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Hair and Make Up

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uhh bvb without CC? charlie gets a makeover?

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Andy POV
“Can you ask Charlie to help put the shopping away?” mum asked as I opened the boot of the car and picked up some of the bags.
“Charlie?” I say after dropping the stuff in the kitchen. I walk into the living room in search of her. That not all I find. I also see Ashley curled up with her on the sofa.
“What the hell?” I ask waking them up.
“Huh?” Ashley rubs his eyes, taking his arms away from Charlie’s waist.
“What’s going on?” I asked. I knew Ashley like Charlie but she loved Frank and he said he wouldn’t hurt her.
“I told him.” Charlie spoke up. “About my anorexia. He was just being nice and I guess we just fell asleep.”
“Oh, sorry.” Then I noticed Ashley’s face. “What’s on your face?”
“Paint.” He laughed. “She did it.”
After putting the shopping away I ask him why he was here anyway. We were watching some TV show Ashley and Charlie like. Doctor What or something like that.
“well, we need a temporary drummer. We can't just wait for CC to get better and I know he will be back but just until then. We need the money too. I have stuff to buy.”
“I guess. Who though? We don't know any-” I stop realising who I was sitting next to. “Charlie!”
“What?” She took her eyes away from the scene on the TV. “Sorry, I actually care about the storyline in Doctor Who.”
“Would you be our temporary drummer?” Ashley asked.
“I’ll have to get back to you on that, I have my own band too and I should run it by them first.” She smiled.

Charlie POV
“Hey Frankie!” I kissed him quickly. “Hey guys.” I wave to the rest of our band.
After I had been asked to fill in for CC last night, I asked them all to come to the studio today.
“Andy and Ashley asked me if I would fill in for CC while he’s in hospital. It means I'm going to have less time to practice with you.” I sit on franks lap and he wraps his arms around me.
“Well, you know all our songs so I think if we made practice a weekly thing again we should be fine.” Jaz said sleepily.
“So you think I should?”
We all agreed that I would join BVB and Purple Haze would practice on Sundays. We left shortly after and I walked home slowly, enjoying the cooling late august breeze.

