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Drenched in Blood and Love as the sky soaks me in my own Misery.

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Brendon sat on the wooden floor on the patio of the garden he had created for Ryan. He let himself do one thing that he hadn’t properly done in years. He cried, he let out all of his emotion and wailed on the cold floor. What could he do now? He was alone forever. If anybody had the determination to try, they would’ve realised that he lied about sealing the door. If they had tried they could’ve got it open, he was holding it before. He could feel Ryan trying with all his might to open it, he could hear him screaming, and when Brendon felt a warm drop of Ryan’s blood splatter into his face through a small crack in the trap-door, he knew he had to make them leave. He couldn’t let Ryan hurt himself even more, he couldn’t let him spend the rest of his life down here, he deserved better than this.
Brendon’s stomach churned as he thought of Ryan. It made him cry almost to the point of throwing up when it began to sink in that he would never hold him again. The person he had ever loved. The sky above him began to fill up with a quilt of gray clouds. They split and fierce rain began to plummet down onto him. The weather always reflected Brendon’s mood, and since Ryan had arrived, it had never rained even once. It felt as though a part of Brendon was missing, he couldn’t live like this. He couldn’t accept the fact that he would be alone down here forever. Maybe it was time to end everything, this mess that he called his life.
He closed his eyes, tears squeezed out of them, trickling down his face. When he opened them, there was a knife lying next to him. It was huge and sharp, it gleamed in the moonlight. It’s shimmering reminded him of Ryan’s eyes. He grasped it in his shaking hand. Brendon was terrified, but soon, it would all be over. Everybody could forget about him. He didn’t have to live his life this way, and most of all, Ryan could live a normal life. Tears streamed down his milky cheeks as he sobbed violently, raising the knife to his throat. He shook and shivered violently as the rain drenched his skin and hair. “I love you Ryan,” Brendon sobbed. He was ready to die.
Suddenly, just as Brendon was about to end it all, he heard a loud crashing noise. He shot up immediately. ‘What the hell?’ he thought to himself. He shuddered in fear as the thought that one of the monsters could still be alive and have found him. He didn’t care; maybe he could let it kill him. He didn’t care how he died. Brendon made his way slowly over to the door, everything was silent. The only sound now was his footsteps crunching through the pebbles on the ground. He stood rooted to the spot in front of the door. He saw the door handle moving, his eyes widened with shock as he realised he was not alone. His heart pounded nervously in his chest. The door flung open, Brendon closed his eyes; ready to be torn to pieces by the monster he thought was lurking behind the door. Raindrops ran down his face, mixing with his tears.
He felt somebody dive on him, almost knocking him over. He waited for the pain, but it never came. Instead he felt rough kisses being messily planted all over his face. He opened his eyes and gasped in shock. “R-Ryan?” he stuttered, he could hardly believe his eyes. Ryan wrapped his arms around Brendon’s waist and pulled him in closer.
“I couldn’t leave you!” Ryan cried, kissing Brendon harder and more passionately. Brendon was overwhelmed by shock.
“I told Mimi to take you...” Brendon sobbed, his voice high pitched and squeaky from the crying.
“She tried, but nothing could ever stop me from being with you Brendon!” Ryan breathed, the rain soaking his skin and hair. “I don’t care where we are, I will stay with you forever.”
“I Love You...” Brendon told Ryan, taking his head into his hands and kissing him again.
“I Love you too...” Ryan breathed as they kissed again. They stood in each other’s arms, knowing that now; they would truly be together forever. They didn’t care if they had to stay down here for the rest of their lives. They had everything they could ever need, including each other. The rain stopped, leaving Brendon and Ryan soaking in each other’s arms. They smiled at each other as the darkened sky began to turn back into a star filled masterpiece. The moon was huge as it reflected into Ryan’s eyes. Ryan was willing to spend the rest of his life here, and he promised himself that from now and onwards, he would repay Brendon for saving his and so many other lives. He was going to dedicate his whole life to making Brendon as happy as was humanly possible.
Brendon and Ryan held eachother. They found peace in the fact that they never had to leave eachother again. Together they had managed to prove the statement that Love truly conquers all.
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