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I'm Not Crazy My Mother Had Me Tested

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American Sweethearts fic enjoy

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“So, why are we climbing this hill?” Andy asked there bass player
“Because” Patrick said “He thinks there’s are parallel universe at the top of it”
“Yeah” Pete said “there’s loads of myths and stuff surrounding it” he sound as excited as a kid on Christmas.
“That’s why we’re climbing” Joe said
“Yes” Pete said “I got the idea for American Sweethearts from this”
They reached the top of the hill needless to say Patrick Andy and Joe where not impressed, Pete was slightly disappointed.
“So what do we just wait?” Joe asked
They all sat there in silence, Patrick looked at his watch the pronounced “Well that’s a minute of my life I’m never getting back” they laughed then began to walk back down the hill.
There was a sudden flash, of hot white light causing the boys to squint but it was soon gone as fast as it came. They looked at each other then run back up the hill.
There lying in the grass was a girl, her long black done in to bunches; she looked like a gothic voodoo doll.
She groaned rubbing her and looking up with her bright green eyes. She looked at the four men above her. She first looked at Pete who seemed to scare her, she scrammed to her feet
“Mr. Sandman” she said “Please I’m close I will find him I swear” she begged with Pete, who looked baffled
“You must have me confused with someone else” Pete said
She then looked around herself, turning a few times; then stopping and looking at the sky
“Whoa, what the fuck?” Andy asked
“I’m in Normal Land” she said
“Dude don’t you get it she’s from that place Pete said” Joe said
Pete at this moment looked proud of himself.
“Ok” Patrick said “Let’s get her back to the hotel, I think that’s the best thing to do”
“Ok” Patrick started “So what’s your name? And why are you here?”
“Well My name is Dr. VooDoo” she said looking at all of them “I’m not sure why i am here, i was with Mr. Tradgedies and then he threw me through the door to you universe and boom here i am”
“What did you do back home?” Andy asked
“I’ m working on the case of the missing Dr. Benzedrine” she said “As hired by Donnie, Lucky Man and Mr. Sandman” with each name she gestured to Andy, Joe and Pete “Mr. Sandman’s not happy haven’t found him yet”
“Does Patrick look like Dr. Benzedrine?”
“Yep” she said “They all run the whole universe those four”
“Why did you call this Mr. Tradgedies a cheating bastard?” joe asked
She blushed at this “Well we used to have a thing” her blushed turned to anger “But i found out he was cheating on me with Mad Rabbit”
Pete sat alone with the girl flicking through the channels on the TV, he noticed her staring at him. He stopped on a random channel
“She something you like?” he flirted
She looked at him confused
“You don’t have flirting where you’re from?” he asked
“What’s flirting?”
“How do you get guys then?”
“Simple if a guy likes a girl he gets her alone and kisses her if she likes him to the she stays if not she tells him to piss off”
“oh” Pete said “like this” he pressed his lips to hers, then pulled she was looking at the TV.
“Why am I on the box?” she pointed to it Pete looked at the TV and there she was only it wasn’t her.
“That must be our version of you” he looked to see NCIS was on and the person was Abby
“So our version of you is called Pauley Perrette”
She nodded then suddenly someone bust through the door with a loud bang...
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