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Part Three

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Mr. Tradgedies rubbed his head, wondering to himself why he had done this; then he remembered and smiled cruelly to himself. He had to find his ex and kill her; they had come too far and worked too hard to have it spoiled by her. Mr. Tradgedies always though she was too cleaver for her own good.
He pulled himself off the ground and collected his top hat-which he place in its rightful place upon his head- before walking in off down the hill.
Pete stirred in his sleep; he opened his eyes to see that he had his arm around Abby (they had taken to calling her that as Dr. VooDoo was slightly unusual). His eyes wondered down her slim body he noticed the ink that swirled and shimmered over her body. He looked at the tattoo of a snake as it moved over her upper arm it hissed and lunged at Pete which made him jump and fall of the bed.
Abby awoke and looked over the side of the bed, he green eyes glinting with innocence.
“Sorry about that” she whispered “She didn’t like Mr. Tradgedies either”
“Your tattoo’s move” he pulled himself back on the bed next to her
“Yeah I like yours” she said running her hand over The Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve.
“Thanks” he said “But they don’t move like your”
The snake on her arm moved and hissed at him again
“No” she said to it “Bad Alcina”
Mr. Tradgedies pulled himself through the window of a near by hotel, he grunted as he noticed the room had two men inside one that looked like Mad Rabbit and one that looked like him. He smiles as he watched the two stir. He hid out if sight and watched as the two of them make plans to go downstairs and eat breakfast. He fallows behind making sure the medallion on his neck is doing the job of keeping him disked in plane view.
“Morning Abby” the one that looks like him greets Dr. VooDoo, this confused him slightly. He looked at the man she was sitting next to, he looked like Mr. Sandman.
Fitting he though she always did have a thing for him
“Hi Brendon” she said to him
So I’m called Brendon in this world he thought I can live with that
He slipped back to the room and waited.
Later on in the day Pete had left Abby to wonder about and think of how to get back to her world, although if Pete was being honest he didn’t want her to go.
She waked about the hotel, then stumbled into someone
“Hi Abby” he said it was Brendon
“Hello Brendon”
“What you doing?”
“About what?”
She couldn’t help but think of Mr. Tradgedies, they where the same person.
“An Ex whom looks awfully like you” she admitted, looking into his eyes. Then something weird happened she saw him again only on the other side of the room, in different cloths
Brendon looked round, to see other Brendon
“What the fuck” they said at the same time to each other
Abby back away slowly
“Who are you?”
“Who are you?”
She looked between them, and then she remembered something Pete had told her about Brendon. This was something that Mr. Tradgedies wouldn’t know.
“What religion are you?” she asked them both
“What’s that going to prove?” the one she had been talking to, she could catch him out.
“Mormon why?” the second Brendon said. She then jumped on the Brendon she had chatting with
“Ha, nice try Tradgedies” he struggled under her, try to draw the knife from his pocket to kill her. He got it free only to have it sent cross the room by her, he tossed her off himself.
“Mad get me out of here” he said then in a bright flash of red smoke he was gone
“Bastard” she yelled she turned to the real Brendon.

only for him to faint.
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