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Chapter 3

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A/N: I'm sorry times a million that i haven't updated sooner. If you read my other fic you'll know the reasons for that but if you don't then here's the reason: I was in Belguim,camping,with no internet. Keep reading, Keep R&Ring:) Love y'all Erin x

Carl's POV:

"Get the little bugger out of the back,Jonny." I ordered,stopping the truck.
"Sure thing, boss."he replied,smirking,his scarred face twisted into some sort of half smile. He jumped out of the cab. I heard:
An unlocking door.A girly scream (that could only have come from the boy).A sinister laugh(Jonny's).
I wrenched the door open and strode round the back of the truck.The boy...Gerard was thrashing around in Jonny's arms. I grabbed the boys legs,quickly and efficiently i bound a length of rope around them. I did the same to his arms.
"Now,listen up you little shit."I hissed, into the boys face,"your gunna do as I say or your gunna get hurt.OKAY?" the boy nodded furiosly,tears streaming down his face.God,I hate kids.Especially this one,maybe its coz he looks like Timmy....NO I won't think about Timmy.I have a job to do.
"What Jonny!"I hissed.
"The boy shit himself." Gerard whimpered,his face going red with embarresment. It was true,a faint smell was reeking from his trousers.
"Thats disgusting."I replied, dragging the boy into the building.We passed through numerous corridors,walking swiftly away from hundreds of unmarked doors.I stopped outside a door with a sign on it.

Gerards POV:

I pooed my pants....I was so scared..that mans so scary.What's he gunna do to me...I want my mummy.
We stopped outside a door it was marked:Doctors office. The man with the scars,Jonny threw open the door and dumped me in a chair. The scary one and Jonny left,muttering something to the doctor about 'shit' and 'getting me cleaned up'. The doctor, gave me a disgusted look before ordering me to strip down and get in the shower. I did as he told me.

15 minutes later I stepped out of the shower,trying in vain to cover myself from the man.I slipped back into my clothes.My t-shirt and trousers sticking to my still damp body. The doctor pulled something out of his desk draw. A needle.
No.No.No.NO. I don't want a needle jabbed into my skin.
I don't like this. I don't like it. I don't like it.
He stepped towards me, the needle brandished high.
I did all that i could.
I screamed. And thrashed.
He called something.
I yelled.I cried.
The scary men came in and tied me to the chair.
I pulled away.
I bit his hand.
I tipped the chair.
I kicked him, in the ribs,in the face,in the hand.
The men held me down.
I continued to fight them,my breath catching in my throat.My wrists rubbed raw by the rope. My face aching with the screams and sobs that were coming from my mouth.
They stopped.
They let go of me.
"Put him in with Iero."the man with the scarred face snarled.I was dragged out of the room and down the hallway.The boss pulled a ring of keys out of his back pocket and used one to unlock the door.They pulled it open and chucked me in. I heard the unmistakable sound of a lock clicking. I turned around,shaking with fear. A short boy with brown hair sat in the corner. In the dim light his eyes looked hazel.His clothes,a plain black t-shirt with ripped jeans hung loosely off his skinny frame. He looked underfed,his cheekbones were very visible in his small face.
"I-I'm G-Gerard."I said,softly not wanting to annoy this boy.
"Frank Iero." He replied,confidently standing up and meeting my eyes even though he was alot shorter than me.
"Why are we here?" I asked.
"How'm I supposed to know!"
"I was just wondering if you knew what they were keeping us here for....also when do we eat?"
Frank laughed,not as if he'd heard a good joke but cruelly. "They chuck 2 slices of bread and a bottle of water each day at 8.00am.You've missed your daily meal."
Iero sat down in his corner again.
"Beds.."I said, softly.
"The floor."the boy hissed.
I settled myself down in another corner and tried to get some sleep. I heard a soft snoring.I crawled over to Frank. His mouth was parted slightly and all the anger and hate had dropped straight off his face. He looked adorable. Had we met in another situation we could have been friends,but here I guess I won't have any friends.
I took my place in the corner and lay flat on my back. I closed my eyes and imagined I was back home.
I imagined it was Mikey snoring next to me. Just thinking of Mikey made me feel upset. Tears leaked from the corners of my eyes and before I knew it I was fully sobbing. I might never see my brother again.My little 7 year old Mikey. I cried myself to sleep.

Thanks for reading.Please R&R :) I'll update soon.
Love Erin x
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