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Let's Blow A Hole In This Town

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Toxic's POV

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About a week later

The car engine rumbles as I twist the key in the ignition. I’m surprised the gas has lasted this long but then again we don’t use the car too much. This will be my first mission since getting hurt but I’m ready. Toxic needs her brother back and I’m more than willing to help her. That little raven haired, big eyed baby doll is like my little sister. I’d do anything for her; just to see that adorable little smile cross her dirt covered face.

Mikey had talked to me about my real feeling for Toxic Sunrise but I denied liking her beyond the feelings one has for a sister. I don’t know if that’s the truth or not. I could like her. I could want to be able to hold her and feel her lips on mine but then again I couldn’t. She’s too young and innocent for all of that. Alright maybe not innocent but still I’d always be afraid of hurting her.

“It’s done,” Toxic announces dropping an odd looking gun on the hood of my beloved car.

I pick the thing up, examining it closely, “What the hell is it?”

Fun laughs, coming to lay a few more onto the hood, “It’s a zip gun, and our Toxic here is rather good at making them.”

Toxic beams, her thumbs hooked in her belt loop, her eyes looking down at her neon purple ray gun that matches her purple and green jacket also neon colors. She’s a combustible liquid under extreme pressure and I actually can’t wait to see her in action later today or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes to get to Battery City.

“You’re too kind Fun,” Toxic Sunrise mumbles, staring down at the sand.

Nodding I place the zip gun back onto the car hood. As Jet Star loads a few more things into the back I climb through the window into the driver seat. Sure the car door works but I always feel cooler is I use the window. Frank opens the passenger door for Toxic, giving up his normal seat for our head of the rescue mission. We follow her orders.

“Well, are you ready, Ray?” I question as his door closes.

Jet Star nods, “Yeah.”

“How about you Frank,” Toxic Sunrise asks, looking at him in the rearview mirror wearing her signature smile.

“Oh,” Frank returns her smile, leaning over the seat to kiss her cheek. “I’m here, baby.”

“How about you, Mikey?” I continue, moving my foot from the brake to the accelerator.

“Fuckin’ ready,” Kobra answers, looking out the window at the bland desert landscape.

Smiling wickedly I hit the gas pedal sending us flying forward, “Well, I think I’m alright.”

Toxic laughs, turning up the only radio station that actually works, broadcasted by a dear friend of the Killjoys, Dr. D. The song is fuzzy but it’s loud and gives us something to listen to besides just sitting there in a nervous silence hoping that the mission goes the way it’s supposed to.

“We’ll get him back, right?” Toxic questions as we draw nearer to the gates of Battery City. Her large eyes are big pools of nervous.

I nod, “We’re gonna do our very best.”

Toxic nods as I stop the car. We’ll have to walk from here because there is no way we can just drive through the gates without being noticed by someone. My plan is to get out with Toxic Sunrise’s little brother without loosing any men.

Once everyone is standing by the front of the car we look to Toxic who seems to be in deep thought as she hands us each a zip gun just in case they take our ray guns from us or something like that. Too bad zip guns only get one or two good shots.

“Alright, you guys keep them all back and I’ll find my brother. If anything goes wrong get yourselves out,” Toxic says eventually, looking warily at the rusty gates of the city where her brother is kept.

Mikey looks up from the sand, “What about you, how will you know if something wrong?”

He likes her. He admitted it. He’s so nervous and red around her all the time but he cares so much about her well being. It’s really cute and I’m so happy for my little brother.

“I won’t. In the event something should go wrong you are to get out even if that means leaving me behind. I don’t want any of you dying or getting hurt on my account,” Toxic replies, her jaw set, a brave face on.

Kobra’s eyes grow wide as he shakes his head vigorously, a few strands of his hair falling in his face, “I’m going with you.”


With that Toxic heads towards the gates of Battery City, leaving us all a little shocked. She’s so determined to save her brother but at the same time keep all of us safe. There’s no way she’s going to be able to do both. I guess she can try though. She’ll try to keep us safe just as hard as she’s gonna try and blow a hole in this God forsaken town.

“I hope she knows I’m going with her no matter what,” Mikey grumbles before heading after her.

Well at least he’s willing to go after what he wants. I don’t even know what I want but as I watch Kobra Kid grab Toxic Sunrise by the shoulder, turn her around and kiss her I feel that little jealously monster begin to claw at my insides. Maybe I do like that little spit fire more that I’m willing to admit.

So stupid Gerard.
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