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Into shadows

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The lovers are getting along well, but who is the mystery person who finds Leila?

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The house was quite big compared to Gerard’s house in his opinion. His house was smaller but it didn’t help that his house was messy and you could barely see the floor. Her house was spotless, not a speck of dust was in the air. Her parents obviously look after the house well. As he stepped through the wooden door, he took in the cream walls, painting of canals in Venice, a shoe cupboard and a large mirror mounted on the cream. “ come into the living room Gee” said Leila and lead him into a big room, leather sofa’s, a coffee table, a small DVD player and shelf’s full of a few DVD’s and other gizmo’s. “Would you like a drink Gee?” Leila asked. Gerard grinned, knowing the answer “Coffee please angel”. She smiled, kissed him on the cheek and went into a black and white tiled kitchen. “Make yourself at home gee!” she called from the kitchen. The leather was so comfortable, Gerard found himself laying on the sofa, smiling. This place is so great he thought to himself but, where are her parents? Soon, he found darkness surrounding him.

“Gee!” said a loud voice. Gerard woke with a start. “Wha...what?” he said, twisting his head around. Leila was looking at him strangely, holding the coffee in her hand. “You fell asleep” she said, handing the drink to him “this will help you to wake up sleeping beauty”. He chuckled a little, sipped and he felt instantly awake. They sat in silence for a while, deep in their own thoughts. “Lee” he asked “where are your parents?” Something flashed across the girls face for a moment and then it was gone. She stood, took the empty cup in her hand and went into the kitchen. “They must be out” she called, her voice echoing “mum is a pianist and my dad is a drummer. They go out at gigs a lot”. Gerard was impressed; no wonder she was good at piano and singing. Then he heard something, a window shutting. He sat up and looked around “Lee. Did you close a window just then?” Her head peeked around the wall. “No” she said, coming back to sit next to him “i think its all in your head”

The two sat together on the grassy ground, holding hands and smiling at a perfect sunset, clouds rolling across the purple-blue sky. They had decided to go for a walk and, since the sun was going down, thought they could watch it slide down the sky and let the moon take its place. “Thanks lee” Gerard said, putting an arm around her. “For everything today” “No problem Gee” replied Leila, smiling as Gerard moved round and kissed her on her forehead. Her stomach began doing summersaults as it always did. “I hope Mikey is home now” he said, still hounding her close to him “I hope so too gee”. Suddenly a clap of thunder in the distance broke them apart in shock. The clouds were dark grey now and small flashes of blue-white lights were illuminating the trees. “Come on” said Gee “back to yours, quick!”

The rain pelted down on them as they ran down her road. The pavement was glittering as street lights, which had come on in the sudden darkness, reflected in the water. They ran over patches of grass and mud, sliding over it. Then Gerard stumbled and landed hard on the muddy ground on his front. “Gee” cried Leila, finding herself shouting as the rain was so loud. She helped up the soaking wet body and they continued running, Gerard limping. They reached the house, Leila shoved the keys in the door, twisted her hand and they fell inside. “Gerard” said Leila, through sharp breaths “you ok?” Gerard looked up, holding his knee “I’ve been better” he admitted, water from his hair and clothes dripping on the floor. Leila led him to a seat in the dining room, a quaint little room, with a small carpet and windows which showed the rain pelting down. Then she skipped to a cupboard on the next room and came back with a first aid kit. She slowly pulled up his trouser leg and found his pain. His knee was grazed and bleeding, the blood mixing with the water. “This may sting a little” she said and dabbed a bit of cotton wool on the wound. He hissed air through his teeth but didn’t cry out. Then she placed a plaster on the clean wound and kissed his knee. “All better?” she asked “yeah” he said “here you are, saving my skin again”. He was muddy, really muddy. His tee covered in mud and grass and so were his trousers. “You can take a shower if you want” Leila suggested “but you don’t have any spare clothes”. Gerard raised a finger “ahhh! But that is where you’re wrong” he said and walked to his bag, rummaged through it and pulled out a Misfits tee, pants and jeans. I always come prepared”. They both chuckled and Leila led him up a flight of stairs to the bathroom. “There is men’s shower gel in there, dad won’t mind you using it and there are fresh towels in there too”. Gerard fell onto her and hugged her tightly. Then he pulled off, cupping her cheeks. “Angel, you spoil me too much” he said. Then he kissed her full on the mouth which took her by surprise. For about 30 seconds, they stood there in perfect bliss. “Have a nice shower gee” Leila said and headed back down stairs. “Oh great” she said to herself “now he got my clothes wet!” She sighed and went to the dining room to put away the first aid kit. A shuffling sound behind her made her stop and look round. “Gee?” she asked timidly, walking into the hallway. It was dark now and it was getting eerie. “Hello?” she said, voice shaking and she walked down the hall, feeling scared “Gerard, seriously. This isn’t funny!” Suddenly, a shadow jumped out behind her, she could see it in the mirror. She yelled loudly, maybe Gerard could save her. Then, with a jolt, realised he was upstairs in the shower. He wouldn’t hear her at all. A cloth was suddenly clamped around her mouth. She knew what would be in this cloth, she knew enough about chemicals to know that it was chloroform. She struggled violently against the poison entering her system. Then, after a few moments of trying to stay conscious, the hand tightened even more and she fell still, sleeping soundlessly in the mans arms.
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