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I'll Stay Tonight

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A fight and a small discovery. Sorry i haven't updated that much.

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Hey people!Sorry i haven't updated much. Its because the computer keeps messing up...Its as old as time though... Anyway, ENJOY!

Gerard stood in the doorway, panting; he had obviously been running. His hair was wet and was just his dark blue jeans, his chest was bare. He looked murderous. Leila stared up at him, tear streaks stained her face and she was whimpering. It took Mikey a few seconds to notice Gerard was watching them; he was too wrapped up in what he was doing to Leila. When he did, he gasped and dropped the needle which was dripping slightly from the tip and crawled off Leila. “Ge...Gerard” he stuttered, getting to his feet. Gerard didn’t seem to hear him; his rage was visible in Mikey’s eyes. “This isn’t what it looks like!” cried Mikey, waving his hands around “it just that...” Mikey didn’t finish his sentence. Gerard’s face contorted with anger and he lunged at Mikey. The younger Way cried out as Gerard punched him in the gut. He grabbed his stomach, grimacing. Then Gerard kicked his leg and he fell to the floor. Leila was watching all this with fear and relief. Yes, she was happy Gerard had come, but someone was going to get seriously hurt. Mikey suddenly sprang up and hit Gerard in the face with an open palm slap. Gerard’s head snapped back and he grabbed his cheek. Mikey kick out and slammed his foot onto Gerard’s bare chest. He practically flew across the room and hit the wall with a horrible crunch sound. Mikey smirked and moved to the door, about to leave. Leila growled and did the only thing she could. She stuck out her leg and Mikey tripped, hit the floor and banged his head on a nearby bedside table. Blood covered some of the white table as he moved his head off it. Gerard, even though he was in pain, stood up, grabbed his brother’s shoulders and flung him into the wall. Mikey could cry out, he was in too much pain. Gerard let go of him and Mikey moved to the door, wheezing.

The Way’s looked at each other for a brief moment before Gerard said “Get out.” The two words spoke with fury. Mikey glared at his brother and fled the room. Leila heard him run across the hall, open the door and slam it. There was silence for a few seconds, the boyfriend and girlfriend in nothing but shock. Gerard could hear Mikey’s footsteps outside “Twat!” screamed Gerard making Leila jump. The window was open so Mikey would hear the name. The footsteps quickened, and then slowly faded. Gerard looked at the window for a few more seconds before moving next to Leila “Oh god Lee! Are you ok?” he said in a rushed voice. Leila didn’t know what to say “I’m ok, i guess” Gerard untied the rope with a little difficulty, Mikey had improved on knot tying. When he finished and threw the rope across the room, Leila flung herself into his arms. He grimaced a bit as his chest still hurt from the kick “Gerard. That was so horrible” whispered Leila through sobs “He tied me ...up and he...was gonna inject me with...heroine and he...kissed me and...” “Wait WHAT?!” shouted Gerard, scaring Leila to death. She cried harder and pulled him closer “he kissed my baby girl and tried to inject her with drugs?!” Leila nodded a little, shivering. Gerard pulled her in tight “Oh baby” he whispered, rocking her back and forward “Its ok now, I’m here” Leila looked up at Gerard, her Gerard, he looked as he was about to cry himself. “Gee, don’t leave me tonight. I’m scared to be alone” she croaked. Gerard nodded “Don’t you worry baby, I’ll stay tonight”

It took Leila a bit of time to get changed into her PJ’s as she was shaking so much. Gerard was outside of the room, giving her some privacy. He was so enraged with Mikey, he imagined himself throttling the guy till he apologised to Leila. If he didn’t...well, I don’t think you guys would want to know what he would do if it got that far. “Gee, you can come in now” said Leila, quietly. He opened the door to Leila in a black short sleeved PJ top and black and red PJ trousers. She was also wearing a white and blue dressing gown on top. She was still shaky and her smiled was some-what forced in Gerard opinion. Leila and he sat on the bed in silence, still thinking about the events that unfolded. “What happened to you gee?” Leila asked “While Mikey was...You know” she broke off. Gerard pulled her into a hug and said “I was having a shower and i heard a noise outside. I thought it was you going down the stairs so i thought nothing of it. Then, when i had finished and put on my jeans, i heard you yelling and crying. I tried to open the door but i couldn’t. So i rammed into it with my shoulder and i managed to get out. I ran down here and then i found you” Leila nodded, feeling very sleepy. Gerard saw this and, despite the moment, chuckled. “Come on sleepy head. You should get some sleep” He let her lay down on the bed; she took off her night gown and snuggled under the covers. “Where do you wanna sleep gee?” she asked. He grinned and jumped in next to her, getting under the covers. “With me?” she said, sounding shocked. “Do you mind?” he asked “Nope” she replied. Gerard smiled and kissed her on the lips “I’m sorry about all the shit that has happened today Lee. I promise i will be here to protect you through thick and thin” She smiled and nodded. “I’m just gonna get my phone and text mama” Gerard got up, winked at Leila and left the room.

It was dark in the hall and since Gerard couldn’t find the light switch, walked down it in the pitch blackness. He felt along the wall, hoping her wouldn’t knock a picture off the wall. He stumbled and something fell onto the floor. In the darkness, Gerard could see a newspaper pile, or what was a pile. Now all the papers covered some of the hall “Shit” whispered Gerard. He carried on and found the switch at the end of the wall. The light blinded Gerard temporally and he closed his eyes at the brightness. He then noticed something when he opened his eyes again. A newspaper on the floor had caught his attention. He quickly ran to his bag in the kitchen, grabbed it and came back to the mess of papers. He picked the particular one up and scanned the front cover “Hang on” he said to himself, turning a page. His blood ran cold, his heart stopped beating and his breath ceased.

“Lee! Come here quick!”

Yes, i know it sucked and i left you on a cliffhanger... I will update soon!
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