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Part four

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Sorry I have had very bad writers block

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"I can't believe you Tragedies!" Dr. Vices yelled at him "You just had to go kill her but n that was too hard cause the other Mr. Sandman just had to jump in and save her!" he was fuming the plan had put him under a lot of stress.
"Chill Vices" Mr. Tragedies said "I just need to get another shot at her."
"No I think some one else should do it."
"Well I'm not doing it." Mad Rabbit said
"I'm not going to the other world" Dr. Vices said "The other me might not be as flawless as I am"
"I guess that leaves me then" Professor Whiskers mumbled
"Brendon will be fine" Pete said hugging Abbey, an odd silence filled the air and soon the atmosphere grew tense.
Abbey sighed "I know how to get back." she sound as if she didn't want to go back but both knew she had to.
"I'll help you, if you want to go back." Pete said
After time and soft silence Abbey spoke "Here's what we do..."
After running through the rain Professor Whiskers soon cam to the hotel Mr. Tragedies told him about. He searched the hotel for Dr. VooDoo and soon before he was about to give up; he found her room.
He pushed the door open softly, scanning the room he found her asleep.
"Come on" he whispered to himself "You just kill her, Vices and Tragedies done it to Dr. Benzedrine"
He sighed closing his eyes.
Abbey opened her eyes quickly then kicked Professor Whiskers, he keeled over in pain.
She jumped on him, pinning him down.
"Pete!" She yelled and he handed her a roll of duck and wrapped the tape round his write.
"Hello Professor Whiskers" she said and Pete snorted a laughter. Professor Whiskers made a slight, muffled confused noise and Pete elaborated.
"Whiskers, really?" He cackled.
Professor Whiskers looked taken aback. "I don't see what all the hilarity is about. It's a perfectly valid title." He sounded offended and Pete wiped spars tears from his cheeks.
"You sound like a super villain's cat!" He said breathlessly, still doubled over and crying from laughter. Even Abbey was giggling at this point.
She placed some tape over his mouth before shoving him in to a closet and locking it; but not before taking a large button from his pocket.
"Are you coming with me?" she asked
"You bet." Pete said he placed his hands over hers.
"You might get a bitch of a headache after this" she said before pressing it.
A flash of green light engulfed them both. It was gone as soon as it came and so true Pete had a bitch of a headache.
"God why don't you just die." Mr. Tragedies said before him and Mad Rabbit knocked them both out.

A\N so sorry again i know what is going to happen so i just gotta type it up.
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