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American Girl Chapter 33

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Alex is back.

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This is the last post from me for the next two weeks as I leave for Norway tomorrow :) I'm thinking of also making this the last post of American Girl and starting a sequel! We shall see m'dears :) I've got two weeks to decide x) Also, for those of you who were demanding Zarkie; go check out Art Is A Weapon So Make It Mean Something. That's my killjoy fic...I think you'll like it;D

4 months and 1 week later

After the long night of partying all that time ago, Sarah had been asked out on a date with Joey Armstrong and was now in a steady relationship with him. She was still living with Zaria and others but she had been considering moving into a flat of her own with Joey. Sarah had to keep reminding herself of her promise to Zaria but when she asked Zaria for her feelings on the matter the younger teen had smiled and said; "Sarah Whey, you should know by now; that I don't care what you do, who you live with or who you love. Fuck it; you could be a bisexual-mass murderer-living in Antartic and I wouldn't care; just as long as I knew you would be by my side no matter when I needed you."

Frank on the other hand, he had remembered what he'd heard that night. To be fair, it was his own fault for listening outside of peoples bedroom doors. That week, he, Jamia and the kids had moved out. They were now living in their own home which was about half an hours walk from the others. No one else had really understood why Frank had wanted to move out but he came up with some story about wanting to have his own home, where if he was pissed off with someone he wasn't likely to run into them there.

As for Zaria, she had reached her due date and was currently giving birth.

"Just one last push darling, and then it's all over." Kai smiled, kissing Zaria's forehead and holding her hand.

"Now, when I get to three; I want you to push okay Zaria?" The midwife smiled. Zaria nodded. "One," Zaria groaned, this was going to feel like forever. "Two."


"Three." The midwife cried and Zaria pushed. There were a few moments of silence and then the sound of a baby crying could be heard. The midwife quickly cleaned up the baby, and wrapping the child in a blanket before handing the baby to Zaria. "There is your beautiful baby girl."

"Oh my, I made this?" Zaria asked.

"Of course you did darling," the midwife laughed.

"But she's so beautiful..." Zaria whispered.

"So are you," Kai laughed, kissing her forehead. "Well, what are we gonna call our daughter?"

"Valkyrie. Kai, pick a middle name."

"Um... Imogen." He smiled.

"Valkyrie Imogen Sixx, welcome to the world." Zaria laughed.

"You're giving her my surname?" Kai asked, tears coming to his eyes.

"Of course I am, you're gonna be her Daddy. Maybe not biologically but goddamn it Kai if you're gonna be there with her every day of her life then she's getting your surname." Zaria smiled. Kai said nothing and just kissed his girlfriend with so much passion that Zaria didn't actually think he had in him.

"I love you Zaria Armstrong, I love you more than any words can ever say. And this? This is the most beautiful, wonderful thing you could of given me." Kai smiled, taking Valkyrie in his arms.

"I love you too," Zaria smiled as the midwife allowed two of Zaria's family in at a time. Zaria knew who would be in first, and laughed as Sarah walked in first, hand in hand with Joey.

"Can I hold her?" Sarah asked, "Unless you want to, that's fine." She smiled to Kai.

"No, go on. You're gonna be her dog after all." Kai winked handing the baby to Sarah.

"Well hello there, what's your name sweetheart?" Sarah asked.

"Valkyrie Imogen Sixx." Zaria smiled as Kai sat down.

"That's beautiful." Joey smiled. "A beautiful name, for a beautiful baby."

"Thank you," Zaria laughed as Sarah handed Valkyrie back to her.

"Who do you want next?" Joey asked,

"Send the Grandparents in." Zaria smiled. Sarah nodded and the couple walked out as Gerard and Lyn-Z walked in.

"Lemme see the baby! How was it? Were you okay?" Lyn-Z quizzed Zaria, whilst Zaria handed her daughter to Gerard.

"It was fine Mom, and yes I was great." Zaria laughed. "I'd like you to meet your granddaughter Valkyrie Imogen Sixx." Zaria said, pointing to the baby in Gerard's arms.

"That's a beautiful name." Gerard smiled. "I'm so proud of you."

"She's gorgeous Zar, she really is..." Lyn-Z told her.

"Thank you," Zaria smiled.

"You two are going to be wonderful Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Way." Kai smiled.

"How many more times Kai? It's Gerard and Lyn-Z to you." Gerard laughed, handing Valkyrie to Kai. "We're gonna go, Alicia and Christa are practically dying to come in here and Frankie has actually showed up."

"He has?" Zaria asked, slightly shocked.

"Yeah, weird huh?"

"Can you send him in? Like now?" Zaria asked.

"Um, sure." Gerard laughed as he and Lyn-Z left and sent Frank in.

"Frankie! You came! You're actually here!" Zaria yelled, wrapping her arms around the guitarist.
"I missed you! Where were you when I needed someone use full to help me picking awesome baby clothes? Alicia and Mom wanted loads of pink girly shit, and Kai wanted loads of terrible boy stuff and I needed you! You wouldn't answer my calls or texts or e-mails! You were always out when I called round!" Zaria sobbed into his chest.

"Hey now, don't cry. I'm sorry, I just needed some time. I went through some bad shit; I wasn't deliberately ignoring you." Frank lied. "I'm here now, let me see her?" He smiled as Kai handed him the baby.

"Valkyrie Imogen Sixx," Kai told him.

"That's amazing," Frank smiled, a geniune smile for the first time in months. He'd gotten over his 12 year old like crush on Zaria and was actually happy for her. He was married to a beautiful woman with beautiful children and Zaria was in a relationship with an amazing person and had a beautiful child of her own. "You made her, look Zar." Frank laughed.

"That's what I said to the midwife." Zaria giggled as Frank handed her daughter back to her.

"I best send the others in, otherwise some one is gonna be down in the mourge." Frank laughed.

"I'll see you when you get outta this place yeah?"

"Yeah, thanks Frankie." Zaria smiled.

"See ya Frank," Kai grinned. Soon after Ray, Christa, Mikey and Alicia all walked in.

"This was the only way to prevent death." Ray sighed, "I hope it's not too much for you."

"Not at all," Zaria smiled, handing Valkyrie to him. "God, this baby has been passed around more times than a prize in a game of pass the parcel!" She giggled. "Uncles Ray and Mikey, Aunts Alicia and Christa; I would like you all to meet Valkyrie Imogen Sixx." Zaria in formed them.

"It's a pleasure," Came the voice of Alex from the corner of the room, a gun in his hand and a smirk on his face.
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