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No, no, no.

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Things couldn't possibly get worse. Will a fight break out?

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Here's another chapter so enjoy!

Ray's POV
Dammit. How the hell was it that one minute everything was fine and then this. How was it that we thought she'd be fine at her best friend's house? How was it that she was breaking down like this? What had happened?
My face was wet and sticky with tears and I looked over to Gerard and Delilah who were still holding onto one another on the ground near the door. I didn't dare ask them to move, Delilah was sobbing non-stop into Gerard's shirt and her arms were bleeding and smearing upon his arms and his shirt.
The cuts were deep, they were so bad. I knew she used to self harm in the past but I never saw scars on her arms, ever. She admitted to cutting everywhere but her arms and wrists in fear of her mother or anyone else seeing them but now... it was if she couldn't control herself. What had happened?
Gerard was mumbling something to her and it seemed to make her cry even more. I could hear Bob trying to relax Mikey's nerves in the bedroom and Frank was on the phone.
"You need to get here now. No, just get here please, she won't say it but she needs you," he said into the phone. I was praying he was talking to any of her so called best friends. My curiosity, and worry, got the best of me.
"Were you talking to one of her idiot friends?" I ask angrily in a silent whisper that sounded like a growl. His eyes got big and I saw tears in his eyes.
"No dammit, it was Jamia, okay, and what do you mean her idiot friends?" he said tears starting to slide down his cheeks.
Neither Gerard or Delilah realized Frank and I were now talking for she was crying more than ever now.
"What I mean is that she leaves for two hours to her so-called best friend's house and comes back like this!" I say almost yelling and making a gesture to the two of them sobbing.
Frank looked and nodded, he understood, there were no need for words.
"No Bob! I won't relax dammit!" I heard Mikey yell as he flung open his door. This wasn't going to be good.
"Mikey, calm down already! We'll deal with this right now, just relax!" Bob said following him out.
Delilah looked up from Gerard's chest and I saw blood on her face from the cuts and her tears were mixing with them and her black eye make up. It was a heart breaking sight, my friend, my little sister.
"Mikey...Mikey darling.... please... please relax.... please..." she said in between small sobs and Gerard just pulled her closer to her, fear in his face.
"How can I Delilah?!" he sunk to his knees before he could finish and burst into tears.
Bob and I both rush over to him and I see Delilah get up as well.
"Mikey, darling, please, don't cry...." she says trying to comfort him even though she's the one who needs it.
Gerard got up and led Delilah away from Mikey and to the bathroom to wash up the cuts as Bob, Frank, and I tried to calm Mikey down. We all knew why he was freaking out so much. He didn't want her to end up like he used to be. And that's what he'd seen, I know it.
"Mikey, please relax, she's going to be okay," I say pulling him into my arms, Mikey and I, we shared a bond and I hated seeing him this way.
" do you know that?" he said looking at me through fogged glasses.
He was right, I didn't know. I didn't even know what had happened.
Gerard's POV
Still crying, I led Delilah, who also had tears streaming down her cheeks, into the restroom and shut the door. I quickly turned on the warm water and grabbed a wash rag. Delilah was staring into the mirror as I wrung out the wash rag to clean up the dirt in the cuts that were still bleeding a bit.
"Gerard?" she asked in a silent voice that gave me the chills. Her face showed no emotion and her face was stained with tears mixed with blood from her cuts.
"Yes?" I ask standing motionless worrying what the next words from her would be. I hated seeing her this way, especially since I didn't know why she was like this, I had yet to be given an explanation. All I knew was that whoever hurt her was going to, even if it was those so called friends of her's.
"We..." she says trailing off so that I can't hear her anymore.
"I'm sorry Delilah, I didn't catch that, what?" I asked becoming anxious. My hand was shaky with anticipation.
"Gerard, we had a fight, Arienane and Miranda told me I wasn't the same girl I was before I met you, they kicked me out of Miranda's house, I went to the park and just cut open my arms for two hours almost Gerard! Two hours! I can't believe this is happening! They are my best friends! This can't happen!" she said and then came back into my arms and squeezed me sobbing.
It was impossible for me to believe it, on Christmas Eve they all looked so happy, so close, but then again.... maybe they were right. Maybe Delilah seemed the same to us because since August we've spent everyday with her and she seemed pretty much the same, to me at least. She was still shy but no afraid to stand up for herself, sarcastic and witty, clever but with moments of utter stupidity, she was still the girl I'd fallen in love with. And even if she had changed according to those girls, weren't they best friends, weren't they supposed to accept her no matter what?
Even when Frank and I were trying to win over Delilah we stayed close, we still cared about one another, we were still best friends. But her friends couldn't accept the fact that she may have changed a bit because she was in love? Because she made new friends? That was wrong, there was no way you could be a best friend to someone when you treated them that way.
