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Don't mess with family.

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Honestly, there isn't a need for a summary anymore, right?

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Well, I say we are done here, don't you think?

Jamia's POV
It felt amazing to tackle her onto the damp park grass. Once Delilah uttered the words it was time for attack. Mikey and Frank went after Arienane but I went for Miranda.
When Delilah had told us how she had just suddenly taken Arienane's side it just bothered me horribly. I had known a girl like that, one that followed another just because they had no true mind of their own. And it disgusted me.
As I lay atop of her and pinned her shoulders to the ground she struggled to push me off and growled insults to me.
"Get... the hell... off... of me... you.... dirty... bitch!" she yelled at me kicking trying to release herself from me.
I leaned in closer to her face and stared into her eyes.
"You remind me of an old friend, I did this exact same thing to this old friend," I say and spit in her face and before she can retaliate at all I punched her in the nose hearing a small crack and her scream.
"HOLY SHIT FUCKING BITCH YOU BROKE MY NOSE!" she screamed as I jumped off of her smiling a huge grin and having Delilah hug me.
"She may have been my best friend for a year now but man! You did amazing Jamia!" she said squeezing me. No one messes with my Delilah.
"BOB! AREN'T YOU GOING TO DO ANYTHING?!" Miranda screamed as she tried to stop the blood from getting on her AA t-shirt.
I look to Bob as Delilah does. "What does she mean?" Delilah asked confused.
"You know what Miranda, we're through! I thought you were different, but you're just another copy!" Bob said pulling out a necklace that was tucked in his shirt and ripped it. "You don't fuck with my sister!" he said and threw it to her.
She stared at him shock, as did Gerard, Delilah, and I did.
"I'll explain later," he whispered to us seeing our shocked faces.
"Ugh!" she screamed before walking back to house leaving her brave leader behind.
"Miranda! What the hell!?" Arienane yelled as she struggled against Frank and Mikey who were holding her down by her arms. She seemed to be a lot stronger than Miranda and the boys couldn't hold on much longer.
"You deal with them! I'm going home!" Miranda yelled to her without turning back. Guess that was what true friends were for.
"Dammit! Let me go!" she kept screaming and we all turned to Delilah waiting to see what she wanted us to do.
Delilah's POV
God it felt amazing to see that evil witch get a taste of her own medicine. But now it was time to decide Arienane's fate.
"Oh so you are all waiting for Delilah's command?1 Oh wow! Nice job on controlling them! You did- ow you're hurting me!" she yelled at me trying to break from Frank who was sitting on her arm now.
"That's the whole point!" he said laughing as she glared at him.
"Delilah, what do you want to do?" Gerard asked me as I stared at her.
She had been there for me for so long, she had made me feel safe, she was my best friend in the world. When I had no one else she was there for me, and I had to thank her for that forever. But she also was over protective, jealous, and wanted me only for herself. And when I didn't want that she didn't want me, even though she supposedly loved me, even though I had been there for her too, even though we'd been so close. I was going to lose her, no I had lost her. She didn't need me anymore, and even if she did she didn't want me. Then I realized I didn't need her. She would forever hold a place in my heart but I didn't need her anymore. I had my new family, I had my boys, I had Jamia who had been so close to me for years already through the internet, I still had Robin, and well they loved me more than I deserved. And even though their love couldn't replace the way Arienane had treated me, it sure as hell could help me forget her. But as much as I wanted to sick Ray and Bob on her I just... couldn't.
I walked away from Gerard's grasp and leaned over Arienane. She stopped squirming and looked at me with anger in her eyes.
"What are you going to do Delilah? Are you going to actually hurt me? After everything?" she asked me and if I didn't know better I thought I heard fear in her voice towards the end.
I stood over her and just looked at her. I couldn't believe after all this time it was over.
"Delilah ummm," Mikey said to me in a whisper only loud enough to hear. "What are you doing?"
I flick my eyes to him and he understands me. I loved that about Mikey, he just had this way of knowing.
"Well what now best friend?" Arienane said trying to gain my attention.
"Let her go guys, she's not worth my time," I say and turn my back on her, the one thing that would probably bother her forever.
"Delilah, are you sure?" Frank asked sounding disappointed as I walk back to Gerard who was looking at me in shock as well.
"Yes I'm sure, but she better fucking know that she can't come back to me, she can't ask for me to forgive her, we'll never be able to speak again. She's nothing to me. Now let her go and let's go home," I say as I pull Gerard away to the truck leaving Frank, Ray, Mikey, Bob, Jamia, Robin, and Arienane, in shock.
"Frank seemed disappointed," Gerard said as we entered the truck.
I smiled and turned to him. "I know, but she's not worth our time, plus these bandages are itching, I want to go wash my wrists to make it go away," I say as we sat in the truck holding hands.
Less than five minutes later Ray, Bob, Mikey and Robin entered the truck and Jamia and Frank got in the back in the bed of it.
I heard them laughing and messing around and I heard Frank complain. "It's no fair! You got to throw a punch!" he said to Jamia who just laughed.
We drove off in silence to the apartment and before we did I took one last look at the girl who was supposed to be my best friend.
