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Or Fall and Leave You Stranded

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Toxic's POV Sorry if it's short and it sucks

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I pull back in shock, feeling the blood come rushing to my cheeks. I’m probably smiling like a dork. I’d never been kissed that way before and there is no denying that I liked it. It made me feel so different inside, like bubbles boiling in a hot pan of water.

“Sorry,” Kobra Kid mumbles, running his fingers through his messed up hair. “Does this mean I really can’t come with you?”

I giggle and take his hand, continuing to walk towards the gates of Battery City, “As long as you do that again.”

Stopping I turn to the others, all looking at me wide eyed. Shit, I had completely forgotten that they had probably all seen that kiss Kobra and I shared back there. Well they might as well get used to it. I think I like kissing Mikey just a little bit too much.

“Alright, Kobra Kid is coming with me, the rest of you go in and kill as many Dracs as possible. Please be safe.”

As they all pass in front of me I kiss them gently on the cheek watching as they disappear into the city before turning to Mikey. Standing on my tip toes I grab the red collar of his jacket, pulling his into a kiss. This one is just as amazing as the other, the bubbles gurgling in my stomach as I feel Kobra’s hand slide to the small of my back.

“We need to save your brother,” he whispers, pulling me towards where the killjoys captured are kept.

As we hurry down the hall way I see the faces of my friends plastered on the wall along with others that have big red ‘X’s’ on them, the word ‘Exterminated’ written across the bottom. Searching the walls for a second I take a deep breath, pleased when I see my little brother’s picture still as it should be, no ‘X’.

“We’re gonna get him back,” Kobra whispers as we hurry down another row of cells only to come in contact with three Dracs gathered around cell number 45…my little brother’s cell.

“Hey!” I yell down the hall, pulling out my ray gun. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

My first beam of light hits one, Mikey’s the second and our rays twisting together to kill the third. Never in a million years did I think I’d be on a rescue mission with the Fabulous Killjoys to save my brother. Never.

Yet here we are, blowing the lock off my brother’s cell, him falling into my arms, Kobra’s hand on my neck, holding my lips to his. I’m not leaving them. I’m staying, my brother and I will be welcomed and we’ll continue to run rescue missions to get other killjoys out. Eventually we’ll have an army big enough to storm Battery City and take down Korse.

“You guys might wanna finish that later, we gotta get out of here,” Party says scrambling around the corner, followed by Jet Star but....

“Where’s Fun Ghoul?” I demand as all of us hurry towards the Trans Am waiting for us just outside of Battery City.

At first Party says nothing, just letting me crawl into the car, setting Static Detonator by the window so I can stay by Kobra, my hand clutched in his. By the fallen, lost look on Party’s face I know his news can be anything but good.

“He’s….” Party swallows, tears spilling over and running down his face. “They killed him.”

The world stops for a few seconds. Fun Ghoul…dead? It’s not even possible. He was always so alive and so ready to help. He can’t be gone. As we drive away I turn to look back towards Battery City and in the dust blown up by Party’s quick turn I can see a small figure standing by the gates, holding his side, stumbling towards us.

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