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Give me a pen Call me Dr. Benzedrine

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“He hates me” I said to Sandman as I walk up and down the tent, sandman sits on my chair, looking distracted; worried even.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him, stopping and looking at him
“Dr. Benzedrine” he said simply and in a monotone voice
“DR.BENZEDRINE” he hissed
Dr. Benzedrine was one of our main enemy’s, why, because he started a rival cirque. He, Mr. Sandman and I were all very good friends at one point... but it didn’t end well.
“Well, what do we do?” Mr. Sandman said hopping on to my desk and sitting cross legged, after Dr. Benzedrine had kill one of his assistants and almost him it was fair to say he was a little scarred of him.
“We avoid him” I said “I’m going to find Ryan”
Walking out of the tent and into the night’s air, I search the camp but don’t find him. We had headed north away from Ryan’s town so it was much colder here.
“Brendon, sir” a female voice came from behind me. I turn to see Katherine, Mr. Sandman’s assistant.
“Yes” I said
“There’s a problem” she looked at me worried
I fallowed her to where we had kept the horses to carry the wagons, when we arrived they where all dead, I knew Benzedrine had done this there was no doubt in my mind.
We would have to stay for the time being, which neither me nor Mr. Sandman was happy about.
After a few weeks in this place I was ready to kill myself, Ryan had not talked to me; nor did he have the intent to. He seemed to be disappearing a lot, when I asked where he had been he would just glare at me and not answer.
Benzedrine had not made himself know, which I was thankful for. I sat at my desk, chewing on my lip. The tent flap opened letting the moonlight through, I look up to see Ryan.
“Please talk to me” I begged, God I sound so pathetic
He glimpses at me, with those large brown eyes, and then looks at his feet.
“What did I do?” I ask
“I’m not being your whore” he said quietly, still looking at his feet.
“What?” I said shocked and at this point I knew Ryan had been talking to our friend Mr. Sandman.
I stood up from my chair and walk toward him. I stood in front of him, “look at me” I whispered
His eyes flickered to me, and then back to his feet; I look down at his feet too; just to see if there is something interesting.
I sigh using my hand to cup his chin, forcing him to look at me. He looks scarred for a moment but that quickly disappears when I press my lips to his. He’s shocked nevertheless melt into the kiss all the same. I pull back carefully, his eyes flutter open and he bites into the flesh of his pouty lips. Shoving his hands in his pockets he turns on his heels and walks quickly to his bed mumbling a small “Good night Brendon” to me.
I decide I should turn in too, crawling under the sheets of my bed; I close my eyes and fall into a dreamless slumped.
“Brendon” I was awoken by someone poking me and calling my name, I knew it could only be Sandman as he only one who dares to annoy me. “Brendon, Brendon, Brendon” then the clover are pulled from over my head. I squint at the bright light now overwhelming me senses. I blink a few times and see that Mr. Sandman is not alone; Katherine has in fact joined him too on this early morning wake up call.
She blushes slightly at the fact that I am not wearing a shirt; she looks away mumbling an incoherent sorry. She’s nice, I like her just a shame she’s sleeping with a roach like Sandman.
“Dude Ryan he’s gone” Sandman said
“What?” I sat up
“He left camp in a car,” Katherine said quietly “With a girl”
“But... But... But why?” I cried
“I don’t know Brendon” sandman said sitting on the bed, throwing an arm around my shoulder.
There was a tense quiet in the tent before Katherine spoke up “I know where he’s going” she said
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