She was just standing there, standing near the swings where we had once laughed so hard it stung.
Bob's POV
When we got to the apartment we all, sat in silence as Delilah went to wash her wrists. Well, all of us expect Jamia and Frank who couldn't shut up.
I knew I had some explaining to do for Delilah and Gerard, and now Jamia, but truly I was hoping she'd forgotten.
I didn't want to explain why I did what I did, I didn't want to have explain to anyone anymore, I was just ashamed of myself.
"Robin, are you okay?" I hear Mikey ask as he washes his hands in the kitchen.
She sniffles a bit but doesn't reply.
"Robin?" I ask. She was a nice kid, I liked her and she was one of the only original friends Delilah still had.
She looked up and played a bit with newly green bangs and smiled.
"Yeah, I'm fine, it's just hard to believe after so long..." she drifted off and I went to give her a hug.
"It's gonna be.... different," I tell her knowing okay wouldn't be a suitable word to explain how things would be from now on.
She nods and then I notice that Delilah is back. She sits nexts to Ray on the floor and crosses her arms taking in a deep breath.
"Well, life will definately be different, that's for sure. Will you be okay at school Robin?" she asked and Robin smiled.
"Yeah of course I will be. I still have other friends, they weren't the only ones. Plus I have you on ocassion right Delilah?" she asked smiling and Delilah got up and pushed me away.
"Move it Bob, I need to hug my true best friend," she said as she leaned down to hug her and with that all silence fell.
I thought I'd made it through the rough but then dumbass Gerard had to read my mind or some shit.
"So Bob, what was all that about? With Miranda?" he asked giving me a look that was evil and smug.
"Oh yeah, what about that!" Delilah turned looking at me, actually staring me down.
Ray, Mikey, and Frank snickered and Jamia's eyes widened in anticipation. Just wonderful, I had a full audience.
"Well.... Miranda and I were sorta kinda seeing each other in secret... Since Christmas and well I couldn't say anything just yet, she didn't want me to, it was her choice, not mine. She thought you'd react wrong," I say folding my hands behind my head. "I'm sorry Delilah," I finish hanging my head. I feel a hand reach under my chin and see her smiling face.
"Don't even fucking keep shit like that from me again, got it?" she said with a smug smile and I nodded. She hugged me and I relaxed.
Maybe things would be back to normal very soon.
And, per usual, the silence was broken by who else but Jamia.
"Attention! I have a confession too!" she said jumping up almost hitting Frank in the face.
"Oh really?" Mikey says smiling as if he knows something no one else does.
"Shut up, yes really!" she said and smiled a wicked smile.
This was going to be interesting.
Frank's POV
What? Jamia had a confession too? What if she liked Bob? OH MY GOD NO!
I was starting to panic and I wanted her to hurry up and say it already.
"Uhhh what is it??" I ask with a hint of panic in my voice and I hear Ray and Gerard laugh at me.
"Well... Frank Iero I fucking love you!" Jamia screamed and she grabbed my hand and lifted my face to her's and kissed me forcefully.
Mikey, Bob, and Ray were laughing, and Delilah and Gerard just leaned closer but I soon zoned out.
Her lips were warm and rough, not like a normal girl's would be, they were chapped and somehow smooth at the same time. My eyes slowly closed as I took in the moment.
Jamia Nestor loved me, she loved me. And we were making out... in front of my friends.
As if she has read my mind she pulled away and giggled her cheeks reddening.
I was in a daze. I had just found out the girl of my dreams was in love with me, me.
"Wow," was all I could say and she laughed and pulled me down to sit back on the couch.
"God I've been waiting to do that since I met you!" she said sighing and closing her eyes.
I was still dazed and I looked around to see my friends staring at me.
"Well, it's about time!" Delilah said and laughed making Mikey and Robin go into hysterics and Bob spit out his water.
Gerard looked at her and smiled. "Shut up and come here," he said and pulled her in for a kiss making me smile seeing that my best friend was finally happy. And so was I, I had the girl of my dreams with me. She was mine
Ray's POV
Sitting there, surround by friends, by my family, my brothers, it was so amazing. I couldn't believe our luck. We came here looking for a new start, nothing perfect, just something to get away from the past and now we were happier than ever.
Mikey had received one of the greatest friends he could ever ask for.
Frank was in love and had people to always protect him from anyone and everyone.
Bob seemed more open now, he seemed to become more willing to speak.
Gerard, oh man he probably could be the happiest of us all. He was writing music, making art, and had a wonderful girl of his own.
As for me, I was making music with my best friends in hope to one day make the music heard around the world and the best part was that they were all happy.
"Remember how when we first got here in August and we hated it, when we drove in we wanted to leave right away but couldn't because we needed a new start? And how much you hated it already Gerard? Now what do you think," I said smiling at Gerard who was looking into Delilah's eyes with a funny smile over his face.
"Well now I don't regret a thing, do any of you?" he said smiling at Delilah and kissing her softly.
Everyone's POV
"Not one regret at all."

And that's it. We're done. Thank you to everyone who has read from the beginning and has been reviewing and rating, thank you. There will be an epilogue up soon to know what happened after this day but after that we are done. I can't believe my first fic is finally over, well thank you everyone.
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