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Guyliner and Doc Martens!

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Gerard enjoys his toast but what else did he enjoy? What does Mikey know but Gerard doesn't?

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock feeling, happy. I haven't been happy ever since, Bert. I just laid, in my bed staring up to my white ceiling, my eyes started gazing around my room, looking at the posters. I really need to re-stick them with new blue tac. It had been a nice sleep, back in my own bed after so long. Mikey rushed in to greet me with some...toast.
'GERARD! I knew you was awake! Anyway I've brought you some toast. Last night, whose name we're you mumbling?' I stopped eating my toast, wide eyed, looked up to Mikey.
'Name? I don't recall mumbling a name, are you sure it wasn't you dreaming again Mikes?' I tried to cover up the biggest slip up in my entire life.
'I definitely heard you say a name, you were calling the name over and over again.' So Mikey heard, basically my dream. What you don't know is that later on in my dream, Frank apologized for running off like he did, then we kinda kissed a little, which lead to something else. But that doesn't matter what matters is that Mikey nearly blew everything for me here.

Mikey eventually gave up when I wouldn't tell him anything, but he then he started moaning at me because I hadn't gotten dressed, but I really couldn't be bothered to. Eventually I did, I slowly rose from my bed, clambered out retardly and made my bed. I walked over to my wardrobe, yanked open the two doors, I peered inside looking for a clean t-shirt, I don't normally wear clean clothes but I want to impress you-know-who today. I pulled out a navy blue t-shirt, pulled it over my head. I found my black skinny's on the floor, like normal. Pulled them on, then grabbed a pair of my doc martens. I was already for school, I just had to do something with my hair and face. I rummaged through my drawers, to only come across some red guyliner, I smeared it under my eyes, then blinked a couple of times. I just brushed my hair a little, nothing really could be done to it. I picked up my black hoodie in one hand, bag on my shoulder and left my room. I emerged from my bedroom, that only happens when I have to go to school, the other times is to go to the toilet.

The journey to school from our house, is really only a distance of about a 10 minute walk, it went quick though, of course it would, I was with Mikey, the fastest walker I know in my entire life. We approached the school gates, with still a few occasional questions about last night, of course, I didn't say anything, but I don't like keeping secrets especially from my brother. I saw Bob, Ray and Frank standing by a large oak tree, in the school parking lot. Frank was standing next to them, smoking. I wanted one so bad, Mikey looked over to me concerned but I gave a look to him saying "Don't worry, I'm fine". We approached them, they looked happy, although Frank was too busy smoking, his delicious smelling cigarette, wait no I promised Mikey.
'Dude? You want one?' Fuck he noticed I was staring, he held out his cigarette packet to me.
'No thanks, I'm recovering' A sign of relief came over Mikey's face.
'Ah, I understand' Frank retreated by putting his box of cigarettes back into his pocket. The whole time he was doing that, I just stared at him, watching his very move, then when his gaze came up to mine, I smiled then awkwardly looked away.

Mikey's P.O.V
Does he think I'm stupid? Of course I heard whose name he was saying, but he just didn't have the guts to say who it was. He likes Frank, I'm fine with that but the mumbling I heard last night, I do not want to hear again, it was horrible and now look at him, who does he think he is? I love him and all but, he just strolls back into mine and my parents lives, starts fantasizing over my BEST friend, then starts uncontrollably at him, thinking people can't see him, well I can see him! I saw him very clear! But don't forget, Gerard Way always gets his way.

So, hey! Did you like the surprise P.O.V? I thought it was pretty awesome! Anyways, I will basically update every day now, or if your lucky you'll get two in one day, but I'll say if your getting 2 in one day :) So i'll see you tomorrow :D
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