As I held her close to me I couldn't help but think of how much damage I was going to cause once I saw those girls. They had another thing coming if they thought I'd let them hurt her this way.
"Delilah?" I said as I heard her take in a sigh. She didn't remove her head from my chest but she did reply.
I pulled her away and looked her right in the eye. I was still teary and she was as well. She was in pain, in so much pain, her best friends had destroyed her, had made her do something she never wanted to do again. And I knew what I had to do to remind how much I loved her.
I leaned towards her and kissed softly on the lips having her tears fall once again and I began to cry as well. I loved her too much to see her this way.
Before I could pull away she pulled me closer and kissed me with more passion. This caught me by surprise but I didn't resist, if this is what she wanted right now fine, plus I could not deny the fact that I was totally okay with it.
And as quickly as she had done so she stopped and pulled herself away. She looked at me with sadness spread over her face but she gave me a tiny smile.
"Thank you Gerard, thank you for loving me," she said as she grabbed my hand and led me it to the cuts so I could clean them.
"Please, tell me this won't happen again?" I say with pleading in my voice as I washed up the dry blood.
She winced and nodded. "I don't want it to," she replied but that wasn't good enough.
"No, Delilah, you have to promise me that this will never happen again? Got it? No matter what, come to me and I will help you, don't do this again, please!" I say crying as I grabbed the rubbing alcohol and she just pulled her arm away.
"Gerard, as much as I want to promise that it won't I can't, we just have to go through this day by day, okay? Please understand that," she said as she took off her jacket to let me clean the cuts better as she but her arm back into my hands.
She was right, I couldn't make her promise when even she didn't know what lie ahead for the both of us. It was just like it was with Mikey, we had to go day by day hoping nothing bad would happen. I had to agree.
"You're right," I said as I dabbed the rubbing alcohol on every cut, each one deeper than the other. She winced and whimpered a bit but let me continue and for the next few minutes as we stood in silence, me cleaning her cuts, and she just stood wincing every once and awhile.
After about 15 minutes I wrapped the cuts on her wrists with bandages and the rest well... I couldn't do anything about them but she knew what to do, which was cover them with her jacket at all times.
By this time we no longer were crying but I had remembered that Mikey had been and Ray was too.
"I want to go check on them, I need to tell them I'm ok," she said as if she read my mind.
I nodded and we walked out, hands in one another's.
Mikey's POV
I was freaking out, how was I supposed to accept the fact that this was happening to her? She had become my best friend, this couldn't be happening.
I had calm down and I sat on the couch next to Jamia, who had arrived a few minutes after Gerard and Delilah stepped into the bathroom, and Frank who was humming to himself, as if he was trying to do his best to distract his mind from what was going on. Jamia seemed to be doing the same.
Ray and Bob were in the kitchen muttering to one another about something, most likely about what had happened. Bob was sure that Delilah would be fine with Miranda, but oh how wrong had he been.
I heard a door open and jumped up and saw Delilah, all cleaned up, and Gerard walking out of the bathroom hand in hand and I ran to her not caring.
I pushed Gerard away from her and squeezed her and started to cry.
"I was so worried! Please tell me you're okay!" I said squeezing her even tighter. She hugged me back and whispered to me a reply.
"I'm fine, I promise."
I let go reluctantly and Ray came to hug her as did Bob who looked as if he felt personally guilty for what had happened.
As she let them go she smiled as she looked over the couch where Jamia and Frank were sitting and holding hands, comforting one another.
"Hi Jamia, Frankie," she said with a sniffle. They both rushed over to hug her and Jamia even pushed Frank away.
"Move it Iero, she's mine," she says. It was good to see that so many people cared about her, it really was.
Once Jamia let go Delilah motioned for Frank and they embraced and he kissed her forehead. "Don't scare me like that," I heard him say and she just smiled.
"Delilah, will umm..." I say messing with a nail on my hand embarrassed to finish the question.
"Yes, Mikey, I'll explain everything," she replied motioning for us to sit down.
Once we all did she explained to us what happened at Miranda's, how everything seemed fine at first, how Robin and Miranda were happy to see her, how Arienane gave her the cold shoulder, how they started a yelling match once Arienane started to cry, how Miranda took Arienane's side, how Robin pleaded for them to stop, how Arienane told her she was too changed, how Miranda and Arienane kicked her out of the house, how Robin ran to stop her from leaving, how her urges got the better of her, how she couldn't stop herself.
And by each passing second I wanted to kill Arienane. What kind of friend tells this to her best friend? SO what of they change, people change! And in all actuality Delilah hadn't changed really at all, she was just spending less time with them, and it wasn't her fault, we kept her near us all the time.
"And that's how I ended up banging on the door and.... like this," she said as she lifted her sleeves revealing the cleanup cuts and her wrapped up wrists. She wasn't crying but she had when she first started explaining to us what happened.
