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Mama, we're all gonna die.

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The 50th child to be abducted is Gerard Way. The 36th was Frank Iero.Please read.

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"Mrs Way"
She looked up, devastation and pain etched into her facial expression.
"Its your son..." Mrs Way started shaking her head, almost as if she didn't know she was doing it."We can't find him and now have to presume him dead." tears leaked from her eyes as she stared at the policeman, not quite believing what she was hearing.
"Not Ge-Gerard." Mrs Way croaked.
"I'm sorry, we found this." He held up a bloodstained blanket. Gerards blanket.

She walked home in a daze, not concentrating on where she was going just following the path that had been etched into her memory. How could she tell Mikey? How could she tell him his brother was dead. How could Gerard be..gone?
He was so full of life.
Full of Energy,
barely contaied excitement
and joy that only a child could have.
He was only 9.

She had reached her old blue front door. The paint was flecked and peeling but it looked homey. Mrs Way unlocked the door and stepped inside shaking out her hair.
"Mommy, Mommy..look what I painted." Yelled an ecstatic 7 year old Mikey Way.
"It's lovely honey."
"Look, its you and me and Gerard." He said, pointing out the blobs as each family member.
"About your brother..... he's gone..he's......dead." she forced out.
"No he's not silly mommy." said Mikey shaking his head.
"I know its hard but its true..."
"The man on the phone lied to me."
"What man on the phone?" asked Mrs Way, sounding slightly hysterical.
"On that phone." Mikey replied innocently, pointing to the landline on the table. As if on cue it rang.
"He-Hello Mrs Way speaking." She said into the reciever.
"Your son is fine. He isn't dead and has come to no harm. Don't call the police or we will kill him. All your calls and your house are being monitered. Don't mess up Mrs Way."
"What about the blanket?"
"We go to great lengths to make the evidence believable."
"Who-Who are you?" she asked, fear making her voice tremble.
"All in due time Madam." The call cut off.

Gerard wanted his Mommy, he wanted her to comfort him. But she wasn't there. There was no-one there. Gerard was alone.
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