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That Man's A Goddamn Whore

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The small church in the outside of town was a plane boring white. In the chapel there stood a bride and a groom. The bride’s side was filled with happy people, all chatting and concertizing about the day, how bride looked so lovely in her white dress that she would only ever wear once. But on the groom side it was barren, not a soul sat there. No one was there to say how luck he was to have found her or how strapping he looked in his suit.
The minister began the classic wedding “We are gathered here today to witness the joining of Lyra Delilah Benzedrine and George Ryan Ross III but before we join these two I must ask does anyone here know of any reason why these two should not be wed?”
“She’s a whore” Mr. Sandman shouted from the back of the chapel, the people gasped at this sudden out burst and the bride turned to then man whom had shouted this in utter offence.
Ryan looked shock to see us, eyes wide as the whole cirque flooded into the small building. I strutted to the front of the alter. I waked round the bride, and then looked at Ryan.
“Really you could do much better, Ryan” I said and the people gasped again
“Oh shut up!” Mr. Sandman yelled at them, and then went back to shoving his tongue down his assistant’s throat.
“Sir” the minister said to me in brisk fashion “Would you please leave”
“No” I said in an equally brisk fashion “I know the groom. We all know the groom”
I swayed me hand towards the people who had fallowed me.
“Well could you please take a seat and remain quiet till the end of the ceremony”
At this point lucky man on was one of the cirques hypnotized, stood on the pew and took from his pocket some orange dust, he blew it across the brides side. They immediately began to dance a ballroom waltz.
“But sir there are not a peace” I said to the minister as my faithful cirque members began to laugh as did I, I couldn’t help it the ministers face it was hilarious. Lucky Man let them sit down the bride looked mortified running out of the chapel.
Ryan looked at me furious, I didn’t know how but we got him to come back to the cirque. He sat in my tent fist clenched in anger and nostrils flaring
“Benzedrine was her last name right?” I asked him
“Yes and what of it?” Ryan said
“Benzedrine used to be an old pal of ours” Mr. Sandman started his assistant sat on his lap while his fingers drew small circles in her thigh “It didn’t end well who you met was his daughter, you Dr. Benzedrine had a wife and I made the mistake of sleeping with her. Needless to say the good Dr was angry so one night he took an axe and killed her then came after me, I had an another assistant at the time he killed her and went for me but Brendon stopped him and cast him and his daughter away from our home. He swore he would get me and Brendon, he’s tried but never quite got there.” Mr. Sandman finished with a long saddened sigh.
Katherine looked at him, then got off his lap and left the tent.
“Well I fucked that you amazingly” he said
“She’s was marrying you so as he could get to us” I said looking down “I’m sorry”
I looked at sandman who nodded and left the tent. I walked over to Ryan and sat next to him. He looked at me tears brimming his eyes, the spit over and rolled down his cheek, he buried his head into my chest and wept until he fell asleep in my arms and I soon joined him in the land of the sandman.
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