"Okay, so I'm going to go kill Arienane, who's in?!" I say jumping up from the couch wiping off tears.
"Count me in! My dad has a shot gun!" Jamia said with complete seriousness.
"Oh I can smash her head in a bit!" Frank said as well evily.
"I have my old drum set I can throw at her!" Bob said, which did make me laugh a bit.
"Guys! Dammit, stop, we aren't doing any of that," Ray said to us making us all sit back down. He was the man in charge.
"Well Ray, I don't know about you but I want to kill her!" I replied holding nothing back. No one messed with Delilah and got away with it, especially if it almost cost her her life!
"Look, we're going to go over and talk to them all nice and calm got it?" Gerard said with a hint of disgust at the word calm. "Bob texted Robin and they are going to meet us at the park, they think Delilah is coming to apologize," he continued angrily.
"Ha! Why should she apologize!? Those bitches should!" Jamia said angrily.
"I know Jamia, but it's all apart of the plan," Ray replied slyly.
"I like where this is going," I say grabbing my jacket and heading for the door. "Time for pay back!" I say as I walk out.
"Never knew he was so vengeful!" I hear Frank say as they follow me outside to the truck.
Miranda's POV
"Fine! But I'm only going if Arienane does!" I said when Robin told me we had to meet up with Delilah and her boys at the park.
I really didn't want to go, but well if Arienane did I guess I sort of had to as well.
"Let's just go, I want to see her apologize for turning into a self bitch," Arienane said with a smirk. We were no longer crying because we both knew we did the right thing, but that couldn't be said for Robin. She still was choked up about it.
"What is wrong with you two? Don't you see she's our best friend? How can you just act like that means nothing?" she asked crying again.
"You know what Robin, you should just go with her now, you are so damn protective of her when she doesn't even care about you," I said to her knowing it was probably true.
"Ugh! I agree! Thank you Miranda!" Arienane said to me as she high-fived me.
"Oh my God... I'm leaving to the park already, I'll talk to you guys when you get some sense knocked into you," she said as she walked out of my room.
"She'll be back," Arienane said as we slipped on our jackets and got ready to meet up at the park with her.
Frank's POV
Once we got to the park we just stood there in silence. Delilah had taken the baseball bat away from me before we got off the truck so that disappointed me a bit, but I was ready to beat some ass with my bare hands.
Delilah is family now, there was no way anyone could get away with hurting her.
Jamia felt the same way, I loved seeing this violent, protective side of her. It was kinda
"Well how long until they get here?" Mikey asked cracking his knuckles. I also loved seeing Mikey like this, it was
"Relax Mikes," Gerard said as Jamia jumped up and down anxiously.
"They better get here soon!" Jamia said with a smirk. God, every second I fell more in love with her.
"Oh look! There's one!" Bob said happily.
"Delilah!" the girl yelled and from far I couldn't tell who it was exactly but she didn't look familiar.
"YOU SON OF A MOTHER FUCKING BITCH! HOW DARE YOU HURT DELILAH!" Mikey screamed running towards her.
"Mikey! No! It's Robin!" Delilah yelled and motioned for Bob and I to chase him and stop him.
"Oh... hi Robin," he said looking at her realizing what I noticed too, she dyed her hair.
Delilah comes running to her and hugs her.
"I'm sorry for how they acted, I don't know what their problem is!" she told Delilah as they embraced.
And for the next few minutes they cried when Delilah showed her the cuts, and Robin just kept apologizing, not just to Delilah to all of us.
To Gerard for hurting the girl he loved, to Ray for hurting his sister, to Mikey for betraying him, to me and Bob for making us cry, to Jamia for hurting her friend. She really had done nothing wrong but she thought it was right to apologize.
She was hugging me when I saw them approaching, the enemies.
"Guys! They're coming," I say nodding to them.
As they got closer I saw Mikey tense up, Bob got fidgety, Gerard grabbed Delilah closer to him, Ray cracked his knuckles, Robin looked away, and Jamia and I, we were waiting to pounce.
And before we knew it they were standing right in front of us.
"Oh hi guys, hi everyone, hi Delilah's new fucking family," Arienane said as she looked at us arms crossed. "I'm surprised to see you and Gerard here Delilah, I surely thought you two would be at that apartment fucking each other since that is what you truly want to do," she continued with a smile.
"You know what Arienane, I thought you were amazing for so long, but you really are just a jealous, selfish little fuck. And Jamia, Frank, Mikey, I give you full permission," Delilah said tears falling down her face.
As soon as she said those words Jamia and I pounced aiming for the kill.

Oh my gosh! What a twist! Anyways, how will this end!? I only know xD anyways, R&R please and tell me once again, should I wrap this up on her birthday or V-day? okay thanks guys
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