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Now My Heart Is Full

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And I can't explain it,so I won't even try to.

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Richard is based off a step parent of mine you may be aware of.yeah I'm just that lucky.

First of the Gang to Die
Now My Heart Is Full

Shirley de Luca stood in the doorway of her modest home,watching the rain fall,her daughter in her arms,grabbing fistfuls of her chocolate brown hair.The chestnut eyes seemed haunted,hollow,as she watched the drops pour down on the dark mid-March evening;her figure was gaunt-she was obviously unhealthy.Depressed.Diseased.

But she was beautiful.At twenty three years of age,and a mother of two,she had kept the soft neat perm that she had obtained since her late teens.Unlike most girls,Shirley,originally with the surname of Upton,had insisted upon extreme maturity and feminism-she never attended dances,which she considered "mediocre"-she did not flirt with boys,and never took part in degrading,foolish activities.She was a very smart girl,talented at the piano,the cello,a skilled photographer and avid writer in her spare time.She came top of her classes and was class president in her junior year.

And then it had happened.She dropped out of school.She ditched all her friends.She fought endlessly with her parents.For him.

Andrew was her best friend's brother,and had been introduced to him through Patricia de Luca,who had been killed suddenly a year later in a freak car incident(Well,that was what the police said-Shirley knew Patricia was somewhat involved in warfare).He was charming,and funny,and charismatic;and his looks certainly couldn't be denied.His floppy sandy hair and captivating pearly eyes made Shirley swoon,even now,after five years of marriage.

They had married in the spring of '29,when Shirley had been eighteen and her groom twenty.It was a lovely ceremony,with white roses adorning the seats and the arch above the couple.Her dress was simple yet stunning also,with laced shoulders and embroidery styling the mid riff.Looking back on it now,she had been transfixed,obsessed with the boy.She glared at any girl who talked to him.One unfortunate such acquaintance of Andrew's,Dorothy Esposito,had received a sharp slap upon the cheek for hugging Missus de Luca's husband.

They had two children now,Joan,nearly five-conceived on their wedding night-and William,two.They were lovely children,really,very well-behaved,prim and proper;Shirley had nearly exploded with pride on one occasion when the neighbors had described her as a very capable mother,especially considering her age.They were very gentle,very quiet,never shrieking loudly or causing trouble.

But now she was struggling.With life in general.

Ever since Andrew had gotten involved in ganglife Shirley knew it was a bad idea.They had been an exceptionally adoring couple,but then was when the fighting started-screaming,screeching,insulting,spitting.Shirley hated that he was never home on time,that he carried weapons,that he carried on endlessly about the Way's and how they were such cunts.It was tearing them apart.

And now he was dead.Like it was a huge surprise.

She still didn't know quite how she was coping.She wasn't eating,sleeping,talking much.She just looked after her kids and floated round the house,puffing on Andrew's blue Marlboro's.On the night she had been informed of his death,Shirley had done the unthinkable;she had,in a gin-induced fit of remorse,she had turned up at her long time friend's house,and they had slept together.Richard cared deeply for Shirley,and never approved of her husband,and had been very grateful for the random rendezvous.He was now in the kitchen,reading the paper.

She had been reflecting on the events of the last few days,when a long,sleek black Buick had pulled up to the gates of her home.It caught her attention immediately,and she watched it until three men emerged from the vehicle,all in dark suits,and all armed.

Oh no,she thought,dread leaking into her stomach.No,go away,I want nothing to do with you.

She tried to run back into the house in time,frozen in fear,but she couldn't.The tallest man,who had a limp and curtain-like raven hair,donned in a black and red suit,was now making his way to her,and soon he was right in front of her,light eyes boring into her soul.

"Missus de Luca?"He asked,and Shirley was surprised in how polite his tone was.

"Y-yes,"she rasped in her Anglo-American accent.Both of her parents had emigrated from London when she was just a little girl,and the slight upper-class twinge still wavered in her voice.

"I am here concerning the death of your husband,"he continued in the firm but fair tone."I think we should go inside."

"Yes,"she stuttered,too scared to refuse,"yes,come in."

The three men stepped inside,following the young woman into the kitchen,where Richard was,a snooty looking guy with a cigar falling out of his mouth.

