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"Just a spoonfull of Jimmy helps the whole world go down!"

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Visit to Huntington Beach and staying with Avenged Sevenfold. And it doesn't end in a hail of bullets

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I was just watching The Rev quote this when I had the story idea, hope you like it!

The MCR tour bus shudders to a halt, stopping infront of Avenged Sevenfold's recording studio. The 10 men were good friends, sharing liked and dislikes. Frank was asleep on the couch, until Mikey poked him awake that is. "Mikey stop poking my face!" Frank grumbled while rolling of his makeshift bed. "Sorry bro, but we're in Cali." Mikey informed excitedly. No doubt he and Johnny Christ were bass buddies, whenever one band or the other visited those duo would be up to no good. "Cool, so we're gonna hang around with the guys? And share tour tales and what happened to Gerard on stage?" Frank asked excitedly. He and Jimmy got along famously because the two were so alike in personality. Energetic and crazy are one of the many words to describe them. "You mean that time we dumped the bucket of eels on him?" Mikey asked. They played so many pranks on the other members they lost count. "Yup and remember his face wheb one wiggled in his tighty whities?" Frank giggled with Mikey soon following him.

The five men hopped outta the tour bus and walked into the studio. And was greeted by Avenged Sevenfold's manager Larry Jacobson. "Hey guys! Good ta see ya!" Larry greeted and they soon walked into A7X discussing song lyrics. "HOLA MI PERRA!!!!!" Frank screamed. "That means Hello My Bitches in Spanish!" Mikey piped up giggling. "Okay...?" Zacky Vengeance mumbled. "So how was the tour?" M Shadows asked while giving his signature dimpled grin.

"And there was this one time Gee was making a tuna sandwich, he turned his back and when he ate it... it was a tuna mixed with Mikey's cum!!!" Frank told and the other howled in laughter minus Gerard who was fuming. "Don't forget the time when we put a exploding party popper in Bob' pants! And when he walked outta the tour bus the pants exploded and left this giant hole showing his polka dot boxers!" Mikey recalled while Avenged Sevenfold were laughing in tears. "You guys got some crazy motherfuckers, I don't know how I would deal with those kind of pranks. Johnny getting drunk is enough." Laughed Zacky, his jade eyes filled with humor filled tears dying to escape. "We have to. Hey Gerard remember that time some dude in the front row threw a condom with his name and number on it? And the other time you were thrown a flashlight!" Ray asked. "They condom was funny... BUT THE MOTHERFUCKING FLASHLIGHT HURTS GODAMMIT!!!" Gerard growled. Showing his new found hate by crossing his arms and glaring. "Aww did ickle GeeGee get a booboo?" Synyster Gates crooned. "Not funny! I got a crooked nose after that!" Gerard huffed while the others snickered at his childish demeanor.

"Wait... the room is to quiet.... where's Jimmy?" asked Johnny. The tattooed drummer was in his seat a second ago but now it was empty. Suddenly the door burst to reveal a REALLY SUGAR HIGH Jimmy. His crystal blue eyes were wide with energy and an absolutely enormous smile was plastered on his face. "LET'S HAVE SOME FUN STALKING PEOPLE!!! LAST ONE TO GET OUT HAS TO BE MY PERSONAL BITCH!!!" He cackled maniacally before running out to the nearest park. "He's gone nuts... Probably chasing 'fuckin stalluon ducks' arund like that time in Central Park and terrorizing people." Matt sighed, facepalming himself. "Well remember the time he said 'Just a spoonfull of Jimmy helps the whole world go down'" asked Zacky. Avenged Sevenfold nodded. "Well it looks like we ARE getting a spoonfull of Jimmy." Zacky said slowly to the slow people in the room. "So that means.... Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide yo husbands cuz they're terrorizin every lil bitch in the neighbourhood." Gerard said while the others gave off laughs... "But seriously... HIDE!!!" Mikey and Frank screamed and they both headdived behind the couch with the others scrabbling for safety as the sadistic laughter of The Rev got closer.

Tell me if you guys like this ok?
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