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Chapter 2

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Thats right- 2 chappies in one day:)
The format of this story is gunna be that parts of it are third person and other parts are 1st. I'll let you know what opinion it is:)


The truck rumbled below me. It was dim and stuffy in the back. I had enough space to lie down curled up, or sit up all scrunched up. There was no windows and the only escape option was a thick metal door. I don't know how long I had been cooped up for but it was long enough to make my whole body ache.
I want my Mom.
The thought struck me as hard as a double decker bus. I knew that there was no way out and no way to escape.
And I always thought I was clever.
As far as 9 year olds go I had considered myself rather smart, getting the top grades in class and knowing(and correctly spelling) lots of words that even adults had trouble with. I made a big mistake and now I'm stuck here.

~FLASHBACK~ (3rd person)

"Gee, honey, will you go get me some beans from the shop on the corner" yelled Mrs Way to her eldest son.
"Sure thing momma." replied Gee, grabbing a fiver off the kitchen table.
"Be quick." Gerard slammed the door behind himself and set off down the road, feeling cool with the money in his pocket. A car pulls up next to Gee. A man leans out of the window. "Is your name.. Gerard Way?" he asks. Gee nods ferociously, forgeting all his stranger danger lessons. "You've won a smartest little boy prize." says the man.
"YAAYYY!" yelled Gee, jumping up and down excitement filling his 9 year old face.
"Get in and we'll give you your prize." Gerard climbed into the car to be met by 2 bulky, strong men. One of them slammed the door. The driver put his foot down. The car carrying a screaming Gerard drove him away from his Mom and his home.
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