"Who tha hell-"

"Just a second,"Shirley hissed,putting her daughter down."Joanie,Mommy has to talk to some men now,so go play with your brother,honey."

"What are you gonna talk about?"

Shirley gazed into her daughter's brown eyes,near mirrors of her own.She found it hard to lie to her own child.

"Unicorns,"came the answer from behind her.It was the blond bodyguard.

isnt Bob just THE AWESOMEST PERSON EVER in this story?

"Okay!"The girl chirped happily and skipped down the hall to join her brother watching cartoons in the hall.Shirley shut the door after her,biting her lip and shutting her eyes.

"Who the fuck are you?"Shit.She'd forgotten about Richard."The fucking government?Fucking forced your way into an innocent woman's house to steal taxes or-"

"Shut up,"the man spat,venom lacing his statement."I am not part of that federal execution agency we call our parliament.Now shut the fuck up."

Shirley made her way to the table,where the four men were sitting;a man with an afro,a guy with blond hair,the ever popular Richard,and the leader.She shakily sat at the desk,hands resting in her lap.

"Hello,Missus de Luca,"he greeted,"my name is Gerard Way.As you may be aware,my occupation is of the hierarchy of the Way gang.I am your husband's gang's arch enemy.I am here to inform of the circumstances surrounding your husband's death just over a month ago.I apologize for not visiting sooner,but I had certain matters to attend to."

"Gerard Way?As in leader of the-"

"Yes,I am the leader of the most notorious and bloodthirsty gang in Los Angeles,but that is not what I am came to discuss."

Shirley's lover squeaked in reply.

"Would you like anything?"Shirley could barely speak as she offered."Coffee?Tea?"

"No thank you,"he replied formally."I would like to get through this as quickly as possible.I realize this must be painful for you."His eyes darkened."It is also painful for me."

"You're not going to hurt them,are you?"She gasped quickly,asking the question she had been wondering since this man had walked in the door."Please don't,they're just my children,and I never have been involved in gang activity,I'm a housewife-"

"Of course not,Missus de Luca.You and your children are not to blame for your husband's stupidity."

"Don't worry,honey,"Richard patted her hand,"he can't touch you.He's a fag."He turned to Gerard."Isn't that right?"

Both men on either side of Gerard stirred uncomfortably.Gerard simply raised an eyebrow.Shirley wished her partner would shut the fuck up.

"I am homosexual,yes,"he answered,his drawl deep and dangerous."That word is extremely offensive and I do not appreciate being called it.Use it again and I will not hesitate in shooting you."

Another squeak.Gerard rolled his eyes.

"I do not know if you are aware,Missus de Luca,but in February of this year Andrew committed a number of crimes that affected my personal life."His jade eyes flickered up to her."Did you inform you of them?"

"No,"she responded truthfully."He never told me about anything he did.He didn't hurt anyone,did he?"

A crack of pain blazed across his face.Then he composed himself.

"Yes.He did.Multiple people."The man with the hair grasped his shoulder.

"Are you aware of his whereabouts on the eleventh of February?"

She thought about it,wracking her brain for answers.

"Yes...we had a fight.He left the house."

"Do you know what time that was?Approximately."

"I would say about eight."

He nodded."The day before he had been involved with an altercation with Raymond and Robert here,"he said,nodding toward each man respectively."As well as my husband."

"You're married?"


"Yes,"Gerard replied."Aren't you?"

"Yes.But I'm not gay.That's a sin,y'know."

He narrowed his eyes."So is adultery."

Shirley's cheeks blazed.She wished Way wasn't so smart.

"I'm sorry,"she gabbled to him,who simply nodded.Then to Richard:"Now shut up.This doesn't concern you."

"On the tenth of February,he assaulted my husband by carving the letter 'R' into his arm.Have you any idea what that might stand for?"

"Revenge,"was the answer,free of hesitation."Andrew was obsessed with the topic of revenge."

He smiled."As many are.The day following that,the eleventh,your husband broke into my house and also attacked him.Now-"

"What'd he do?"

Gerard's eyes swept lazily to Richard."Excuse me?"

"Did he stab him?Shoot him?"

Way cleared his throat,and then turned to Shirley.

