Fuck dude, you look a state, let's get you cleaned up.' He reached out his hand, I took it and pulled myself up.
' My name is Bob, Bob Bryar and you?'
'Gerard, Gerard Way, Look dude, Thanks for helping me back there, if you didn't arrive, I would of practically be dead'
'Don't worry about it, people see me as some scary guy but, actually I'm nice deep down, a bit like you, eh? I suppose people judge you before getting to know you?'
'Yeah, that's how come this whole thing happened, also my comeback didn't help either, but if you don't want people judging you, then why don't you show them that your really nice?'
'I would, but people wouldn't believe me, also I like playing around with it!' Bob is actually quite nice, see I'm not the sort of person who judges people, he makes me laugh and well is just a good friend. We both turned left into a small room, well Bob did, I just followed him. Luckily the medical woman wasn't in today, apparently that's a good thing because she is really moody. Bob was rummaging through the cupboards, he came across some tissues and a small plaster. He wiped the blood away because I was a "cripple" to him, so I didn't really want to argue with him and loose my only friend.
'Cripple, lets go! We don't want to be late now!' I glanced over at him confused, he actually wanted to go to lessons? I picked my bag up of the floor, sighed loudly to catch his attetion, then we both strolled out of the room.

~ Time Laps ~

So you wouldn't believe it but the past 4 hours of my first day, have actually been quite fun, I've been put into Bob's form, so I'm in most of his lessons because we have near enough the same IQ's. Anyway so we were in the lunch hall, where me and Bob had just brought our food and sat down at a table, suited for 6 people. We were sat eating and talking about teachers we've just had, when Bob called out some people's names, well you never know he could of been calling out pet names.
Two boys approached us and a short one, The short boy was adorable he looked about 5 foot, he had a black, well it looked like it was a short mohawk but just hasn't been spiked up, with red side bits. He had gorgeous russet green eyes, I could stare at him all day, I noticed him wearing a Misfits t-shirt with a plain black zip-up hoodie and black skinny jeans with cuts in the knees, with tattered converse. Now you might of just wondered Hang on just one moment, He just said he would look at the short boy all day, well yes I'm bi, but I kinda want to keep that to myself, for the moment. On to the other two taller guys, one of them had an awesome fro and well what I gathered from him was that he played guitar. The second tall guy, well I knew him as soon as I laid my eyes on him, he was tall, worked out daily, Loved Anthrax and wore glasses, it could of only been Mikey, Mikey Fuckin Way!
'Guys this is, Gerard "Cripple" Way' By the time I had tuned back in, everyone was sat down on the table.
'Bob, shut the fuck up, I'm not a cripple!' I ended my sentence with a small laugh.
'Okay okay! Crip-- Gerard this is Frank, Ray and ---'
'Mikey!' Everyone on the table was shocked at my outburst, Mikey looked up.
'G-Gerard?' I smiled holding my arms out wide.
'Come at me bro!' Me and Mikey embraced the hug, we were laughing, we used to say that all the time to each other.
'So dude, how was it?' Mikey asked me, glancing at my arms then back to me. I ran one hand over my arm.
'At first, I couldn't stand it, but I soon got over the depression, then after that they helped me get out of alcohol, which was the best relief I had ever felt. I missed you Mikes and Mom'
'We missed you too, but it was for the best Gerard, now look at you, it all paid off eh?' Mikey smiled at me, so I thought I'd smiled back at him just so he knew I was okay.
But really I wasn't...

So, I kinda felt like writing this story, I was just in the back of english learning about poems and I was like 'ooh gonna write a fanfic' :D so hope you enjoyed this chapter :D
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