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Part 2

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Brendon suddenly bust through the door, beer bottle in his hand and sun glasses slightly ascure on his face.
“Pete” he yelled before falling on to the sofa, anger seemed to bubble in Dr. VooDoo’s face as she looked at the drunken singer
“Pete” he said looking at him “I can’t find Ryan”
Pete sighed, rolling his eye “Well he’s not been here”
Abruptly an another body entered the room
“Pete” he said “I can’t find Bden” the young man staggered into the room
“Here I am” Brendon sat up on the sofa only to crash back on to it in his drunken state.
Pete was pulled away by the girl from the other world
“What the hell are Mr. Tradgedies and Mad Rabbit doing here?” She said gesturing to Ryan and Brendon who where now making out on the couch.
“There our versions of them” Pete said to her “They’re Ryan and Brendon”
She nodded slowly
“Hi Brendon I think we’re interrupting something with Pete and his lady friend” Ryan slurred
“What do you... oh” Brendon said, he turned to Pete and Dr. VooDoo “So what’s your name?”
“That’s Abby” Pete said quickly
“Oh, ok Pete later” Brendon said “And Abby lovely to meet you” he said to her as he walked over and kissed her hand, then skipped off to get Ryan who had left the room with out a good-bye.
“Why’d you call me Abby?” she asked quietly, her head was sown looking at her feet.
“Cause that’s what her name is on NCIS” Pete said “Plus I like it”
“Oh” she said sniffing. Pete knew right there that she was cry.
“Hi” he said softly, taking a step towards her and wrapping his arms around her.
“Even in this universe they’re like this” she sobbed into his shoulder.
“You know what to do” Mr. Tradgedies said to the one known as Mad Rabbit
“Yes, yes now go and kill her already if she’s still alive we can’t go on with the rest of the plan” Mad Rabbit said
“Don’t you think I know that, who came up with the plan!”
“I know you’re a genius but hurry up! The quicker she’s dead the better” Mad Rabbit said running a hand through his hair “I hate that bitch”
“You’re only saying that cause she through a knife at your head” Mr. Tradgedies said as he leaped through the door
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