"Are the children out of ear shot?"


He returned to Richard.

"Unlawful carnal knowledge without consent.Now,Missus-"

"What tha hell is that?"

Gerard sighed."Rape.He raped him,alright?"

Shirley couldn't believe what she was hearing.Her husband,a doting father and football fanatic,was a rapist.Murder was one thing-but rape somehow,seemed even more brutal.Taking someone's dignity,robbing them of decorum.Her mouth gaped in the most unladylike fashion.

"Hey now,"Richard was starting up again,fuck,"Andrew de Luca may not have been a great guy but he wasn't no freak."

"I didn't say he was a freak.I said he raped my husband."

"How do we know you're telling the truth,eh?"He turned to Shirley."You're a ga-"

"Yes,I am involved in gangland crime,that does not mean I make up malicious lies about people.An if you were going to say the other one,I highly doubt my sexuality affects my sense of morality."He cracked his knuckles."Your friend is beginning to irritate me,Missus de Luca."

Shirley slapped Richard sharply on the shoulder.

"Stupid woman!Go fucking back to looking after your kids like you're meant to,this is men's business."

Bob snorted."My wife is involved in the Mafia,you tool.You're fucking stupid.She's got more balls than you."

"And she is not unequal to you because she is of a different gender.That's sexism."

"Bleeding heart humanist,eh?"

"You know me,just some stupid faggot."He rolled his eyes again,and began to unbuckle his belt,bringing out a black holster and setting it in the middle of the table.It was heaving with weapons.Guns,knives,bombs,brass knuckles."Would you care to insult me some more?"

Richard looked at the weaponry and gulped."No.I'm sorry."

"Good.Now."He looked to Shirley again."I think I should be the one to tell you that I tortured and killed your husband.

She let out a soft whimper and covered her face.Her weak demeanor and glistening eyes reminded Gerard of Frank,and he cleared his throat.

"I would say I'm sorry,but I'm not.I want you to know that he suffered greatly and was in a huge amount of pain when he died."The eyes flickered and steadied."But he did die screaming 'Shirley'.Does that make sense to you?"

She blinked and dabbed at her eyes with the sleeve of her green house dress.Raymond passed her a handkerchief,which she took gratefully.Over the years,she had taught herself how to cry with some sense of self-respect,but now that was bullshit.Her mascara trickled down her cheeks and her chin quivered erratically.

"Yes,"she mumbled."Yes.I'm Shirley."

"You killed him?"Richard was still going.God help us all."You ki-"

"Yes,I did.I have killed over three hundred men in the last year."Shirley noted he was proud;arrogant almost."Andrew de Luca happened to be one of them.He could have not been,but he tested my temper and my love for my marriage."The grip around a gun tightened,and Shirley winced.He relaxed."You're not meant to do that.Attack your loved ones."

She had a terrifying revelation."You're aren't going to rape me,are you?!"

He snorted."No,Missus de Luca.That is an act upon which I want nothing to do with.I have done some monstrous things in my time,but I have never,and will never,rape someone.I simply have a message for you."

"After I talk to you,I would like you to relay it to to Marcus Romano.I believe he is the new leader of the gang,yes?"

She nodded.

"I would like you to inform them of this warning.If they think they can mess with my personal possessions,"he flicked open a pocket knife,"they are wrong.But if they try,I can guarantee I will kill each and every one of them.I am taller,stronger,more experienced.Trying to defy me is useless."

"I realize that we are feuding families,we are in the Mafia,we are cold blooded killers.But what they have done to my husband was brutal and unnecessary.He means the world to me.He is now so badly hurt he can barely walk,and he will flinch away from me for the rest of his life.I love him so much and now he is broken.My boy-"he inhaled sharply-"is broken."

She nodded,taking everything in.

"That's it."He stood up,taking his gun and shoving it in his pocket."Thank you for your time,Missus de Luca,and I apologize if it was an inconvenience for you.Goodbye,madame."

He tipped his hat and left,flanked by the two men.Shirley cried for her husband,for his misdeeds,but mostly for herself.

Next chapter:I am planning some major fluff,shield yourselves.HIDE YO WIVES,HIDE YO CHILLUN!
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