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Visit #1

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visiting CC in the hospital

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[*hey y'all i gots an update for yous to read

Andy POV
“I'm going back to the hospital, I'm meeting Ashley there.” I tell my parents after finishing lunch.
“I think you should bring Charlie with you. She was a good friend too.” Mum replied.
“Sure.” I say before telling Charlie we were going.
CC had been there since Tuesday, it's now Thursday. He had a car crash and had broken loads of bones (almost his whole right side), and he was in a coma. The doctors said they didn’t know if he would be able to walk again, even if he did wake up because of spine damage. But if he couldn’t walk, would he be able to play again? The band wouldn’t be the same if we had someone else.
“I can't believe this.” Charlie said, pulling me out of my thoughts. “I mean, we all hear about stuff like this, but I never really thought it would happen to me, or someone I know.”
“Yeah, I get what you mean. It has to happen to someone though.”
“I guess I'm just attracted to negativity. First my dad and brother, them my mum and now it's my friend. I shouldn’t be allowed to be around people. I should be living by myself in a cave on a beach with only crabs for company. Wait, no. I'm scared of crabs.”
“What?” I exclaim. “you are way too pessimistic. Did you take your pills this morning?” she dad started to sound hysterical.
“Yes. And I'm just realistic.”
“Well were here now. Try to be not so depressive around Ashley. He’s taking this pretty hard, not sure why though.
“Sure, I can try.” She smiled at me and we walked through the big glass doors.

Charlie POV
Urgh. As soon as we step through the doors the smell of cheap disinfectant and what can only be described as hospital hits me. That, and the blinding whiteness, is the reason I don't like hospitals. We go to the small reception desk and the nurse points us in the right direction. I keep my head down and silently wish we could leave already and get away from the nauseating smell.
“Charlie?” the nurse says, making me turn at the sound of my name.
“Carla!” I smile at the small Dominican woman behind the desk.
“Come here Hija.” She walked out from behind the desk and wrapped her arms around me.
“It's so nice to see you Madre.” I say returning the greeting.
“I didn’t recognise you. You've put on weight. It's a good thing. I thought you were going to snap last time I saw you. Why are you here?” she looked me over, trying to find something wrong.
“We’re here to see a friend.” I say gesturing to Andy.
“Oh, what happened with Frank?”
“No, no, no. Andy is my brother. His parents adopted me. Remember I told you?”
“Of course! I remember now. So you and Frank are still together them.” I nod and she remembers the reason we are here. “Oh, you're friend. What’s his name?”
“Um, is that a nick name?” she asks looking at the many pages on a clipboard.
“Yeah, his name is Chris Coma.” Andy informed her.
“I’ll show you to his room.” Carls led the way to a small room. “I'll leave you to it then.”
“Thanks.” Andy said before walking in. Ashley was already there, sitting on one of the three chairs that had been pulled up close to the bed. I noticed how upset he looked and when he raised his head to greet us I could see the worry in his eyes.
“Any news?” Andy asks quietly taking the closest chair, leaving me with the one next to Ashley.
“They still have no idea what he’s gonna be like if he wakes up.” He sighed.
“I'm just going to go pee.” Andy announced and left quickly. I take in the whole scene of the room. CC lying on the bed with half his body broken, the many monitors making beeping sounds and flashing lights. Then there’s Ashley and I. A tear is crawling down his cheek, reflecting the obnoxious white light. I raise my hand and wipe it away with my thumb.
“Thanks.” He sniffles and takes my hand in his. I give it a reassuring squeeze and pull him into a hug. I pull away and he leans his head on my shoulder. I stroke his hair and we stay like that for a little while until Andy walks back in.
“It's not like he’s dead Ash.” Andy says making the two of us jump and his head shoots up, leaving my shoulder feel exposed.
“But he might never wake up. My granddad told me that's what happened to his friend in the war.” He replied.
“Modern medicine is much better than wartime medicine. They know better about what’s going on now. He’s going to wake up. He just needs some help. I heard that some people in coma can hear and think, they just can't move. If we all talk to him like nothing’s wrong, it might help.” I smile and take his hand again, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
After an hour or so Carla came in and told us that visiting times were over and she helped us find our way out.
“Bye Madre.” I waved.
“I’ll look after your amigo while he’s here Hija.”
“Was that Spanish?” Ashley asked as we got into Andy’s car. I sat in the back with him.
“Yeah, Carla was my nurse when I got stabbed. She’s Dominican and taught me a little Spanish.” I carried on playing with his hair as he lay his head back on my shoulder, filling the space. I couldn’t help it, it was so ling and shiny. I like long hair.
“How come you called her /Madre/?”
“At the time, I didn’t have a mum and I guess she just filled the place. She always called me /Hija/. It means-”
“Daughter.” Ashley smiled. “I know a bit of Spanish too. I think it's a very romantic language.”
“Oh.” I say leaving the car in a slightly awkward silence so Andy turns on the radio.

so there we are. i wrote it last night and spent today tying it up and my nan called (the one that got bit by my lovely angelic rabbit) and asked me why i sounded so sad
i was like oh nothings wrong, im just typing up my story that involves a guy in a car crash who is in a coma and im not sure if im gonna kill him, make him unable to walk or just let him wake up like normal oh and DIDNT GET ANY FUCKING PRESENTS!!!!

ok maybe i said i was fine but thats what i was thinking

but still i had no presents and the cakes she made are shit im sure my rabbits shit will taste better (btw no i have not tried rabbit shit before)

so yeah i had a fucking wonderful day and my mum didnt even want me to have 15 candles on the cake she made for me (which i very tasty xD) but i did it any way and almost burned my house down by dropping a match, luckily my dad was drinking some water near by

oh yeah R&R what you think and the usual shit coz i really am not a happy bunny with no wrapping paper to rip :(
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