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just a little shit going down as always

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sorry this is short but i wasnt in the mood for writing to day

Charlie POV
The doorbell startles me and drags me out of concentration. I put down the pencil and paper. It was Frankie’s birthday in a little over a month and I was working on his present. He didn’t know it, but Jinxx was teaching me to play guitar. I was writing Frank a song. It would be perfect, which is why I had given myself so long to get it right.
“Oh,” I say answering the door. “Hi Ash. Andy went shopping with mum and dad.”
“It's ok. I'll wait for him to get back.” He replied.
“Sure, do you want a coffee?”
“No, I'm alright thanks. So Jinxx told me you were writing a song.”
“Yeah, it's Frank’s birthday present. Not for another month yet, but I want to get it right.”
“Cool, could you give me a little preview?”
“Uh, I only have a chorus so far. I will run it by you when it's finished though. Oh, do you want to help me paint my room? I was going to do it tomorrow, but it's more fun with someone to talk to.”
“Sure.” He says and we go up to my room and pull out all the furniture, exposing the walls.
“White?” he asks after opening a tin.
“Yup. Got a problem, punk?” I giggle.
“I, uh, just thought you would go for something darker. What with the black carpet an all.”
“That reminds me, we need to cover it up.”
Once the carpet is hidden from the danger of being splattered with paint, we we start painting the currently lilac walls.
“So why white?” Ashley asks.
“It's just a start. I have posters, and for that wall” I point to the one with the window. “I have pens.”
“You're going to draw on the wall?”
“Yup, I'm a rebel. Although I was thinking of asking Gee to help. He's such an amazing artist.” I look up to see Ashley staring at me with the paint dripping off the brush in his hand. I close the space between us, knowing he liked me as more than a friend, and decided to have a laugh. So I put my empty hand up to his cheek.
“You have something on your face.” I whisper, leaning closer.
“Where?” he asked as we were almost touching noses. I brought the paintbrush up to his face and covered it in white.
“Everywhere.” I shout over my shoulder as I run for the bathroom to hide.
“You’ll have to come out sometime.” He yelled through the locked door.
“Nope, I have a toilet and water. That's all I need.” I giggle.
“Aren’t you hungry?”
“Nope, I don't need food.” I realised I had said that too seriously.
“Yes you do. When did you eat last?”
“This morning.” I admit.
“But it's, like, six o’clock. How can you not be hungry.”
“I-I'm just, uh, not.” I reply, realising how lame that excuse was.
“Char, have you got something to tell me?” Ashley asked me solemnly.
“Promise you won't attack me if I come out?”
“I promise.” He replied so I unlocked the door and stepped out. “So?” he pushed.
“Just don't yell at me or anything.” I say and when he nods I continue. “I used to be anorexic. I'm not used to eating and it's hard to put it back in my routine. If it wasn’t for Frank I would still see myself as a walrus every time I looked in the mirror.”
“So you don't purposefully skip meals?”
“No, I just forget to eat and I'm used to hunger pains and stuff anyway.” I feel a tear crawl down my face, taking some eyeliner with it no doubt.
“Shh, it’s ok. No need to cry.” He took me in his arms and lifted me off my feet, carrying me down the stairs. He set me on the sofa and wiped away the tears.
“I'll be two seconds.” He said before disappearing to the kitchen. He reappeared with two mugs of coffee.
“Thanks.” I sniff.
“It’s ok. You were there for me and now I'm here for you.” He pulled me onto his lap and played with my hair.

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and someone asked me my top 10 guys from bands and im guessing it was as in favorite
#10-Mikey Way (MCR)(this is not an insult, i had a tough time oicking just 10)
#9-Matt Good (D.R.U.G.S)
#8-Gerard Way (MCR)
#7-Sean Smith (the blackout)(before the mustache)
#6-Frank Iero (MCR)
#5-Billie-Joe Armstrong (Green day)
#4-Jared Leto (30STM)
#3-Ashley Purdy (BVB)
#2-Ronnie Radke (Falling in Reverse)
#1-Andy Biersack (BVB)

i put the bands i knew them from

i know alot of you will probably disagree with me and tbh a month ago it would have been completely different as it will be in a months time, i just feel like this now :D

i will try to update soon but no promises because its all planed out but i just cant write atm ive been sitting outside in the dark all night so i managed to write this

bye y'all
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