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I'm not your whore

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Ryan stared in wonderment at the cirque, the bright colors of red and gold; he seemed to drink it all in. we walked by Mr. Sandman’s tent as he sat outside with his new assistant, she was leaning on his shoulder . He gave me one of his cocky smiles that made me want to kick his teeth in.
“And this is my tent.” I said, Ryan eyes shimmered as they scanned over his new place of work-something much more flamboyant than his last- then rolled back to me, like a puppy dog’s, looking for reassurance. I nodded and hinted for him to walk through the opening of the tent.
“So…” he started, hands dug deep into his pockets “When does the show start?”
“Not for a few hours.” I said, sitting at my desk.
He stood there awkwardly, rocking back and forth on his heels. “Is there any jobs that need done right now?”
At this point -for some strange reason- Mr. Sandman’s voice popped into my head; telling me to just grab him and kiss him.
“Yeah em… if you could just help me over here.” I said and so he walked over to me gingerly; anticipating the request that would soon fall upon him. When he reached me, I spun to see him, grabbing his wrists and pulling him into a harsh kiss. My tongue licked his bottom lip begging for entrance, which he granted by the parting of his lush lips, my tongue swirled round his mouth; his own tongue battling against mine. Soon we broke for air, a blush crept onto his cheek.
I kissed him softly on the lips, peeling off his shirt. Anticipating what would happen next I excused myself. Ryan looked at me, as if not wanting me to leave.
“I’ll be back in two minutes” I said to him, as I left the tent, I was pretty sure what would happen next but what I didn’t expect was Mr. Sandman mucking up my plans yet again.
“Brendon,” Mr. Sandman yelled as he walked into the tent, he glanced round looking for me only to find Ryan on my bed.
“Where’s Brendon?” he asked him
“I... I… don’t know.”
“Oh, okay. I’m not gonna lie to you kid, there’s a naked woman in my tent and seeing as you’re… well, you know, you don’t happen to know if Brendon has any condoms kicking about here, do you?”
“No, sorry.” Ryan said “Did you meet a girl?”
“Yeah, you met her; the one I hired.”
That was apparently enough for Ryan; he was soon scampering around my tent for his shirt and by the time I returned, Mr Sandman had decided that most girls are Pro-Choice anyway, so what the hell and Ryan had returned to his fully clothed self. He didn’t say much as he stormed past me and into the open air, just muttered something about how he wasn’t going to degrade himself like that.
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