~ Time Lapse ~

Over the past three weeks Purple haze had played each Friday and I had learned the songs I would be playing with BVB. My first performance with them was tonight.
“Wait, I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb around you guys.” I say that afternoon.
“No, were going to fix you.” Jinxx told me and they all made their way to my room. Andy and Jake looked through my wardrobe and Ashley and Jinxx looked through my drawers.
They decided on a pair of ripped black skinnies, a black vest and I was told to get my boots.
“Better” Jake squinted. “body paint time.” They all stood around me and argued about it poking and drawing on my arms with their fingers.
“I have it!” Andy exclaimed. He started to paint the whole of my arms and neck black. “No go to the bathroom and rub some of it off with your fingers so it looks all smudged.
When it was finished I actually looked like I would fit in with the rest of the band.
“I'm doing the make-up.” Ashley ran over to the table where everything was left. “Close your eyes.” He commanded me, so for almost half an hour I sat on my bed while he drew lines all over my face. “Ok, go look.”
I look into the mirror to see I had black eyelids, looking like Jake’s makeup but smaller, and lines making a criss-cross pattern going from the side of my face by me ear across and from my jaw bone up.
“I'm doing your hair too, straighten it while we get ready.” He then told me.
“It's not going to take her more than half an hour.” Jake commented.
“It will.” I say. “I'm a perfectionist, and have you seen how thick my hair is?” I say as they went to Andy’s room to get ready themselves. I go through my hair layer by layer, putting in hair spray each time.
“You're still doing your hair?” Jake asks after about 20 minutes.
“Barely even half way through it.”I reply taking another layer out. After another 20 minutes Andy and Jinxx appear with coffee. I finished my hair about five minutes later it was at least ten more minutes before Ashley came in.
“What?”He asked.
“It took you longer than it did for me to do my hair. What the hell?” I laugh at how serious his face is.
“Shut it. We need to leave in less than half an hour.” He said as he started to brush and backcomb my hair adding more hairspray at times.
“Done?” I ask as he steps back to admire his work.
“Yup let's go.” He led the way out of my room and we all piled into Andy’s car. Me being the amsllest meant I was squashed between Jinxx and Ashley. We just pulled out onto the main road when I noticed a smell.
“Ohmygod! Who was that?” I looked at Andy who just shrugged along with Jinxx and Ashley. However Jake was unusually quiet.
“That's disgusting Jake. Someone roll down a window.”
“Sorry” He laughed.
We got to the pub with barely enough time to set up.
“Who’s the new one?” the pub manager asked Andy.
“I'm the drummer for the band that plays on Fridays. Purple haze.” I tell him.
“Sure. Five minutes by the way, and the girls are here again.” He then walked away. We went up to the stage and set everything up.
“Give it up for Black Veil Brides.” The aging man introduced us. This felt so strange. We start with Knives and Pens.
“Thank you! Now, for those of you who always come to see us, like you.” He smiled at a group of girls. “May have noticed we have a different drummer. CC is unable to play right now, so we have the next best thing. This is my sister Charlie. She has very kindly agreed to helps us out and still manages to play with her band, Purple Haze. Her on Fridays. This next song is called perfect weapon.”
I enjoyed playing with them. It was different music to what I played with PH, more tiring. I was glad for the lack of sleeves and the rips and tears in my jeans.
“Come on, going to meet our `fans`” Andy said as we finished. We went over to the table with the people Andy had spoken to on stage.
“What happened to CC?” one of them asked. We came up with something that didn’t tell them much, but we didn’t lie either. It only took half an hour for me to get drunk.
“Fuck, I've never seen a girl that an chug a beer like you.” Ashley laughed.
“You've seen a guy?” I slurred.
“Well, Jake is our champion, but I'm sure I could beat you.” And that was that. However many beers and some shots and I honestly don't know what else later my victory was epic.
“I stand corrected.” Ashley hiccupped and pulled me into a drunken, wobbly hug. I hugged him back and tried not to fall, but being me and being drunk, I fell so I was now lying on him. “Sorry.” I say and pull myself up.
I wake up on the sofa with the smell of alcohol, coconut and kebab in the air. “Eww.” I must have eaten kebab. Even if I wasn’t veggie, that's disgusting. I look to see why the sofa is so comfy. It wasn’t the sofa I'm lying on, it's Ashley. There was no one else in the room so I try to remember what happened. All I know is I was wasted, I fell on top of Ashley, then I fell asleep on him when we got home.
I try to get up but then realise I'm still drunk because I didn’t have a hangover and I fell to the floor straight away.
“Char?” Ashley mumbled, I must have woken him up when I got up.
“I fell. I think I'm still shit faced.” I laughed a drunken laugh.
“When did we get home?” he asked standing up to help me, but I guess he’s just as drunk as me because he falls too.
“Ash, you're really pretty.” I say as he lays almost on top of me from when we fell. We just stayed there, looking at each other. Next thing I know my lips are attached to his. They’re as soft and smooth as franks, but missing the cool lip ring. I breathe in the scent of coconut, my favourite smell.
After just a few sweet seconds we are rudely interrupted by someone shouting. “What the fucking fuck?!”

GASP! who said that?

ok so i dont know whats going on fight now, but im worrying about stuff which means i cant write. its not that i dont have time, but i just cant sit and get into the right frame of mind.
i cant eat properly and when i try, i cant hold it down i have eaten half a tiny piza and almost threw it up (luckiny im able to drink and i am living off coffee and cola)
my friend seems to be getting really distant since she started working for the stable yard i go to. it could be that she is tired like she keeps on saying but i swear its her boyfriend again because he started shit before.
and last one i am woried about my friend whom i like. i really want to tell him, but he is in poland and i have no idea whan he will come home and how i can tell him and i really dont want it to be awkward between us.

thatnk you for R&R and i will try to write another chapter for you but like i said its difficult right now
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