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Why.... are we talking about love?

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Matchmaking? Read to find out!

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Well I needed some time for inspiration and now I do! Enjoy!!

The terrified screams of people echoed through the Californian air and Jimmy's laughter still rung in the air. The 9 men in the recording studio were hidig for their own sanity. Buckets of freezing cold water were at their feet, waiting for the crazed drummer.

"Guuyyss!!!! Jimmy shall bring God to tears at this stage!" Frank wailed overdramatically, and was soon bonked on the head by Gerard. "When was the last time Jimmy was like this?" Bob asked, worry glittering in his eyes for his fellow drummer. "I dunno.... When.. we first started I guess? Yeah! At that time we had to strap him down on the chair with jump ropes. Well at least we were in Big Bear and not here..." Matt trailed off.

"Hey Zacky?" asked Brian, his eyes twinkling with a secret. "Yeah?" Zacky replied, confused. "We all know you're gay, don't try to deny it!" Brian shouted, causing snickers and a blushing Zack. "Fine! I admit I'm gay!" He said, pouting and crossing his arms. "And you do know that Jimmy has a major crush on you." Matt said, Zacky then lit up brighter than the sun. "Ask him out, we won't judge you." Frank assured. "Guys... since when have we been playing matchmaker?" Asked Johnny, and everyone laughed.

The laughter was short lived though, because the drummer slammed the door open and the tall and thin drummer looked around. "NOW!" Matt shouted and they threw the freezing water at Jimmy, who gave a squeal of surprise. Then they grabbed him and threw him in an empty closet to calm down. "I'll give about... 20 minutes for him to calm down." Matt nodded.

20 Minutes Later

"Remind me, to NEVER raid a candy store!" Jimmy groaned from his place on the couch. His eyes were closed and the others circled him while laughing. "Hey Jimmy guess what?" Frank asked. "You and Gerard screwed?! And you didn't tell me?!" Jimmy gasped, said duo blushed. "Nope, we told Zacky." Johnny said. Jimmy's eyes widened, and he blushed firetruck red. "Z-Zacky I'm so sorry!" Jimmy blurted out. Zacky laughed and placed a hand on Jimmy's shoulder. "It's alright, cuz I feel the same way." Zack said softly, jade eyes shining with affection. Jimmy smiled and changed his position so he was hip-to-hip with Zacky. Jimmy cupped Zacky's cheek and pulled him in for a kiss.

"I never knew seeing two guys kiss would be this hot." Johnny mumbled. "Dude, have you seen the Frerard fanfics fans write? Don't forget they also write Avenged Sevenfols fanfics. Most of them are slash... Jimmy and Zacky are a popular gay pair." Frank explained, his eyes travelled to the two men snogging. Zacky was now on Jimmy's lap, his hands on the drummer's neck trying to pull him closer. Jimmy's hands were firmly squeezing Zacky's ass, he nipped Zacky's bottom lip which made the guitarist giggle. Jimmy stood up as Zacky clung on to him, wrapping his legs around Jimmy's waist. "Guys, we're gonna be at my house. Interrupt and it's your funeral." Jimmy growled as Zacky licked, bit and sucked his neck. The two lovebirds walked out and they heard engines roaring and tires squealing. "I feel better... wanna watch a movie?" Asked Brian. Soon everyone was at Brian's house watching Resident Evil

A year later

"So you guys are all single men right?" the interviewer asked, his eyes dixed on the band members of Avenged Sevenfold. "Actually no, Jimmy and Zacky are taken," Matt replied with a secretive grin. "Oh? Who's the lucky girls?" The host asked. "I think it's safe to say it's not girls, but guys. Jimmy and Zacky have officially been together for a whole year!" Brian declared. The gay couple blushed and smiled, Zacky leaned against Jimmy's shoulder and the drummer rested his head on his lover's. "Well congrats guys, so... who made the first move?" the question made them chuckle. "Jimmy, with some help from My Chemical Romance." Johnny replied. "Aaw. Hear that people! Love has no boundaries. For all gay couples out there, here's an example." The host grinned. Jimmy took a deep breath and cleared his throat. "Since we're on live TV, I just want to make one announcement to my loving boyfriend." And with that, Jimmy got down on one knee and produced a black ring with white bordering. "Zachary James Baker, will you marry me?" Jimmy proposed. Zacky felt tears in his eyes, "Of course!" he cried while Jimmy slipped the ring on. The two gave each other a short and sweet kiss as the audience broke into a mass of excitement.

A few months later

The married couple gave off a content sigh, life for them has just been fan-fucking-tastic. More people listened to their music, gays praised them, and people accepted them. Their wedding had been small, inviting their relatives and close friends. My Chemical Romance attended of course. "Hey Zacky, how did we hook up?" Jimmy asked, Zacky chuckled. "It started with sugar and a spoonfull of Jimmy to make the worls go down." Zacky giggled. Jimmy gave his lover a kiss on his head before they slept in each other's embrace

The story's just about finished. Surprised at the little twist I added in the end? I think Jimmy and Zacky would make a cute couple. I am in love with Jimmy, he's my hero. Review if you liked it!!
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