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Its Your Nightmare

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The shadow figure is reveled and Leila is going to face danger she has never faced.

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Hey hey hey! Ok, remember this isn't real and im sorry i make him a bad person but it will all work out in the end! (you will see what i mean when you read it)

Leila felt dreadful. She awoke feeling so sick and so groggy; she thought she was back in the hospital bed with the feeling of being hit on the head with the baseball bat. What the hell happened? She thought is this a dream? Then she remembered what occurred, the figure coming behind her and drugging her with chloroform. Speaking of this person, where were they and how did they get in the house? She slowly raised her head and, with a jolt up her spine, found herself in her own bedroom. Posters covered her wardrobe and walls, shelves full of ornaments and her bed with a metal frame and black covers. She tried to stand up, but then realised, with horror, her hands were tied by a length of rope and they bound her to the framework of the bed. Leila yanked her hands around, desperately trying to free herself, but to no avail. The darkness was almost absolute, it must be night time by now and she could see a part of the pale moon through a split in the blue curtain. As her eyes adjusted to the blackness, she saw them. The figure was standing in the corner of the room and as the dark began to dissipate, she knew, with a horrible lurch, who the person was.


Mikey made no reaction to his name but Leila could see the grin spread over his face. “Nice of you to join me” he said. His voice was quiet, calm and very eerie. “Wh...what are you...?” Leila began. “Do you know what its like?” Mikey said, cutting across her sentence. Leila, who was puzzled, said “what?” “Do you know what it’s like” repeated Mikey “to be in love?” Leila shuddered, scared about what possible thoughts was going through his mind. “Of course I do” she replied, not knowing what would happen next “you know who I...” But, once again, she was interrupted “Exactly!” he said, suddenly, kneeling beside her “that is my unfortunate problem” Leila felt him right in front of her face and he smiled at her as he began talking.
“I was doing well at my past school, good grades, friends and a generally good life there. But, then something changed. We moved here into a new house which meant a new school and barely any friend apart from Fran, Bob, Ray and my own brother. It was better than i expected. No bullies and no hassle from people. Then, Gerard made a new friend and, even thought i felt happy, i was concerted. You see, I fell in love” Leila nearly gasped in shock and fear. He noticed this and he smirked at her and continued “when we were bunking a PE lesson, me and Frank went away to another block and i told him this. I said “Frank, I love Leila” He was surprised to say the least but accepted it and didn’t tell anyone. Then, she had a terrible accident which ended her up in hospital and Gerard went in the ambulance with her. I was dreading her safety and something worse. And the worse came. Gerard came home and announced the girl and he were going out. I was filled with sadness and anger. 3 months later, i had enough. So when it was Friday and Gerard was going to leave in 5 minuets for school, i left and snuck into the back garden of her house. I hid there until i was quite sure that no one was in. When i shut the window, I think someone heard me because i heard them ask if they had closed a window. I hid in her room for ages until i heard a shower being turned on and I saw the girl come down the stairs. I seized my chances and i drugged her with chloroform that i had stolen from science. She struggled a lot, but i managed to get her to sleep. Then, i tied her to her frame of the bed and i sorted out Gerard. I went upstairs and blocked the door with a chair and loads of other things i found. And here you are” Leila felt like she was going to cry and be sick at the same time. Mikey stood and switched on a black lamp on the lowest light. “You know what?” he said, leaning over her on all fours “i think i will take what’s mine” and to Leila’s horror, he forcefully pressed his lips against hers.

She struggled desperately and kicked out with her legs. Mikey wasn’t giving in; he carried on kissing her violently. Tears were falling from Leila’s eyes, she yelled into Mikey’s face. Mikey went the extra edge and he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She chocked and cried but Mikey was enjoying himself. His hands felt her waist, wanting her badly, no matter how much it would hurt her. Then Leila did the only thing she could do. She lashed out with her foot as hard as she could in his crotch.

He keeled over, off her shaking body, yelling loudly. Leila couldn’t suppress a feeling of relief. I don’t think he is gonna try that again she thought. As thought he had read her mind, he lifted his head, smiled and went over to a bag in the corner of the room which she presumed to be his. “You don’t want to do i the easy way?” he asked and pulled something out of his bag which made Leila’s blood run cold. He was holding a hypodermic syringe, filled with a clear-ish liquid “we’ll have to do it the hard way”. Leila really began to struggle now, pulling with all her strength, trying to loosen the rope. She screamed and cried, begging Mikey not to. He squirted a little of the substance into the air. “Mi...Mikey!” she cried, tears falling like a waterfall from her eyes. He looked at her and then eyes the syringe “this is heroine Leila, my friend” he stated “bit more than an average dose but oh well”. He moved onto her again with surprising speed, the poison in his hand. Leila did something that came to instinct. She breathed in air and screamed “Gerard!” He covered her mouth as soon as she shouted “don’t do that again!” he spat and removed his hand from her face. “Please Mikey! Please stop!” she yelled at him. He lowered the syringe more and more “say that you love me and you will give yourself to me” (i know that sounds so weird!) Leila knew what he meant and she cried harder than ever “i can’t! I’m fifteen, Mikey! I have Gerard!” He sighed sadly, looking into her eyes. “Then i have no choice” “No! Stop it! Please Mikey!” It came ever closer and Leila closed her eyes, praying this was a dream and praying someone would wake her from the nightmare. Then the door opened.

Yeah...Sorry about making him a bad person. I have nothing against him, he is one of my favorite out of the band :D
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Emily :D

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